Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Fallacy of Peace Loving Democrats

Back in 2008 a candidate named Barack Obama ran for president of the United States of America. He ran on a platform of hope and change. Basically, he was sold to the American people as an agent of change who would reverse the war mongering, Bill of Rights shredding policies of the Bush administration. As a result, not only was he catapulted into office, but both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate held onto and increased their Democrat majority. The message sent by the American people was clear. They were sick of war, they were tired of policies that trampled on their rights, they'd had enough of big government, and they wanted to reestablish transparency and accountability in the federal government. I remained skeptical at the time and felt the Obama administration would bring none of the change he intimated he would and the best we could hope for would be that government would not increase.

The Democrats didn't listen. The Obama administration hasn't listened. They took a clear and obvious call for more freedom and less government and turned it into a power grab to control even more of the economy by concentrating on health care legislation and passing the monstrosity that has come to be known as Obamacare. Health care had hardly been mentioned during the campaign. It had been more or less a dead issue. It was resurrected, in my humble opinion, to take the focus off the unconstitutional wars that are still being waged, the creeping fascism introduced by the Republicans and the policies of the Bush administration, the economic downturn and the tax funded bailouts of the corporate banking establishment and the too big to fail.

The jury is still out on whether or not even those elected who ran Tea Party campaigns will listen. A politician is a politician is a politician. They lie. They break promises. They say things so that they can get into office and then they wave their middle fingers at the common folk whose votes put them in power and do as they please or as their elite corporate masters command. They show their disdain for you by putting themselves above the law and beyond the reach of those who would hold them accountable.

The peace candidate, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, has expanded a war policy. He has expanded the empire building policy. He is bowing to the globalist agenda and working to create an even bigger government than the federal bureaucracy we now have. He has taken us to war in Libya and is trying to convince us that it is not a war. He is trying to convince us that it will not be necessary to bring in U.S. ground troops. He is trying to convince us that operations will end shortly. I will believe that when I see it. If there is one thing I have learned in my life it is to not believe politicians.

Politicians play with the English language. They think of new words for policies and sprinkle them over their actions like a cat in a litter box covering its droppings to try to hide the reality of what they're doing or what they've done. This "kinetic action" they speak of looks like a war, sounds like a war, feels like a war, and chances are it tastes and smells like a war also. Calling it differently does not change that fact. Using flowery words does not make it smell like a rose.

Bombs are falling. Missiles are being fired. Things are going boom. People are dying. Innocent people are dying, women and children included. This is not a "kinetic action," whatever that's supposed to mean. It is not an humanitarian mission. Bombing people back to the stone age does not help them achieve freedom or democracy, it merely helps them achieve death and poverty. It merely destroys their hard built infrastructure, their way of life, and their independence. The militaries of Western powers are now the organizations responsible for this death and destruction, not Kadafi or his forces. The more bombs dropped, the more missiles launched, the more innocents killed in the name of trying to protect them against an evil dictator, the more hatred is borne for the U.S. and her allies, the more likely some poor Libyan will wish to become a "terrorist" or enlist in Allah's army to fight against the great Satan.

This new war launched makes me ask, "Where have all the war protestors gone?" Is war an okay endeavor now that a Democrat is president? Is it okay because a person with more melanin in his skin than past presidents is now in charge? War is something that should be completely shunned by humanity, especially aggressive wars meant to bring political change to another country. Wars should be avoided at all costs and should only be engaged in as a defensive action when another military force physically attacks or invades. Any other excuse is just that, an excuse, and the real reasons are likely going to be something other than the ones presented to the public.

I now understand that the war protestors of 2008 weren't protesting because of some kind of philosophical anti war principle they believed in, they were protesting as part of a political campaign to help the elite put their man, Barack Obama, in office. Under his leadership, our military remains in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under his leadership, no wars have ended. Under his leadership, more wars are starting. Under his leadership, sick minds continue to commit atrocities across the Middle East. Under his leadership, torture and extraordinary renditions continue.

The nation is broke. It has taken on too much debt to handle. We can't afford another war. We can't afford to continue the ongoing occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. We can't afford to maintain an empire. It is time to shut down operations and bring all the troops from all over the world back home. Think of the money that would save. Think of the problems that could be solved here at home with all that money. We have our own problems we should take care of before we go poking around in other people's business and try to take care of their problems. Obama and the Democrats need to be held accountable for the promises they made. We need to insist in no uncertain terms that they need to make the changes the common folk wished to see, not the changes the corporate banking and power elite had in mind.

Do you really believe that suddenly Obama has become concerned about how a tin pot dictator is treating his people? He is simply following the orders of his corporate masters, just like Bush did. They are simply trying to sell us another war in a manner suitable to his perceived public persona, just like they did with Bush. The "conservative" Republican used the "excuse" of "national security." The "liberal" Democrat uses the "excuse" of "humanitarianism." Either way, it benefits the military industrial complex and the central banks that fund and manage it. Either way, it benefits a globalist agenda and the international corporate elite.

It seems to me that the most suspicious thing that has happened in the Libyan saga so far is how quickly a central bank was created by the rebels. The rebels have taken time off their hard fought struggle to form a central bank? The former Libyan central bank was state owned and charged no interest on loans to the Libyan people, unlike the privately owned Federal Reserve system in the United States. I believe this has something to do with Islamic tenets about banking and charging interest as usury, which is akin to fraud. This philosophy has always put the Islamic world at odds with very powerful forces in the Western world. Perhaps we have more in common with the Islamic people than we think. Perhaps Muslims, Christians and other peaceful peoples who long for the freedom to run their own lives have a common enemy in the world central banking elite.

Americans should be enraged. The reputation of the United States military was already in question for all the bullying it had done. It lost the moral high ground it had enjoyed after the world wars long ago. With the revelation of the Afghanistan kill teams and other recent atrocities it can take its place alongside the most brutal and defiled forces the world has ever seen. It might be able to win any conflict and occupy any nation, but it seems the price for such power is the very humanity of many who serve.

The cry for an end to wars and occupations should be reverberating through the streets of our cities. The demand for the return of our troops to our shores should be so loud that no one could possibly ignore it. Instead, we get pointless drivel coming from the mouths of those who would defend wars of aggression because their favorite politician is in power. Instead, we are engaged in devising excuses for killing and destroying rather than minding our own business and staying out of the internal affairs of other nations. The insanity needs to stop.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Use Your Imagination, Become the Change

Well, I've learned something. I've learned that supporters of unions can be just as bad as supporters of other religious or political violent organizations. Now, I don't mean to imply that they are themselves violent or that they are bad people. They are, in fact, likely good people with very good intentions. However, I believe that many have just decided to blindly support aggressive organizations that use questionable methods to achieve their goals. It seems to me that when the faults of these organizations are pointed out to them even in what should be considered a reasonable and somewhat measured fashion they suddenly become very defensive. It seems to me that perhaps they are refusing to look at the true nature of the organization they are defending and they go into a state of denial. They begin to defend these organizations in a manner I could compare with religious zealousness and will attack the messenger.

As a crafter of opinion articles, I put my thoughts and feelings out there for the world to see. I become a very public figure. Sometimes, many people will agree with my point of view. Sometimes, many people will disagree, even within my own family. Sometimes, I feel that I must have somehow been unable to properly convey the ideas I was trying to get across. Recently, I opined about the events taking place in Wisconsin and other Midwestern states involving union protesters and government attempts to curb their activities. In one publication the article received quite a bit of response that left me scratching my head. I can only assume that there was some sort of communication breakdown between the words I wrote and the processing of those words in the minds of the readers. I suppose it was my fault for not choosing my words carefully enough.

I've learned to get past the vitriol that some people spew when they decide that my point of view is a threat to theirs. I understand and appreciate when someone points out a fact or two that I might not have known in an attempt to change my mind or the minds of others who might have a tendency to agree with my point of view. I don't like it when someone makes assumptions about my life and judges me or my lifestyle unfairly, unjustly and without all the facts, but I have learned to ignore such ignorance. What bothers me most is that I may have failed to adequately convey ideas that are important to the principles of freedom.

I tried to say that I have no problem with unions in and of themselves, but that I have a problem with their coercive practices. I stated that if I wanted to get a job in a union shop I would likely have to join the union regardless of whether I wanted to or not or they would be very displeased and I may have to worry about my safety. I have an even greater problem with the coerciveness of government because government, particularly the federal government, is a much larger and more powerful organization. Yet people seemed to think that I was blaming unions for my personal problems or for the greater economic downturn in general. I did not mean to imply that.

More troubling to me were the number of people who not only seem unable to grasp or accept the idea that taxes are better described as theft or extortion, but they seem unable to imagine a world where government was not in charge of certain services. Because I pointed out that taxes pay the salaries of public "servants" and I felt therefore that these exchanges weren't voluntary, I was challenged to live in a world without fire protection, roads, police and other services currently provided for by monopoly government. Really? Are there people who really believe that without government controlling these services they would cease to exist? I suppose maybe they wouldn't, but I believe that if they didn't it would be only because there would no longer be a demand for such services. We would have evolved beyond the need for such things. If these services are so great than let them compete in the open marketplace and allow people to voluntarily decide to spend their money on them. If people have to be forced to pay at the threat of imprisonment, losing one's home, or even death should one choose to resist, perhaps its time to re-examine the entire system as it has been set up.

This is an example of the seen and the unseen. What is seen are the current institutions we have now as they have evolved. They are so ingrained on our consciousness that it has become very hard to imagine life without them. You can compare how we arrived at this point to a car trip. We started off toward a shining city on a hill following a road that looked promising, albeit a little rough. The scenery was nice at times, at other times perhaps a little distressing. Along the way we took a wrong turn, in my humble opinion, and decided to take what looked like a quicker, easier route called collectivism. We arrived at what we thought was our destination, yet something was not quite right. We drive around now, looking at the pretty facades of institutions we have built, yet refusing to examine the foundations they were built upon.

What we have not seen is where we could have ended up had we taken a route constructed of individualism and true free markets. We have not seen what our society would be like had we upheld the Constitution and adhered to the principles this nation was founded upon. I imagine it would have been a more scenic route than the one we took, but I can't say for certain. What I am more certain of is that we would have ended up in a different place, a better place. We might not have ended up with institutions with such gaudy facades, they might not be so huge and imposing, but I believe we would have more institutions to choose from. I believe they would have fine facades, warm and inviting as opposed to huge and showy, built on solid foundations. I believe we would not have to worry about pouring money into them to keep their foundations from cracking and their walls from collapsing. But these are things that remain unrealized and unseen due to what we have brought into existence instead.

We need to take charge of our own lives. As individuals, we need to stop giving away our personal power to others and then expecting them to do as we would do. Imagine the type of world you wish to live in, accept personal responsibility for obtaining such a world and then take steps to create that world. If one wishes peace, one should not support organizations that use or threaten to use violence against individuals. If one wishes prosperity than one should not support monopolies and institutions that stifle and restrict economic freedoms. If one wishes to be able to live one's life as he or she sees fit, then one should not support institutions that intrude upon the personal lives of others. We need to stop going along to get along and start saying no to the demands of those who claim the legitimacy of authority.

How can we avoid such institutions if they are so pervasive in our society, one might ask. Well, we need to seek out those who have already set up institutions, businesses and/or systems to compete with those that have been established. Support those institutions instead. If such institutions, businesses and/or systems do not exist, then consider starting one up. If you need help, find like minded individuals who might be willing to invest in your idea. Don't ask for permission. Don't wait for government approval. The monopoly certainly has no incentive to give its permission or approval for its competition to exist. Just do it. I'm not saying it will be easy, in fact it will likely be difficult. It will be challenging. That's what makes it so worthwhile. We have already taken the easy road and now we're seeing where that has led us. Remember, if you don't build it, then likely it won't get built.

I feel that most people have lost the ability to think for their selves. They have stopped questioning authority. They listen to talking heads on television and maybe an opposing view and think themselves informed. They pick a side from one of two false choices and repeat the talking points that support that point of view. When other choices are thrown into the mix they seem confused. They seem to have lost their ability to imagine something different. I believe this was done on purpose to help keep the power elite in power.

Imagination is one of the greatest gifts human beings have. It is, in my opinion, a large part of why mankind has been able to accomplish so much and build the civilizations that have been built. It saddens me to think that maybe some people have tried so hard to stifle and subjugate it in the masses for the benefit of a few. I think it's time to rediscover the power of imagination. I think it's time to use it to break out of the paradigms we have been stuck in. I think it's time to use it to push forward human evolution and take the next steps toward a freer, more open society. I think it's time to use it to become the change and restore peace and prosperity to the common folk. Imagine that.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Confiscating Liberty, Who are the Real Criminals?

On November 18th, 2007 an article I wrote and called "Confiscating Liberty" was published. In it I discussed how the United States federal government had confiscated precious metals that had been paid for by citizens of the United States. I discussed how they were trying to put a chill on the exchange of precious metals for goods and services. On March 18th, 2011, I discovered that Bernard von NotHaus was found guilty in a federal court on four federal charges. This verdict does not bode well for anyone interested in freedom and of being able to freely exchange precious metals between themselves on a voluntary basis.

Bernard von NotHaus did nothing wrong. He harmed no one. He simply created what he hoped would become a form of currency that would compete with the Federal Reserve Note. He created a form of currency with real value backed by precious metals as opposed to the Federal Reserve's currency which is based on debt and backed by nothing save illusion. Perhaps that was his greatest crime, that he tried to compete with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a monopoly and they are sorely afraid of competition. They do not wish for their costumers to be able to hold them accountable for providing an honest product by having the ability to go to another provider of currency. They know if that were to happen that they wouldn't be able to continue to pull the scam they've subjected the American people to for the past 98 years.

The prosecution basically hung their case on fraud. They claimed that the Liberty Dollar was a fraud trying to trick people into believing that their silver rounds were "real" money. I wish their silver was real money. That's how it was supposed to be in this country. In fact, in my opinion, silver is more "real" in terms of money than their pretty printed paper. It's also more constitutional, so I suppose it's more legal. I think it is the Federal Reserve System that should have been put on trial here. I think that men like Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, other high officials of the Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve board members and former board members, and certain political office holders and elite should be charged with continuing a perpetration of fraud that was foisted upon the American people in 1913. These people have caused real harm to real people and have benefited from the deterioration of an economic system they control and manipulate.

There is also the crime perpetrated by the federal government against thousands of people who had bought precious metals from American Liberty Dollar. These metals were "confiscated" by federal "authorities" when the American Liberty Dollar offices and the mint they do business with were raided. These people still have not yet received their product. They have the receipts and the metal really did not belong to Bernard von NotHaus or his company, it belonged to the people who paid for it. They deserve their product. At the very least, they deserve to be compensated for their product at today's value, not at the price they paid for it.

If the government decides to keep the precious metal they "confiscated" that would be pure theft. It would be stealing from common folk, not from the rich and powerful. In fact, it would be stealing by the rich and powerful from the not so rich and powerful. So what else is new? I don't know about you, but I think that thieves are criminals. If they decide to only give back the cost paid for at the time to those costumers in lieu of the metal, that is also stealing for the value of the metal has gone way up since the time of the seizure. They would be stealing that rise in value and using it for their own profit.

They claimed that Bernard von NotHaus was guilty of conspiring against the United States government and plotting the downfall of its economic system. In a statement he was more or less accused of being a terrorist. I just don't see that. If the economic system of the United States can be toppled by someone simply minting solid one ounce silver coins then maybe the United States government ought to do some serious thinking about changing their system to offer more value for their dollar.

I'm more frightened by the Federal Reserve system than by those minting one ounce silver rounds. It was their policies that enabled our representatives to be terrorized into approving the mega bailouts of the banks in 2008. Who are the real terrorists? Who is really conspiring to bring down the economic system of the United States? I think the answer is obvious.

I have some Liberty Dollars as well as other one ounce silver coins. I guess that means I am also a domestic terrorist according to the federal government. When I go to a store and pull out my change, the eyes of cashiers are often drawn to the coins. I show them and allow the cashiers to hold them. They can feel the weight. They can see the quality. They know intuitively that these coins have value. The money printed and coined by the federal government and their Federal Reserve cronies is losing its luster. It is time for the common folk to take back our monetary system and make it work for us. It is time to insist on value in our money, not debt, illusions and false promises that end up dashed upon the ground and leaving us grasping for prosperity that once was.

I don't know what was going on in the minds of those people who were sitting on the jury for the Bernard von NotHaus trial. I don't know if they were fooled, bullied, or simply lacked understanding. I do know that they missed an opportunity to help reestablish financial freedom for the common folk of this nation. I do know that they should be shunned by people who believe in freedom. If you are one of those who lost their silver to the federal government, or if you own silver coins and wish to be able to use them without fear of government retribution, or if you simply believe that humans should be free to use whatever form of money they want in exchange for goods and services, then you should politely let these people know that you don't appreciate them aggressing against you and supporting a coercive system. You should let your representatives and those people seeking the power of government office know that you don't appreciate being told what you can use for trade. These discussions need to take place between people so that the immorality of our current financial system can become obvious to all.

The real criminals when it comes to the financial sector aren't the small entrepreneurs trying to create alternatives. The real criminals are the established financial institutions. The real criminals are those who use the force of law to make us all accept debt paper instead of money backed by something of real value. The real criminals are the politicians who continue to perpetrate these frauds, continue to insist on bailing out the "too big to fail," and continue to block efforts to hold the financial elite accountable for their actions that have brought about this current financial crisis. The establishment is worried that one day the alternatives will dominate the markets because of their value, and that's why the real criminals must continue to indict and try those trying to promote the alternatives, for an honest system will undermine their power. As the economy continues to suffer, I believe it will be harder for them to hide and excuse their crimes.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lest We Forget, the Focus Should Be the Fed

Well, there certainly is a lot going on in the news these days. Like the old Chinese curse said, we are living in exciting times. There are many uprisings in North Africa. People are dying in Libya and Saudi Arabia as they struggle against oppression. It looks like they may be gearing up to send troops in to "keep the peace" and protect foreign interests.

American workers employed in the public sector have come out in force trying to protect their interests. In Wisconsin, they have even gone so far as to make death threats against Republicans holding office and their families. Oil futures are skyrocketing and gasoline prices increasing across the globe, making modern life more and more difficult for the common folk to afford. It's almost enough to make one's head spin. For me, it has become difficult to keep up and determine what I should write about.

This is all very distracting. Before anything, I'd like to offer my prayers to the people of Japan. The devastation brought upon them by the earthquake and tsunami is terrible and my heart goes out to the victims. My deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones. The videos of the destruction are terrifying and mesmerizing at the same time. I can only hope and pray that the natural disasters have stopped, the rebuilding can start soon and all goes smoothly from here on.

I'd like to wish the best of luck to the people of North Africa and the Middle East in their struggle to achieve the freedom they deserve. I'd like to express my most sincere hopes that they can peacefully achieve regime change and start working toward a more free and open society where the common folk of those nations have a greater say in their own destinies.

I'd like to tell Michael Moore that my money is mine. It is not his. It is not yours. It is not a national resource. I worked for years in a private, family owned (someone else's family, not mine) business for years. I paid tens of thousands in taxes, local, state and national. I feel that money was stolen or extorted from me by people like Michael Moore who feel my money is theirs and a national resource, but were nice enough to let me keep some of it. If I'd been able to keep all that money and do with it as I saw fit, who knows where I'd be right now? I might be worse off; I might be better off, but at least I'd be free.

It's fine if Mr. Moore wants to give his money away to them. Personally, I think there are better organizations to give money to than government bureaucracies as they have proven to be inefficient and consistent failures. It's easy to give away half your fortune or more when you're worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It's a little more difficult when you're struggling to get by, let alone to get ahead, as I'm doing. Mr. Moore can pay his taxes and even pay extra if he wants. He can be a good, obedient slave all he wants and allow the bureaucrats to decide where to spend his money. I couldn't care less. I don't believe, however, that I should be forced to do so also, even if I was numbered among the very rich.

You see how easy it is to lose focus. This is supposed to be an article about the Federal Reserve System and how corrupt it is. But it's hard to think about that when there are so many important news stories happening all around us. It's difficult to think about all the evil the central banks have done, the Federal Reserve being quite possibly the worst, when such terrible and exciting events are happening across the globe. Or is it?

I have understood for some time now that the Federal Reserve and central banking in general has been the cause of many of the man created disasters that have plagued mankind for centuries. When one looks back through history at the causes of many of the wars, revolutions, booms and busts, monetary manipulation and the impoverishment of indigenous people, one finds the fingerprints of international central banksters. It's a matter of asking "Cui bono?" "Who Benefits?"

It's quite simple, really. Pass a law to make paper money based on nothing legal tender. Get the people to accept it by convincing them it is more convenient and easier to work with than specie. Start wars no one can afford and then finance both sides with debt based money so that future generations will still be paying the interest on the loans with their taxes. Create greater demand by giving easy credit so that many can now buy trinkets they don't really need. Take the paper wealth you've created and the profits made from the interest on money printed from nothing and buy up real wealth and commodities created and labored for by the masses of humanity. Pretty soon, you've got all the marbles. When the system crashes, you've nothing to worry about, only the poor slobs who have grown dependent on the illusory system you created will have to worry.

Perhaps the most important battle of our times, perhaps of all times, is the battle to eliminate such financial systems from existence. Forget about the past transgressions for a moment and consider the present and the future. The people who run these operations continue to manipulate and connive for their own benefit and to the detriment of the rest of society. They continue to use their vast wealth and influence to steer mankind on a course that will increase their profits and power, regardless of the cost to humanity, even if it means war, poverty, hunger and the deaths of billions. They simply have no regard for anything other than their personal gain. I'm certain that honest, full investigations unencumbered by political maneuvering and corruption would prove the above statement to be true. A full, complete, honest audit of the Federal Reserve would not only show where all the money has gone, it will expose the inherent fraud in the system and reveal where all the real, material wealth has gone. It would be a good start.

The system of central banking is based on debt. The Federal Reserve system is based on debt. To be indebted to someone means you owe them. It means they can call in a favor at any moment and you would likely feel obliged to help them. In terms of political power and influence, such indebtedness can quickly turn ugly. It can turn a nation into a serfdom and an entire population into sheeple and the slaves of a few. As long as the slaves are living well and are fat and happy, it doesn't seem to matter much to them. They may even believe they are free and self determined. Take that away, however, remove the trappings and make it difficult to afford the basic necessities of modern life, and people will soon begin to realize that they've been owned, or in the modern vernacular, pwned. We can see what happens next by watching the events in North Africa and the Middle East. We can understand how we as a society will be affected by paying attention to the events in Wisconsin and other states which are trying to deal with budget shortfalls by taking from the working class. These occurrences were inevitable and were predicted by so many highly intelligent economists who no one in power wanted us to listen to. Look into it for yourself. Focus on the Fed.

There isn't much that can be done to keep natural disasters from taking over the news cycle. Even if you believe that these disasters are somehow manmade and used as a distraction to keep us from paying attention to other events, there isn't much of a reason to focus on such things. There is something we can do, however, to prevent further, obvious manmade disasters. It is important to remember what institutions have consistently failed. It is important to remember what institutions have continuously lied to us. It is important to remember what institutions have consistently broken their promises. It is important to remember who the culprits are. Then it is important to remember to no longer listen to these institutions. It is important to remember that they do not deserve more power, but instead deserve to be disempowered. It is important to remain focused upon them for they will do everything they can, everything in their power, to divert attention away from their folly and try to blame others. It is important to hold them accountable for their misdeeds. It is important we figure out how to hold them culpable. It is important to get involved in a solution.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aliens, the New World Order and Human Morality

I am, by nature I suppose, quite intrigued with the idea of physical alien beings of equal or superior intelligence living among the stars and occasionally coming to visit this planet. What would you expect from one who writes fantasy, science fiction and horror novels? It is perhaps because of this that I am more open minded to listening to theories and exploring evidence of what's going on behind the curtains of secrecy which are put up by many government and non government organizations which exercise power over the masses of humanity. I have been far down the rabbit hole and I have returned, hopefully with my sanity intact.

There are some who believe that aliens are in control of this world behind the scenes. Some have even suggested that maybe many of the so called leaders of our planet are actually aliens in disguise. More specifically, there has been a theory floated that people holding high political office are reptilian aliens who can change their appearance so they look human. These theories are, to say the least, interesting to explore. They can also be entertaining and, depending on how one looks at them, somewhat frightening. I don't know if there are aliens making the major decisions behind the scenes or not. I will say this though, it seems to me that whoever is making these decisions sure has some inhuman thought processes.

There has been for some time now something known as the New World Order trying to gain the trust of the world populace. Though some of our most powerful leaders have been speaking of it for decades, if not centuries, it remains a rather nebulous and poorly defined concept. I believe that the New World Order is a plan put into action long ago by a rather small cadre of the wealthy elite to consolidate world power into their hands. These people have produced all kinds of smoke and mirrors to keep the masses from finding out the truth of their plans. Alien or not, they are doing their best to push us toward a centralized one world government. They are using the massive wealth they've accumulated to push an authoritarian agenda that will consolidate all power into their hands.

These beings, be they alien or human, have actually had a lot of control of the world behind the scenes for a long time now. They operate in secret. They have hidden themselves in the shadows because they fear the common man. Perhaps more accurately, they fear what will happen to them should the common folk discover who they are and what they've been doing. They don't want to find themselves subjected to the same violence they've been visiting upon the masses of humanity for centuries, if not longer. I would like to believe that the eye of the common folk is turning upon them. They are being recognized for who they are and exposed. I think that if one or a couple were to come forward and confess that they might find humanity is still quite forgiving and it may save them from a gruesome fate.

Those who support the creation of this New World Order state publicly that they wish to do so for the betterment of mankind. Of course, I think these people are likely puppets controlled by the powerful beings behind the scenes. Most of them are politicians, professional bureaucrats, or spokespeople for mega international corporations. They say they wish to put an end to war. They say they wish to put an end to poverty. They say they wish to bring Utopia to earth and that they can do so by establishing a one world government to oversee every aspect of the lives of all citizens of the world. They lie.

One could ask one's self why it is that, if their policies are so beneficial to mankind, they are so secretive about their plans. Could it be that they're not telling us something? Could it be that they believe if their secrets are exposed the rest of humanity won't want to go along with them? Perhaps they're not telling us that they are behind most, if not all, of the wars over the last few centuries and that they created them for fun and profit and so that they could eventually use them as an excuse to create a collectivist, authoritarian one world government. Perhaps they're not telling us that in order to put an end to poverty they feel they need a massive human cull so that there's enough wealth for everyone. Perhaps they're not telling us that it is they, the unelected mega wealthy elite, who will decide how that cull will be carried out. Perhaps they're not telling us that they designed this current financial crisis as a way to usher in the final phase of their plans. Perhaps they worry that maybe, just maybe, if the common folk were to know the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt that they might become very angry and they certainly wouldn't want that anger aimed at them.

There are some who upon reading that would think I was paranoid. Perhaps I am. But isn't it true that there are times when one has reason to be paranoid? There are those at the top of the political heap who have openly spoken and written about eugenics. There are those in the corporate elite who have warned of a coming New World Order. There are those who can be considered the elite of the elite who have openly stated their beliefs that an intelligent class should rule over the masses of stupid humans. These are powerful, wealthy people with the means to put their plans for humanity into action. Why would one think they wouldn't do so?

One reason people have a tendency to think others who believe these sorts of things are paranoid is because of the reaction to them by the corporate established mass media. When someone makes such accusations, the talking heads are quick to laugh them off and dismiss them as crazy, paranoid conspiracy theorists. These are serious accusations, yet all the mass media big government shills seem able to do is laugh at the messengers in an attempt to make them big jokes. They don't ask the pertinent questions. They don't do any real investigative reporting. They often don't even give a cursory look into certain issues and when they do they misinform, disinform or even outright lie in an attempt to keep the realities hidden. It's no wonder the established corporate mass media has been losing customers while more and more people turn to alternative media, and even alternatives to the alternative media, to get their information.

I can't say whether the elite of the elite are alien or not. I can't say if those pulling the strings of the political puppets and the corporate establishment are alien or not. I can say this, the concept of freedom seems to be alien to them. The concepts of human compassion and morality also seem to be beyond their grasp. It seems to me that they are only interested in increasing their own power. It seems to me that they are only interested in enslaving millions and locking them into a system that only a very few mega elite have the power to change. It seems to me that these people have taken some very cold blooded measures to get as far as they already have. Personally, I don't want these people lording power over the world any longer.

There is a mystique over the New World Order that I think those in charge of instilling it have purposefully ministered. They wish us to think they are super powerful. They wish us to think they are unbeatable. They wish us to believe they are better than the common folk, they know more than the common folk, that they know hidden secrets the rest of us don't, and that they should rule over the masses of humanity because of these things. I know it's mundane, and I can't say for sure, but I'm 99% certain that these beings aren't aliens from another planet or plane of existence. I believe they are just very greedy people. I believe that they are power hungry to the extreme. I believe they want to be worshipped by all people as they likely are by many already when they go out in public. I even believe that many of them have good intentions and believe what they are doing is the right thing to do. I also believe that those with good intentions might be willfully deluding themselves. I believe that the only occult secret these people know is how to control and manipulate the masses of humanity and stay hidden.

I think there is much the elite do not know. I think there is much they do not understand. I think there is much they underestimate. It seems to me that they do not know empathy. It seems to me they do not understand human morality. It seems to me they are underestimating the yearning mankind has to be free and determine one's own destiny through one's own means. That's why I believe that as they move closer to their goal they will find more and more resistance. That's why I believe there will never be a successful, collectivist, authoritarian one world government. That's why I believe they are destined to fail. Collectivism and authoritarianism is the old way. The truly new way for mankind to evolve is toward more liberty and an individualist philosphy.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Gun in the Room and Public Schools

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."
George Washington

The gun in the room allegory refers to the nature of government. While many people do not want to think about it and likely do not want to admit it, government is force. Every law made, every tax passed, every regulation imposed, is backed up by the threat of force being used against you. Many famous people knew this and have commented on it. The quote above attributed to George Washington is perhaps the best known. Even Barack Obama recently confessed that he feels the nation state is a monopoly on violence. I'm not sure who was the first to present "the gun in the room" allegory, but I've heard it attributed to both Harry Browne and Murray Rothbard. Anyway, I thought I'd try to present my own short explanation of the gun in the room.

Let's say there's two people in a room. They are sitting with a table between them. On the table is a gun. They are arguing about something they consider important, say the education of children, and how it should be funded. One person is arguing that the parents of the child should have to pay for its education and the other one is arguing that the cost should be divided between all people who live in the community regardless of whether they have children or not and whether they will use the school services or not, because the education of children is so important and they are our future.

The argument becomes heated. After all, it's a very emotional issue. Both parties have good intentions and wish the best for mankind and its progeny. After a while, neither party has given an inch. Suddenly, one party picks up the gun and points it at the other party. He threatens to use it if the other doesn't agree with him. The other party, the one with the gun pointed at him, is taken aback. He takes a couple of breaths, looks deep into the eyes of the one pointing the gun, decides he's serious and will, in fact, use the gun, throws up his hands and tells the other guy that he now agrees with him. The guy who picked up the gun now puts it in his waistband and leaves the house with a smug smile, content that he has won the argument.

In realty, it was the man arguing for community funded schooling that won the argument and the gun he picked up was government. He picked up the gun and took it with him. Those who would argue with him realize in the backs of their mind that he still has the gun. They know he'll use it. They also know that his friends, AKA the corporate mass media, will not widely broadcast these issues and will pat him on the back and tell him to keep any dissenters in line. Those who disagree have been cowed into keeping their mouths shut so they just go along to get along and try as best they can to minimize the intrusions he might make on their lives.

Recently, I wrote an article in which I tried to explain why I couldn't enthusiastically support the peaceful protestors in Wisconsin and other states. I couldn't support either side of the argument because of the inherent violence of the state. Apparently, I failed miserably. I've received feedback that's indicated to me that the ideas I was trying to convey were missed by some readers. It is my hope that I will be able to clarify my thoughts on this issue.

An emailer wrote and felt I what I had said was untrue. He felt that much could be done to improve the level of service people get from the state, specifically the state run school systems. He pointed out that they could send their children to private schools and made a comparison between the cost of private schools versus the cost of public schools. He also asked the question to the effect of what greater gift can we give our children than education?

I wrote a long letter to this gentleman to try to explain a bit better what I meant to say. Perhaps I should have said that many people feel that there is nothing that can be done rather than stating there is nothing they can do. That is what I meant to say anyway and it is not so much an untrue statement. I also went on to explain that I am writing opinion pieces and not necessarily doing factual reporting. Although I try to be as accurate, truthful and factual as possible in my writing, I am only human and sometimes I don't catch errors in my wording that can be interpreted differently than the concept I was trying to get across.

I explained that people have to pay for public schooling whether they use it or not. This is because of the gun in the room. If one refuses to pay his property taxes, or that part of the tax which pays for public schools, then one will quickly find himself imprisoned, losing his property, or worse. Actually, in the email, I used the example of the master/slave relationship, that we are all slaves to government. It amounts to about the same thing since an unarmed man becomes a slave to someone with a gun if he wants to stay alive. It becomes a question not only of private property ownership, but of who owns whom.

If one refuses to pay his taxes, more specifically property taxes, one will quickly find out that he does not own his "private property." Even if one owns the property outright, or even has had the property in the family for generations, they will quickly find out who really owns their property if they refuse to pay their taxes regardless of whether or not any of their services were ever used. So, if a family decides it wants to send its children to a private school, will they be able to stop paying the portion of its property tax used to fund schools? I think not. If they were, how about those households that have no children using the schools, will they be afforded the same courtesy? I think not.

This more or less indicates to me that the "community" owns your property. Never mind that it was your labor that led you to be able to afford that property, or that you came to "own" it in some other legal way. Let's make the assumption that most people are able to afford their homes because they work hard and earn money to pay for it. Even if they have paid off their mortgage and own title to the property, it can be taken if they refuse to pay their taxes. Supposedly they own that property due to the product of their labor, but they really don't unless they continue to give a portion of the product of their labor to the "community." What kind of relationship is this between the property owner and the community? Well, when someone else owns the product of another's labor, that sounds like a master/slave relationship to me. That certainly is not freedom. If a master owns a slave, can the slave own himself? Even if it is just a percentage of the product of one's labor, then that person is that percentage a slave.

As for the cost of education if it wasn't subsidized by the state, well it's difficult to say whether it would be more or less expensive. I think at that point the market would determine the value of the education and individual families would have to determine for themselves if their money would be best spent on that education or on something else. I can say this, however, without property taxes families would have thousands of extra dollars to work with in terms of sending their children to school. Also, competition tends to drive prices down, so there is every reason to believe that there would be many affordable choices to choose from and even the poorest in our society would have the means to send their children to school if they wished to.

I would like to point out that life is education and that one does not stop learning just because one has left school. Taking your child fishing, or on a nature walk, or even to a carnival can be educational. Teaching them to hunt, fish or plant a garden is probably more valuable than sending them to school. Why should the bureaucrats at the department of education or the school board decide what's the most important thing for my child to learn? Shouldn't that decision be up to me? You might say I'll make a bad decision, but so might they. When I make a bad decision, it affects my children, when they make a bad decision, it affects all the children at that school. Since the state is in charge of the school and the purse strings, isn't it more likely that the state will teach children propaganda that helps maintain the state's power? There is lots of evidence that home schooled children get an education quite a bit better than children who graduate from the public school system. There is even quite a bit of evidence that they do better in college. I know two of the smartest people I ever knew at the University of Illinois were home schooled.

As for the question, "What greater gift can we give our children than education?" I give a simple answer. Freedom is a greater gift. I think we should work toward an open, voluntary society where interactions between people happen on a voluntary basis. There should be no taxation. Government should have to fund itself the same way charities and private businesses do. Private property and individual rights should be honored and remain unalienable especially by institutions of governance. What greater gift can we give them than a society where they have as much opportunity as possible to reach their full potential? What greater gift is there than to break the chains that bind the body and mind to the state? What greater gift is there than self reliance and independence?

The emailer also made a profound statement. "It is time to consider what we value in this society." I agree with that statement. I think it is time for each individual to consider what he truly values in this society. I believe everyone will have a different answer to that question. That is the very reason I value freedom so much. Freedom gives everyone the most opportunity to work toward what they value most.

Yes, it is time to consider what we value most. Do we, as a nation, truly value freedom above all else? If so, shouldn't we better define exactly what it means to be free? Shouldn't we be honoring our neighbors' choices as we would want them to honor ours and not trying to force them to conform to ways they may not want to conform to? Shouldn't we be honoring individual rights rather than promoting group privileges? Isn't it time we figure out a better way and start practicing it rather than looking to socialist countries and trying to emulate them? Isn't that really what America was supposed to be about, a place where the downtrodden could come to get away from government force and government programs, a place where we can say leave us alone, we can take care of ourselves?

Apparently, we have forgotten what it means to be free and have tacitly allowed ourselves to be enticed by the sirens' song of collectivism. We have forgotten the lessons of history and have become doomed to repeat it. Perhaps if schools had taught lessons on what freedom truly was and what it meant to be independent we would have better maintained the individualist philosophy the founders so ascribed to. Of course, once the schools became controlled by the public sector, they wouldn't want to teach that which would weaken their power. Perhaps that's why communism counts public schools as one of the planks of its doctrine. Once you can entrap the minds of children through indoctrination, you will soon have a generation of obedient serfs who will not question the leadership of those who wish to keep the power for themselves and enslave the rest of humanity so that they can steal the vast majority of the wealth created from those who create it.

Regardless of how far down the road we've gone, it is never too late to turn back. It is never too late to reclaim our heritage. It is never too late to reclaim liberty and freedom, especially for our children. The secret is to just say no. It is disobedience. The more who disobey, the more who dissent, the more those at the top won't know what to do. For the first few, it is rough. There are already many tax protestors who have died at the hands of the violent government, and many more who have ended up in prison. Once enough of them are refusing to pay, however, once enough of them have taken to the streets, once enough people are standing up and saying no, the bureaucrats will not know how to handle it. At that point, they will be confronted by their inherent immorality and they will have to give in. At that point, we will be able to begin a genuine paring down of government and the first steps along the road to genuine freedom and prosperity.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Unions, Politics and Wisconsin Protests

I am torn by the protests in Wisconsin. On the one hand, I am happy to see people coming out in protest and saying no to government power. On the other hand, the reason they are coming out upsets me. You see, I've been unemployed for over two years now. I've run out of "benefits" and I am now completely dependent on the charity of others for my survival. I wish I had a job. The people protesting work in the public sector. It has been my taxes and the taxes of others like me who work in the private sector that have paid for their jobs. Now they believe they should be able to keep their full pay and benefits even though the private sector is shrinking and the money from it is harder to come by?

Of course, many are probably going to accuse me of being anti-union for writing this. Actually, I support the right for people to get together and collectively bargain. I support their right to associate with whoever they want for whatever peaceful purpose they want. If these people were out there protesting against some private sector corporation they were working for, I'd be behind them. But there seems to be a disconnect here. The people in the public sector aren't working for giant corporations, they are working for the property owners of that state. Taxes are what pay for their salaries, their benefits and their retirement funds, and when people are unemployed taxes become a great burden to them.

I believe that taxes are theft or extortion. At the very least, they are coercive. I believe that the only legitimate government would be one that was funded on a voluntary basis. I think that the markets should determine the salaries of people. It worked for a long time in this nation. Yet many people seem happy to pay their taxes and simply give their money away. Of course, they expect a certain level of service for that money and I think that more and more ordinary people are beginning to believe they aren't getting the level of service they deserve. Still, there's nothing they can do about it. They can't refuse to pay their taxes or they risk arrest, imprisonment, and perhaps the loss of their property. That, and there's no competition they can turn to that can provide the services government currently monopolizes.

I also have a hard time supporting Governor Walker. I have a hard time supporting almost any politician. He's just a control freak like so many of them. While I understand that he's trying to save his state money, he's taking aim at the wrong people. It seems as if he's trying to divide the people. He's trying to make this a Democrat/Republican thing when it should be, like so many other things, a freedom/tyranny thing. Perhaps he should look at corruption in government and trimming administrative costs before he goes after the folks on the ground just trying to make an honest living.

I believe in the right for individuals to associate with whoever they please. That is what unions are about, people associating with each other and using their numbers to pressure someone else to succumb to their demands. Yet I also believe in the right of the individual to choose not to associate with whoever he wants. I also believe that people should have the right to decide who they want to do business with and who they don't want to do business with. In the case of public servants, that right has been curtailed. One does not have much choice if he has to do business with schools, or the police, or the DMV, or any number of other government agencies.

No, I don't think any laws should be passed curtailing the rights of people to bargain collectively. At the same time, I don't think any restrictions should be created as to who should be able to work in the public sector. I don't think one who decides to work for a city or state agency should be forced to join a union. If I decide I want to work for the state at a reduced rate of pay, and I don't want to pay union dues, and I don't want any of the union benefits, why shouldn't I be able to contract with the state to do so? And why shouldn't the state be able to hire me? I'd save the taxpayers money and I might even do a better job and provide better services than union workers. After all, it would be more likely I'd be held accountable if I messed up since I wouldn't have the union there to protect me.

If I was to do such a thing, however, I don't imagine the union people would take it very kindly. I have the feeling I'd face threats. I might even be physically assaulted by some unidentifiable person some dark night. I might be putting my family in danger. I know people don't like to think that others would resort to violence like that, but people get quite upset when their privileges are challenged. They would use the excuse that by one such as myself fairly competing with them, that's a threat to their security. Well, it probably wouldn't happen anyway because I don't know anyone in the system that can get me a job.

I does my heart good to see the American people finally fed up with the system. It is kind of strange, however, to think that it's the people inside the system who are protesting the system. I would have thought that people in the private sector would be out on the streets demanding an end to the costliness of the public sector. I would have thought they'd be demanding more freedom for themselves and their brethren so that we could get back to work producing things again. Perhaps that won't be necessary. Perhaps those inside the system will manage to topple it without any help from those outside it.

For the record, I have been what most would likely consider a blue collar worker all my life. I started working at a very young age. I've worked as a caddy, in fast food restaurants, as a truck driver to deliver auto parts, as a vending route man, as a handyman, as a volunteer fireman, in pizza restaurants, as a pizza delivery man, as a game room attendant, as a grocery store clerk and cashier, as a professional resume writer and consultant, as an electronics and electromechanical technician, and as a service department manager. I've owned my own small business. I've worked in a union shop where I felt I'd be better off without the union and I've worked in non union shops where I felt a union could do a lot of good.

I am not one who favors busting unions, and I can definitely relate to the laborer who feels he's not getting paid what he's worth, but I find it very difficult to support unions in the public sector due to the coercive nature of government. I also cannot support Governor Walker's action again due to the coercive nature of government. Watching what's going on in Wisconsin for me is like watching two prize fighters I dislike going at it in a ring. I just want to see them beat each other up. We do need protests, but those protests should involve the demand for more freedom and less taxation and regulation. It should involve demanding choice other than the monopolized services government offers. Perhaps if some of those "public servants" who are worried about losing their union privileges were to start up their own organizations that would compete with the government organizations in offering those same services the public demands, maybe that would be a step in the right direction.

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American Day of Laze

The call has gone out by certain youth and worker groups in Saudi Arabia to stage a "Day of Rage" on March 11th. This is in response to the uprisings that have been going on across the Middle East and Northern Africa. The people are demanding a release of political prisoners and the implementation of social reforms. I'm thinking that people in this area of the world are tired of being brutalized and having their loved ones jailed for trying to exercise their natural individual rights. They are not, however, freedom oriented as they seem to simply want regime change to a kinder and more benevolent government that takes care of them rather than asking the government to simply leave them alone so that they can take care of themselves.

A century or so back, the people of the United States of America, on the other hand, had become used to the government staying out of their business. They had prospered as they were able to work and engage in trade pretty much tax free and without interference from government. They didn't have tomes of regulations to worry about. They didn't have to worry about being licensed to do things like cut hair and perform various other simple tasks that could be done for customers or simply as daily chores. The ownership of private property was honored and well defined. Somehow, people survived and even thrived under such conditions.

Then something happened. The Federal Reserve Act was signed into law. The income tax was enacted. We went to war. Much money was made by the fledgling military/industrial complex. A sort of police state was invoked with the passage of the Espionage Act of 1917 and later the Sedition Act of 1918. From that point on Americans became less independent and more accepting of government intrusion in their lives. As time passed, we suffered through a great depression and a second world war. After that, government regulation had become a way of life. Government entitlements became expected. Americans had forgotten what it meant to be free and independent and became more and more used to dependence on the government, obedience to the state, and asking the government for permission before engaging in normal trade practices and other activities.

Certainly for a few decades there we bragged that we were the freest nation in the world. Over the last couple of decades I think that's changed dramatically. Even if that's not true and we're still the freest nation in the world, being the freest doesn't equate to being free. Comparing degrees of tyranny is like comparing degrees of misery, one can be miserable and still be the happiest person in a room.

So, while the rest of the world is clamoring for more freedom and pouring out onto the streets in many nations demanding it, Americans, through obedience and apathy, have whimpered along and allowed their government to grow more disrespectful of individual rights. In order to remain compliant to our government masters and complete the change to a communistic utopia where we are totally dependent on government for all our needs, I say we Americans need to get off the streets and exercise a Day of Laze where we continue to do nothing to save our individual liberties or make government more accountable. After all, no one here is ever brutalized by police. This nation has no political prisoners.

How does March 15th sound? I think that's a pretty good date. It kind of has some meaning, the Ides of March and all. It's a Tuesday, so you can make a statement by staying home from work. Or not. It doesn't much matter. Tuesdays are usually pretty busy days at work, but this day will be all about being apathetic, so who cares? Life goes on, right?

There's no reason to worry about your individual freedoms. Our government here in this nation is doing such a good job at protecting them, right? Just go home at night crack open a beer and watch American Idol or whatever is the show de jour that evening. You have choice. You have several channels to choose from. There might even be a sporting event on. Just let your alcohol soaked brain absorb whatever programming they present to you. Just sit there, relax and watch those tall guys put a ball through the hoop then go to bed so you can get up and do it all again the next day.

Don't worry about the Federal Reserve controlling the money. Don't worry about all this talk about the dollar losing its value in the world market. Don't worry about the deficits and the money printing. Why should you learn anything about economics? Why should you know the truth about how money works? You earn yours. Just laze around and don't learn anything about the various economic theories, which have worked historically, and which have failed miserably. Don't worry about the history of this nation, the economic arguments the founders made, or the type of money advocated by the Constitution. Such matters are for people far smarter than you. You can depend on those intelligent people to worry about what's good for you. You got your job. You got your beer. You got your television. There's no reason for you to stop lazing around.

Don't worry about the encroaching police state. You probably haven't even seen it yet. Don't worry about those speed cameras and the ones at the traffic lights. After all, you just go to work and go home. They're only there to prevent accidents, right? They couldn't make mistakes, so if you're caught by one just pay up and don't complain. Don't worry about the TSA and their invasive techniques. You don't fly much. Why should you care if those people at airports are going through radioactive porn scanners or having to experience a virtual sexual assault? It doesn't affect you. They're not going to put those things in at train stations, or metros, or bus stations, or at the malls. Besides, even if they do, isn't it all for safety and not for the profit of some well connected politicians?

Just drink your chemically laden fluoridated water. Suck down your aspartame filled sodas. Don't look into the health effects of these products. Just trust your government and what they tell you. These are things you need. Stop worrying about the things you're putting into your body. If they were store bought and FDA approved, they must be safe. Don't question anything. You've worked hard today. You deserve to just relax and laze about.

Just pay your taxes. Don't think about bucking the system. Don't think about where the money goes. Don't worry if you disagree about how the money is spent. Just pay up and you'll be alright. Your government knows best how to spend your money. They know that the mega rich bankers and the Wall Street moguls need your money more than you do. Take no action. Voice no protest. Just smile and accept the refund check, don't even think about the money they're keeping. Isn't it just like Christmas when you get your money back? Oh, and I'm sure there'll be money there for you when you reach retirement age.

Don't think about all those who have lost their jobs in the last couple of years. Ignore those who have lost their homes. It has nothing to do with the financial system. It has nothing to do with the money manipulating international bankers. It all has to do with unions, or Democrats, or Republicans, or someone else. Don't demand to know where all the money went, or how it was spent, or who's ending up with the real wealth. None of that concerns you. Just sit back and relax. Enjoy your day of laze. Continue to do nothing. Whatever you do, don't get involved. You can count on your government to take good care of you from cradle to grave.

Maybe we should make everyday a day of laze in America. Maybe we should just keep moving along as we have for years. Let's stick with the status quo. After all, it's worked so far. Yes, nothing to see here. Move along. No reason to protest here in this land of the free. No reason to get involved. No reason to protest in this, the greatest nation ever. Why, certainly we can just relax and let the elite class continue to do as they will. They know best and it's worked out so far for us. Everything is fine. Your government is in control. They've done such a good job so far, haven't they?

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