Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dream Presidential Campaign and Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

I've given serious thought to simply quitting. These articles take up my time and I simply am not receiving as much financial support as I was hoping I would by this time. It's tough for me to keep from writing, however, when so much excitement is brewing. Even as things look bleak and the world seems to be heading into the abyss of centralized corporate governance, more people seem to begin to understand the message of liberty and the necessity for my blogging work wanes. Those at the top seem quite worried and are beginning to scramble as the populace begins to become aware of their nature and the illusions they have so carefully weaved begin to fade.

Ron Paul's presidential campaign of 2008 played its role. Though he didn't win, the message of freedom was broadcast to millions who otherwise might not have ever heard it when he took part in the Republican debates. There were problems, however. Ron Paul was a lone voice advocating freedom against a multitude of political statists. Ron Paul was arguing for people to take personal responsibility against a bunch of political Santa Claus's who know what the people want and promise everyone they can a free lunch. It was easy for the establishment to paint Dr. Paul as a nutcase because so many don't wish to give up their favorite federal program, or are afraid to do so. It's easy for those who benefit in some way from the force of the national government to turn away and ignore the basic immorality inherent in the system.

It is possible that this time around, in the presidential campaign of 2012, that could end. Already Gary Johnson, the liberty leaning former governor of Arizona, has announced his presidential candidacy in the Republican Party. Ron Paul has announced an exploratory bid. I have the feeling he'll end up running. If that's the case, there'll be two candidates debating freedom issues on stage. Wouldn't that be an education for Joe Public?

Yet there is a dream I have. Granted, it is just a dream and unlikely to happen, still it's nice to think about. What if more liberty oriented candidates threw their hats into the Republican presidential ring and announced their candidacies? What if men like Judge Andrew Napolitano and Jesse Ventura ran as Republicans? Now there'd be four liberty candidates debating liberty issues. The average tuber (someone who gets their news and views mostly from television and establishment media outlets) would suddenly be exposed to liberty oriented solutions that make sense and empower the individual. They would be exposed to the ideas of individual liberty and responsibility that they may not have otherwise thought of. They would hear a real debate about real issues rather than the fear mongering, irrelevant talking points continuously spouted by the established corporate owned candidates.

Imagine if other liberty minded individuals jumped on board and crowded out all the statist authoritarians in the Republican Party. What would it be like if, in addition to the men mentioned above, people of principle like Adam Kokesh, Peter Schiff and Tom Woods were to also run in the Republican primary. There wouldn't be any debate about the illegal occupations our military finds itself engaged in, just who could get the troops home fastest and how much spending that would cut. The question wouldn't be whether or not the United States was an empire, but how quickly that empire could be disassembled. The question wouldn't be whether or not to get rid of many of the departments at the federal level, but how soon they could be done away with. We wouldn't have to listen to the finger pointing over whose fault the financial mess is, but would hear an interesting debate on how soon the Federal Reserve System could be held to account for their misdealings. We wouldn't hear about who needs to be taxed more, but how much would be saved by the dissolution of the IRS and how quickly the income tax could be abolished.

Wouldn't it be nice to hear politicians actually debating about the best ways to seriously cut federal government spending rather than whether or not to raise the debt ceiling and by how much? Wouldn't it be nice to hear a debate about what government regulations to cut first rather than what other laws and regulations can be passed to further control and stifle our lives? Wouldn't it be nice to hear a debate on which departments to do away with first and how to best whittle down the federal government rather than listening to bull about how bigger government will serve us better? Wouldn't it be nice to have a real choice other than big government Republican versus big government Democrat? Wouldn't it be nice to hear a debate on real issues rather than trivialities like Barack Obama's birth certificate and Donald Trump's hair?

It seems that's what our political debate has been reduced to. No longer do our politicians discuss things that matter. Don't get me wrong, I do understand the importance of the president being a natural born American citizen, but our politicians have been ignoring the Constitution for decades, if not more than a century already. Barack Obama's birth certificate is a major news story suddenly, and perhaps it should be, but even if it is fake, what are they going to do about it? Will they impeach him? Will they put him in prison? Will they reverse all the legislation he signed into law? I somehow doubt it. We've seen how much politicians care about following their rules. We've seen that they simply don't give a damn about the Constitution that is supposed to constrain their power. It seems to me that they don't want to follow the Constitution because they lust for power and control over others.

I don't know whether Barack Obama's birth certificate is real or not. I'm not an expert. I don't know if he was born in the United States or not. I do believe his mom was a US citizen when he was born. If an American woman takes a trip to Kenya, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, and has a baby, does that mean the baby is not an American? I suppose a more pertinent question would be if Mr. Obama gave up his citizenship when he was adopted by an Indonesian father, but that's another tangent. Again, even if he is an illegitimate, what are they going to do about it?

I do know that I don't trust government. I don't trust the corporate establishment. I don't trust their corporate media. They have proved themselves untrustworthy. They have broken their promises. They have lied on many occasion. They continuously attempt to shirk their duties, hide their intentions, cover up their actions, and manipulate their audiences rather than being open and honest. Why would I believe anything they say? Why would I trust any document they put out? Then again, I don't trust Donald Trump either. If he isn't part of the establishment, then no one is. If you wish to put your faith in any of them, that's up to you, but I personally refuse to play their fool.

If the establishment had been serious about pursuing this matter, they should have done so years ago when it first came out, before Mr. Obama became president. Instead, they chose to laugh it off and act as if it was all crazy talk. This shows just how remiss the mainstream corporate media has become. It shows just how lacking they are when it comes to doing any real investigative reporting. It's yet another indication of the disdain the corporate establishment holds for the common folk. They laughed at and shrugged off serious allegations without so much as a cursory look at them. They refused to ask any pertinent questions or turn over any stone. They went so far as accusing people of being racist for questioning the legitimacy of a presidential candidate when he was spending millions in an effort to keep his past secret. Many people predicted this issue was a red herring and that it would be politicized later in an effort to obfuscate. They predicted that documentation would be released in an effort to discredit certain segments of the population. I believe they were right.

As I stated earlier, it doesn't matter about Obama's birth certificate. It doesn't matter about any of his past documentation. At this point, any papers or documents brought forward could easily be faked. What matters instead are his policies. What matters is that he promised change and delivered more of the same. He promised transparency and remains secretive. He promised a more peaceful foreign policy and delivers more war. He promised an end to torture and delivers more tyranny. He has proven to be nothing more than a puppet for the central banking cartels and the global corporate establishment. I have the feeling that if he had ever decided to grow a pair, go against his corporate masters, and actually do something to produce meaningful change and truly help the common folk, that this whole birth certificate debacle would turn out differently for him and the corporate establishment would be demanding his resignation.

This kind of trivia is a distraction. It takes the attention of the people away from the real problems. It takes their focus off the economy and the reasons for the financial decline. Hopefully, a Ron Paul candidacy coupled with Gary Johnson's candidacy will help put the spotlight on real issues. Hopefully, we can get back to talking about ending these occupations and rolling back the military. Hopefully, we can begin focusing on the tough problems of repealing unconstitutional legislation and restoring government respect for individual rights. Hopefully, we can continue to draw attention to the real power structures behind not only our government, but governments around the world. Hopefully one day Obama's administration will be nothing but a bad memory, like George Bush's, and we will all wonder as a nation why we ever put up with such chicanery.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Want to Blame Someone? Blame the Fed

Are you currently experiencing economic difficulties? It seems like everyone is these days. All kinds of people from all walks of life seem to be having more and deeper financial problems. Normally I would make the claim that a person should blame themselves for their financial woes, but in the real world there are extenuating circumstances and powerful forces working against the best interests of even the most hard working and capable people. The common folk have been kept in the dark. People can't make choices for themselves when they don't know choices exist. People can't be blamed for their behavior when they have been trained from birth that the system they live in is the only system they can operate in.

In today's world, people who have been victimized by the economic downturn are looking for someone to pin the blame on. Just about everyone seems to understand that something is wrong with the current system and most everyone seems to think they know who's to blame. I am no exception. Some people blame Republicans. Others blame Democrats. Some blame unions. There are those who blame the Chinese and those who blame illegal immigrants. Some poorer people may well blame those who are better off financially and some well to do people may blame those who are less fortunate and look to the state for help. There are many people to blame and many excuses that can be used to blame them, all which are very divisive. I think if you're going to blame someone or something for our financial woes, it may as well be the organization that nearly everyone in the world is a victim of. It may as well be the entity that claims control over the world's economy. You may as well blame the Fed.

If you don't know the story behind the Fed, then likely you haven't been paying attention lately. It has become quite the story on many economic blogs and even some corporate media broadcasts with the continuing push to audit it. The Fed likes to operate in secret and has done so from its very conception. The meeting that conceived it in its modern form and determined how to best sell it to the American people, who were historically anti central banking, was held in great secret back in 1910. It came into existence in 1913 more through shady political dealings, payoffs and questionable voting practices than through open and honest debate, popular support or popular consent. Since that time its tentacles have reached into nearly every aspect of our economic lives and its enforcement arm, the IRS, has grown into the fearsome spectacle we see today.

Naturally, the Federal Reserve claims it needs its secrecy. They claim that their business will be harmed if exposed to public scrutiny. They claim that doing so will harm the American people. Just what are they trying to hide? What practices could a central bank be doing that would be harmful if we knew about it? If everything is on the up and up, they should have nothing to fear from a full and complete audit. We all know that secrecy isn't there to protect the American people, it's there to protect wrong doing from being discovered. It's there to protect thieves and liars. It's there to cover up practices that are harmful to the economy. It's there to protect the extremely wealthy and the power elite.

From its inception, the Federal Reserve has worked to get its fingers into everyone's pie. It wasn't hard for them to do since they have a monopoly on the currency we are required to use. Just a few years after it was established, America found itself embroiled in Europe's first world war. That involvement quickly used up America's treasure and forever indebted the nation to the elite few who claim ownership of the Federal Reserve. I don't know how much gold, assets, real money and wealth was transferred at that time, but I don't imagine it was a mere pittance. From that moment forward, the wealth manipulation and monetary chicanery becomes historically obvious as the downward trend of the value of the dollar, and all fiat currencies, is charted.

The Federal Reserve System promised stability. They promised full employment. They lied. They broke their promises. They failed miserably. What had been promoted as a banking system radically different from anything the world had ever seen before became nothing but a mega ponzi scheme, just like any other fractional reserve, fiat driven central bank. It has become a wealth funneling scheme that has taken some very wealthy banking families and made them into modern day royalty.

The Fed has its hands in nearly everything, and certainly in everything worth anything. They are the corporate establishment, more or less. Huge corporations have become dependent on the Fed's ponzi scheme for their survival, after all, currency that is based on nothing but debt is only good so long as people have faith in the system. People stop having faith in the system when they are unemployed, underemployed, their means of employment have been shipped overseas, prices of basic necessities like energy and food keep rising, the gap between rich and poor widens and political policies serve only the very wealthy or the very poor.

The corporate establishment owns the politicians. The Fed owns the corporate establishment. If you're angry about anything political, blame the fed. Mad about the bailouts? Blame the Fed. Mad about the wars and occupations? Blame the Fed. Mad about states and municipalities going broke? Blame the Fed. Mad about the deficit? Blame the Fed. Mad about high taxes and unaccountable government? Blame the Fed. Why even acknowledge the political class anymore? They don't listen to you. They don't answer any redress of grievances. They don't answer to you, they answer to their corporate masters. They answer to the Fed. They answer to the super wealthy, elite central bankers. The Fed pulls the strings. You wouldn't blame the puppets if you didn't like the show. You'd go behind the curtain and express your displeasure to the puppeteers. Politicians are simply the puppets, those behind the Federal Reserve System and central banks worldwide are the puppeteers.

The thought occurs to me that perhaps most protests are aimed in the wrong direction. Maybe the bankers are laughing at us. Maybe the power brokers and influence peddlers are snickering as they watch the angry mobs take to the streets and demand their puppet politicians do something. Million man marches have done no good. Flooding the congress with letters and emails have done little good, although it seems to have made a dent. Still, I think something more can be done. What if protesters started showing up in large numbers in front of Federal Reserve buildings, only they weren't just protesting for the audit of the fed? What if anti war protesters started protesting there? What if union protesters started demanding policy changes in front of Federal Reserve buildings instead of at state houses? What if tax protesters, Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists and other freedom advocates took their causes to the doors of the Fed's buildings? What if the common folk of the world joined in and began to take their protests to the doors of their central banks?

Better yet, what if the protesters started marching outside the private residences of those who own the world's central banks? What if the common folks showed them that they know who holds the real power? What if these people who believe they are untouchable and above all law couldn't walk outside their homes without hearing the jeers and complaints of the common folk? What if people started petitioning the real governments of the world for a redress of grievances? Perhaps then someone would listen. Perhaps then something would get done. At the very least, they would know that we know who to blame. They would know that we know where the real power rests. At the very least, they would know that their cover has been blown and they can no longer hide behind the skirts of their puppet politicians.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

World Wide Revolution, or New World Order Enslavement?

I remember listening to a conversation when I was a child, maybe a little more than ten years old. It occurred between two young men that I held great respect for. These young men were highly intelligent, geniuses even, and I knew it. So did they. The discussion they were having revolved around the nature of a one world government. I don't even know if they realized I was listening and likely they wouldn't remember that conversation today. What they were saying was that a one world government would be great and benevolent to mankind if it was run by the smartest of the smart who would guide humanity on a better path. Even back at that tender age I understood that there was something inherently wrong with such a position, but I didn't speak up back then as I was too young and shy.

I can speak up now. I'm an adult now. I no longer feel the need to hide my thoughts and feelings. I no longer feel the need to hold in such reverence and esteem those who consider themselves highly intelligent. I will listen to what they have to say, I will hear and measure their input and consider their expertise in relevance to the matter at hand, but in the end I will make my own judgment. In some matters, even the most highly reasoned person can be wrong. In some matters, even an argument that sounds quite scientifically sound, reasoned, truthful and for the greater good can hide extreme evil.

A high IQ is not the end all, be all. It does not make a person better than the rest of us. It does not even make a person smarter. It just makes them good at taking certain types of tests. We are all quite intelligent in our own ways. The ability to reason is not the only form or intelligence. There is a certain intelligence in emotion also. There is a certain intelligence in empathy. There is a certain intelligence in feelings that go beyond emotions and physical sensation. There is a certain intelligence in the ability to seek, understand or know spirituality. To be human is to be a mix of all these things and other qualities that are even more difficult to pin down or explain. Those who have an overabundance in some areas may be quite lacking in others.

There is change happening in the world of today, but then there is always change happening. At this particular time, however, there seems to be major upheavals occurring. This seems to be happening both in the natural world, and in mankind's psychological realm. Some have asked if all these events are happening in a natural way or by someone's design. There is a lot of speculation occurring in certain circles that a hidden hand is guiding these events.

I don't know if this is true or not. I think that perhaps the events we see occurring in the world today are a mixture of influences. To try to reason otherwise always seems to be lacking in some way or another. It does seem that people across the globe are seeking positive change. They are tired of the status quo. They are tired of struggling through their lives and having nothing to show for their hard work. People are looking for something different, something they've never been able to have, something they've never been able to achieve.

I don't know if the common folk realize exactly what they're looking for. They simply know they don't like the direction their lives have taken and they seem to think that changing those who rule over them will help. Maybe they are looking for something different. To put it simply, I think that people are looking for freedom. I think they are looking for the ability to determine their own fate in life. I think they are looking for the ability to earn a better life. I think they wish to be able to own private property and not have to worry about it being taken by heartless overlords and bureaucrats who believe that laws and dictates are a higher authority than humanity, common decency, and right versus wrong.

Those at the top of the heap don't wish the rest of mankind to achieve the freedom they long for. This would cut into their power. This would mean an end to the control they wish to have. These elites, as I like to call them, have always led privileged lives. It seems to me that they don't think like common folk. They seem to believe themselves to be superior. They seem to believe that they know best. What they may or may not realize is that often the actions they plan are not in the best interests of mankind or even the natural world, regardless of the stories they might tell themselves, they are almost always in the best interests of the elite privileged class. They fear that if they lose the control they have, if they stop regulating and give the common folk the opportunity to compete with them on an even playing field, that they will lose the wealth they horde.

It may well be that some underlying force has planned many of the revolutions and protests that are occurring in the world. It may be that these popular uprisings happened organically and the elite are scrambling to take control of them as best they can. I doubt very much that the power elite would be able to simply leave things to fate, such is their arrogance. Whatever the case there is one thing I am certain of. People are tired of their enslavement. They are tired of war and poverty and hunger. They want a better life for themselves and their progeny. They want more say in their own destinies. They are tired of the tyranny and don't want to be forced into some centralized new world order that removes accountability from the elite and dictates from the top down to the masses.

My hope is that peace prevails. My hope is that people can recognize the wolf in sheep's clothing when it appears. Should you be involved in peaceful protests, should you get involved in a group looking to voice its dissent and disagreement with establishment policies, reject any and all who would advocate violence as a means of affecting change. Let it be known that it is not the common folk in the streets that resort to violence. Expose the fact that it is government agents who are the violent ones. Let it be known that it is those in positions of power and privilege who resort to violence to maintain their positions. It is the common folk and the man on the street who restrain themselves. It is they who wish to live in peace. It is mostly those who have already obtained power that are advocating violence and willing to use it.

When one looks into the mindset of many of the power elite, when one studies their writings and philosophies, one finds some rather disturbing thought processes. Quite a few still believe they have some kind of divine right to rule. A number of them still defend the validity of eugenics, despite Adolph Hitler's failure to impose that philosophy upon mankind. Some of them even feel that this world would be better off with far fewer humans inhabiting the world. They believe they know best for all mankind. They believe it is their place to determine who lives, who dies, who can and cannot have children, how humanity will survive and what the class divisions should entail.

A look into these dark hearts reveals an outlook of doom and gloom in a world of finite wealth, resources and possibilities. A world of infinite despair. They look upon mankind as a resource for their use, property meant to serve them. They see us as greedy and stupid, livestock meant to be domesticated and whipped into submission. One can only imagine the corruption they see in their own putrid souls. They forget that wealth is a human creation. They forget that humans have innovated throughout history to get to this point. They forget that human beings are marvelous creatures with the capacity for infinite imagination and innovation. We just need the liberty to forge our own lives free from government intrusion and restriction and I have faith that the marvels mankind will create will surpass the most awe inspiring we have accomplished thus far in our history.

We are at a crossroads. We can choose to proceed down the path of centralization, or we can choose to decentralize and create competition for the elite establishment that has so far failed miserably at everything they have ever promised, I believe purposefully. We can choose to maintain the violent status quo which holds mankind in disdain, or we can choose to remain peaceful and obtain freedom and liberty through non cooperation. We can obey the dictates of the power elite and coerce, threaten and commit acts of violence against our friends and neighbors, or we can simply disobey them, live as free people and allow others to do so also. Real revolution, like true enslavement, doesn't happen on the streets and battlefields of the physical world, real revolution, like true enslavement, happens in the hearts and minds of individuals. The choice is yours to make.

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