Friday, March 4, 2011

American Day of Laze

The call has gone out by certain youth and worker groups in Saudi Arabia to stage a "Day of Rage" on March 11th. This is in response to the uprisings that have been going on across the Middle East and Northern Africa. The people are demanding a release of political prisoners and the implementation of social reforms. I'm thinking that people in this area of the world are tired of being brutalized and having their loved ones jailed for trying to exercise their natural individual rights. They are not, however, freedom oriented as they seem to simply want regime change to a kinder and more benevolent government that takes care of them rather than asking the government to simply leave them alone so that they can take care of themselves.

A century or so back, the people of the United States of America, on the other hand, had become used to the government staying out of their business. They had prospered as they were able to work and engage in trade pretty much tax free and without interference from government. They didn't have tomes of regulations to worry about. They didn't have to worry about being licensed to do things like cut hair and perform various other simple tasks that could be done for customers or simply as daily chores. The ownership of private property was honored and well defined. Somehow, people survived and even thrived under such conditions.

Then something happened. The Federal Reserve Act was signed into law. The income tax was enacted. We went to war. Much money was made by the fledgling military/industrial complex. A sort of police state was invoked with the passage of the Espionage Act of 1917 and later the Sedition Act of 1918. From that point on Americans became less independent and more accepting of government intrusion in their lives. As time passed, we suffered through a great depression and a second world war. After that, government regulation had become a way of life. Government entitlements became expected. Americans had forgotten what it meant to be free and independent and became more and more used to dependence on the government, obedience to the state, and asking the government for permission before engaging in normal trade practices and other activities.

Certainly for a few decades there we bragged that we were the freest nation in the world. Over the last couple of decades I think that's changed dramatically. Even if that's not true and we're still the freest nation in the world, being the freest doesn't equate to being free. Comparing degrees of tyranny is like comparing degrees of misery, one can be miserable and still be the happiest person in a room.

So, while the rest of the world is clamoring for more freedom and pouring out onto the streets in many nations demanding it, Americans, through obedience and apathy, have whimpered along and allowed their government to grow more disrespectful of individual rights. In order to remain compliant to our government masters and complete the change to a communistic utopia where we are totally dependent on government for all our needs, I say we Americans need to get off the streets and exercise a Day of Laze where we continue to do nothing to save our individual liberties or make government more accountable. After all, no one here is ever brutalized by police. This nation has no political prisoners.

How does March 15th sound? I think that's a pretty good date. It kind of has some meaning, the Ides of March and all. It's a Tuesday, so you can make a statement by staying home from work. Or not. It doesn't much matter. Tuesdays are usually pretty busy days at work, but this day will be all about being apathetic, so who cares? Life goes on, right?

There's no reason to worry about your individual freedoms. Our government here in this nation is doing such a good job at protecting them, right? Just go home at night crack open a beer and watch American Idol or whatever is the show de jour that evening. You have choice. You have several channels to choose from. There might even be a sporting event on. Just let your alcohol soaked brain absorb whatever programming they present to you. Just sit there, relax and watch those tall guys put a ball through the hoop then go to bed so you can get up and do it all again the next day.

Don't worry about the Federal Reserve controlling the money. Don't worry about all this talk about the dollar losing its value in the world market. Don't worry about the deficits and the money printing. Why should you learn anything about economics? Why should you know the truth about how money works? You earn yours. Just laze around and don't learn anything about the various economic theories, which have worked historically, and which have failed miserably. Don't worry about the history of this nation, the economic arguments the founders made, or the type of money advocated by the Constitution. Such matters are for people far smarter than you. You can depend on those intelligent people to worry about what's good for you. You got your job. You got your beer. You got your television. There's no reason for you to stop lazing around.

Don't worry about the encroaching police state. You probably haven't even seen it yet. Don't worry about those speed cameras and the ones at the traffic lights. After all, you just go to work and go home. They're only there to prevent accidents, right? They couldn't make mistakes, so if you're caught by one just pay up and don't complain. Don't worry about the TSA and their invasive techniques. You don't fly much. Why should you care if those people at airports are going through radioactive porn scanners or having to experience a virtual sexual assault? It doesn't affect you. They're not going to put those things in at train stations, or metros, or bus stations, or at the malls. Besides, even if they do, isn't it all for safety and not for the profit of some well connected politicians?

Just drink your chemically laden fluoridated water. Suck down your aspartame filled sodas. Don't look into the health effects of these products. Just trust your government and what they tell you. These are things you need. Stop worrying about the things you're putting into your body. If they were store bought and FDA approved, they must be safe. Don't question anything. You've worked hard today. You deserve to just relax and laze about.

Just pay your taxes. Don't think about bucking the system. Don't think about where the money goes. Don't worry if you disagree about how the money is spent. Just pay up and you'll be alright. Your government knows best how to spend your money. They know that the mega rich bankers and the Wall Street moguls need your money more than you do. Take no action. Voice no protest. Just smile and accept the refund check, don't even think about the money they're keeping. Isn't it just like Christmas when you get your money back? Oh, and I'm sure there'll be money there for you when you reach retirement age.

Don't think about all those who have lost their jobs in the last couple of years. Ignore those who have lost their homes. It has nothing to do with the financial system. It has nothing to do with the money manipulating international bankers. It all has to do with unions, or Democrats, or Republicans, or someone else. Don't demand to know where all the money went, or how it was spent, or who's ending up with the real wealth. None of that concerns you. Just sit back and relax. Enjoy your day of laze. Continue to do nothing. Whatever you do, don't get involved. You can count on your government to take good care of you from cradle to grave.

Maybe we should make everyday a day of laze in America. Maybe we should just keep moving along as we have for years. Let's stick with the status quo. After all, it's worked so far. Yes, nothing to see here. Move along. No reason to protest here in this land of the free. No reason to get involved. No reason to protest in this, the greatest nation ever. Why, certainly we can just relax and let the elite class continue to do as they will. They know best and it's worked out so far for us. Everything is fine. Your government is in control. They've done such a good job so far, haven't they?

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