Friday, May 25, 2012

Who are the Demons, Where are the Angels?

Well, I was going to make this a nice and fluffy piece. I was going to explain that the demons are you and I. I was going to make the statement that the angels are in our mirrors. The decisions you make in your life tell you what side you fall upon. You can be both a demon and an angel and change within minutes. While all that's true, there's more to it than that. Of course we're both. Of course we can create our own Heaven or our own Hell right here on Earth. That's part of being human. But I believe there are real angels and real demons living amongst us. I believe that some of them are even pretending to be humans.

The creatures I speak of are spiritual in nature more than material. What we seem to forget is that so are we. I believe that demons are a force for darkness and evil and angels are a force for goodness and light. These forces have intelligence, but they don't necessarily have physical form, though I believe they can inhabit physical forms. I believe that they operate on a different plane of existence, but that they can affect this plane and will do so often, especially if asked to.

To better understand where I'm coming from, I feel it best I define what I believe evil and goodness, darkness and light to be. I believe that evil is anything that devalues life, especially human life. I believe it is anything that brings planned chaos, destruction and mayhem to this world, especially in such a way as to benefit those who planned such events at the cost of adversely affecting innocent lives. I believe it is anything that would enslave humanity, that would create the dependence of many upon the few. I believe darkness to be the veiling of knowledge to keep it hidden from others for the benefit of the few. I believe it to be the creation of illusion for the purpose of defrauding mankind, taking its true wealth and usurping its true power.

Conversely, I believe goodness to be anything that adds value to life, especially human life. I believe it is anything that elevates and elates humankind. I believe it is anything that allows the individual to determine his own successes and failures, his own place in the universe. I believe it is anything that will allow the individual to become the best he can possibly be, and therefore allow him to help others become the best they can possibly be. I believe it to be anything that elevates individuals to become free and independent. I believe light to be anything that unveils knowledge for all to the benefit of all, that exposes secrets and makes transparent the inner workings of powerful institutions. I believe it to be anything that would shatter illusions to allow opportunity for all to grow and obtain personal wealth and power.

So, who are the demons? I believe they are those who set up the Federal Reserve system and other central banks around the world. I believe these men and women of finance are defrauding the entire population of the world. I'm not saying that everyone involved with these institutions are demons, but those at the top who truly understand how these systems operate are. They wallow in the wealth they've stolen from hard working men and women who wanted nothing more than opportunity to earn their own property and a better life for their progeny and were roped into indebtedness by a system designed to crash and lose value. They take real wealth and real property from those who have worked hard to earn it by creating currency from nothing, seemingly by magic, inflating the currency supply, and then hoarding the supply of cash so that those who need it must sell at deflated prices. They cause great harm by creating great instability.

The demons are also those who empower the financial elite. They are the politicians, lobbyists and bureaucrats who create laws that protect and enhance the monopoly powers of the central banks. Certainly not every politician who votes for these laws is a demon, many likely don't even understand what they are voting for. Many are likely just well meaning dupes. I suppose those types could be called lesser demons or foot soldiers in the army of darkness. But those that write these bills understand very well what they are creating. Those who create fiat systems, legal tender laws and fractional reserve policies are well aware of the history of currency (or at least they should be) and are most likely very well paid by the demons and cooperate with them fully.

Demons also inhabit the judicial system. They are the judges that deny the usury that exists. They are the judges that turn a blind eye to the fraudulent nature and blatant theft inherent in the system. They are the judges that protect the system rather than the individuals who are harmed by the system. I would say that they are the enforcers who consider the law to be holy and above reproach even when such law is obviously harmful to humankind, but the command and control structure of the system seems able to discard any enforcer with the ability to think for their self and keeps only the most obedient that will not question orders. I wouldn't say they were demons, just selective humans who cannot see or understand the harm they cause.

There are demons in the corporate structure. These are the ones who put profit above all else. They are the ones that push their "medicine" over proven natural cures. They are the ones that invade the crops with their genetically modified organisms that have been proven harmful. They are the ones that lie about, cover up and hide the test results of such drugs and organisms. They are the ones that create terminator seeds in an effort to keep the farmer dependent and enslaved. They are the ones that hide alternative energy sources through patent laws to keep their cartels profitable. They are the ones who abandoned well established, neighborly, compassionate, good labor practices to move to places where they can destroy the environment and treat people like livestock for the sake of a slip of paper with a portrait of some president or tyrant printed upon it. These demons devalue the most precious resource this planet has to offer, human life.

The demons always seem to rise to the top. I don't know if they inhabit the body in order to propel it to the top without conscience, or if they wait for the conscientious to make it to the top and then inhabit the body, but they always seem to get to the top somehow. Once they are empowered, they use that power to make themselves unaccountable. They use that power to gain more wealth and power. They use that power to create their own little fiefdoms where they are lords and everyone else are vassals to serve them. They do so for self aggrandizement without regard to human dignity nor the harm caused to others. Many times they do so while masquerading as someone who cares, as some kind of philanthropist or for some supposed philanthropic reason, which is perhaps the most demonic ruse of all. They seem to love being worshipped above all else.

So it might appear that demons have taken over some of the most powerful positions in the world. They sit there and smirk as humanity stands on the brink looking to plunge into an economic abyss. These financial demons rub their hands and lick their chops as they think about all the human misery and despair waiting to be served up for them to feed upon. So, where are the angels? Where are the spiritual beings that are supposed to be sent to protect humanity from such forces? Where are the financial bringers of light that can stop this folly, arrest the demons and prevent a mad dash to the bottom? The truth is, I don't know. I can see the demons, so I would assume the angels are somewhere. I have no idea where they are hiding or when they plan on making their appearance.

I'm not certain exactly how angels are supposed to act or react. I'm not certain what rules and regulations they have to adhere to. I'm not one of the fortunate with the ability to communicate with them and if I was I'd still question whether or not they were truly angelic beings or just mere illusions or my imagination. I suppose that like many other things in life one would have to trust one's heart and intuition if such communication was taking place. It is my understanding, however, that angels will help if asked.

Perhaps not enough of us are asking for their help. Perhaps too many still don't realize that we may need some kind of divine intervention here. It's sad to think that not enough people can see the warning signs soon enough and so many may end up in dire straits before the angels are called. Perhaps they've already acted in some way I don't know or understand. There have been many strange events happening lately that remain unexplained or the explanations have been questionable. We don't always know all the forces that are acting upon us and upon this world.

Perhaps they're just waiting to see what we will do. Perhaps they're waiting for the people to wake up. Perhaps they're waiting for us to choose sides. Maybe they think we should be able to handle these demons by ourselves. Some of us do, occasionally, need to confront their own demons in their private lives. Perhaps we also must, at some point in time, confront the demons that affect all humankind. Even if there are some of us who are inhabited by angels, or somehow have contact with financial angels that are meant to fight and confront the financial demons, perhaps we shouldn't depend on them to come to our aid. I believe we should ask them for their help, there's no harm in that and prayer can be a powerful balm, but we shouldn't just ask and then wait. We should take action even before an answer is manifest. We should prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

We are powerful beings. We have the ability to defeat these demons and cast them down. They can be arrested. They can be stopped. Their system can be dismantled and replaced. We are many, they are few. We can all help each other through rough times rather than struggling against one another as the demons would like to see. Perhaps the angels simply want to see if we're spiritually strong enough yet to overcome our demons on our own. Perhaps they're simply waiting for a show of strength and that will be enough. It has been said that God helps those who help themselves, perhaps the same is true of angels.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who're the Kool-Aid Drinkers Now?

The concept of "drinking the Kool-Aid" came from an event in 1978 where over 900 people died in a place called Jonestown in Guyana. Most of them supposedly died from drinking cyanide laced Kool-Aid. While questions have been raised as to the voracity of these reports, the term drinking the Kool-Aid has become synonymous with people who trust the sources of their information without question. I will stretch this out a bit and make the claim that Kool-Aid drinkers are those who trust anyone or any institution without question and do as they are told because of that trust.

Drinking the Kool-Aid kills. It zombifies the human being and removes its ability to blossom into an independent, thoughtful, free living organism able to determine its own fate. It removes free will. It turns a person into a robotic entity that will follow the will of its master right up to the point where its master causes its self destruction. So, who are the Kool-Aid drinkers today? Who are the next in line to have their strings pulled right up to the point where they self destruct?

I have been accused of drinking the Kool-Aid. I have had my sanity questioned due to my unwavering support of Ron Paul and his philosophy of freedom. I have been derided by people on the right for my pro peace and anti police/security/surveillance state stances. I have been questioned by the left for my anti theft, I mean slavery, I mean taxes, and my anti Obamacare stances. They think I'm the Kool-Aid drinker because I don't agree with some portion of their ideology. They think I'm simplistic because of my "freedom is the answer, what's the question?" attitude. Yet my ideology incorporates the best of the right and the left. Theirs simply decides who to blame and where to point the guns of government. As the power is shifted from one side to another, we get the worst of both sides which is why we're in the mess we're in.

So, if my political views are shallow and simplistic, what are theirs? I say freedom works, let the many decide for themselves. Let anyone with an idea bring that idea to market and let those who consume vote with their dollars as to which is the best solution. Let competition determine the most efficient and cost effective solutions. What are their views? Let government do it? Force people to behave in a certain way or they will be fined or jailed? Apply a one size fits all solution to everybody, everywhere? Create government approved monopolies that stifle competition? Tell everyone what they can and cannot consume and threaten those who want to find and use their own medications or food sources with prison? These are not shallow and simplistic views?

Do you trust those in government? That´s worked out real well, hasn´t it? Why do you continue to have such faith in an institution that has so utterly failed for so long? Why do you continue to believe politicians when the standard joke is you know a politician is lying when his lips are moving? There are not too many politicians out there who are also ventriloquists. Why do you continue to trust that their solutions are going to work? Why do you continue to even believe that they will do as they promise? Create your own damn solution. Support someone else who has created a solution. Stop blindly obeying people just because they´re wearing a uniform or believe they´re "official." Haven´t you had enough of the Kool-Aid yet? Are you going to continue to drink it until your body is so full of poison you can´t stand on your own anymore and you´re completely dependent on someone else for your basic needs? If so, maybe you deserve what you get.

I am also a known "conspiracy theorist," which simply means I question the validity of what I´m told by establishment media sources. It means I am skeptical of what I hear from "mainstream media" sources. It means I don´t drink the Kool-Aid they offer to the masses. I no longer trust them. Do you? They are no longer a free and independent media. They are bought and paid for by corporate interests, the same corporate interests that bought off the government long ago. They are the whores of the elite rulers who hide behind the curtains of reality they create with their media puppets.

Do you really feel that so called mainstream media news sources gives you truthful information? I mean really accurate, truthful, unbiased information, all the information, objective information, no spin, no misinformation, no disinformation? What will it take before you realize you're being lied to? Will it finally hit home when TSA agents are in the malls feeling your wife up and the establishment news reports on this like it's normal and fun? How about when some libertarian neighbors of yours just disappear and there's not a word mentioned about it anywhere? Or maybe when cops with automatic weapons are on every street corner in our cities and the lead story is about some starlet's drug problem? Have you already drank so much of the Kool-Aid that your brain is addled and you can't see where all these media supported laws are heading?

If you're reading this, chances are you know better, that you don't drink the Kool-Aid, or a friend who cares for you has referred you to this article because they want you to stop drinking the Kool-Aid. If you do trust the corporate media to give you truthful information, I got news for you. You're being lied to. Oh, there may be stories that they'll report in a truthful manner, local stories and stories that have nothing to do with their agenda, but any story that really matters, that has an important impact on the world and possibly corporate interests, there's going to be something amiss with the information they disseminate.

It took me a long time to figure this out. I grew up with a TV glowing brightly in my living room every night. In fact, there was a smaller one glowing in our kitchen too as we sat and ate supper. Being counted amongst the youngest, I didn't have much say in what we watched. I did, however, pretty much believe that what was said on the news was truth. I was just a kid, after all, and my teachers at school told me we had the freest, most honest press in the world and every other country's news media was a tool of the state to keep the people of that country misinformed.

I guess that's where we really learn to drink the Kool-Aid, isn't it? I guess we really learn to trust authority figures while we're all still very young and more or less helpless. That's when we learn our country is the greatest, that we are free people, that we have the best, most honest, most trustworthy government institutions ever created in the entire history of mankind. Of course we believe what we are told. The teachers are saying so, and we have the best school system anywhere in the whole universe. Besides, at that tender age it is most important that we feel special. Being told he is part of the best system ever makes one feel special. It never occurred to me that Russian or Chinese school children may have been taught the same thing at the time.

It's really something that the whole drinking Kool-Aid meme came from the Jonestown event. There was much disinformation that was reported. I discovered after the event that it was quite mischaracterized by the media. About 200 children died during that event. Many of the people that were said to have drunk the Kool-Aid were actually found with bullets in their heads. These people weren't all the mindless zombies brainwashed by Jim Jones as the media would have you believe, they were scared men and women who wanted to get themselves and their children out of that situation but were too frightened and too entangled to do so. This event was one of the events that made me realize just how much Kool-Aid the establishment media serves up.

Who's drinking the Kool-Aid today? In my opinion, it's anyone who listens to the mainstream corporate news media and trusts in them. It's anyone who trusts in the federal government to do the right thing. It's anyone who believes the federal government's version of events in the world. It's anyone who thinks that certain government factions wouldn't contrive and carry out false flag terrorism events to get what they want. It's anyone who thinks that the privately owned central bank of this nation cares about the economy and the people it affects above its own interests. These are the people that have drank the Kool-Aid, and their denial of reality threatens at least their way of life, if not their very existence. These are the people that are likely to suffer the most and be taken most by surprise when the hammer finally falls.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Government, Banks, Monopoly Privilege and Lack of Accountability

When you talk to people, even the statists in this world, there are many that will agree that there is a huge problem in government when it comes to accountability. The problem stems from the monopoly privilege granted to government agencies. That privilege is the monopoly on legalized force and the claim of legitimacy to use it. Using this claim, agents of the government can more or less do as they want, when they want. Should they be caught doing something considered illegal, they will often claim immunity. While this does not always work, it certainly seems to me that it works a very high percentage of the time. Government agents more often than not get away with their abuses of trust and power.

The monopoly privileges don´t stop at the doorstep of government. There are many other organizations that have secured such privileges. The most egregious of these is the central bank of a nation. In the United States of America, this would be equivalent to the Federal Reserve System. This is quite possibly the most abusive central bank ever. It curried favor with the political elite of this nation way back in the early part of the last century and has since worked to draw all the real wealth of the nation to its owners and undermine the stability of the economy and the nation as it slowly sacrifices the very currency it was entrusted to protect.

So, the question becomes, what can be done to hold these institutions accountable? Obviously, "voting the bums out" has not worked. They count the votes and control the electoral process. No wonder they don't seem to listen to their constituents. Obviously, giving the banks more power and influence over the economy has not worked. They regulate their competition out of business and bail their selves out with money created from nothing. It is up to us to hold these entities accountable. It is up to us to stop relying on the politicians. They aren't going to do what's right, they are going to do what benefits their selves, their families and their friends. It is time we started relying on ourselves.

How can we regain self reliance? I believe there are more ways to do that than one can shake the proverbial stick at. I'm not certain which ways will work and which ways won't, or which ways will work for you and which ways won't, but there are certain things that can be tried. First off, the monopoly needs to be broken. As long as there is a monopoly, those working for the monopoly know they don't have to work that hard to provide good costumer service. They know you have no choice. So, it becomes a matter of having more options to choose from.

Allowing for alternative currencies is one way to hold banks accountable. Of course that takes state cooperation. Legal tender laws would have to be repealed. Personally, I think that legal tender laws should be repealed. As a business, I shouldn't be forced to take some piece of paper in exchange for a product or service if I didn't want to take that particular piece of paper, but if I don't take FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes) in this nation I can be arrested.

The point is, I doubt very much that legal tender laws are going to be repealed anytime soon unless there's a quantum shift in the way people view such laws. Even then, it will be very difficult to get the politicians to do the right thing, especially if they are getting money and power from the very institutions that need to be reigned in. In order to create the quantum shift, regular, everyday people are going to have to get involved. Those who can need to start setting up alternative currency systems and others are going to have to start using such systems.

Once the political and banking classes are left out of the loop, they suddenly sit up and start to take notice. The strange thing is, it really doesn't take much for them to notice. Take the example of the Liberty Dollar. Even though the total amount of liberty dollars confiscated by the government was mere millions, it's growing popularity was enough of a threat to the Federal Reserve monopoly that they felt they needed to put an end to it and send a message to anyone who would try to use precious metals as an alternative to their money. They certainly don't want a growing, thriving underground economy going on when they're not getting a piece of it.

I'm not an advocate of the gold standard, or even a silver or copper standard. I'm not an advocate of government issued paper money either, but any of those things would be better than what we have. At least if the government issued interest free money we wouldn't have a national debt to pay off. At least if we had some sort of standard based on an actual commodity rather than debt we'd have some kind of check on uncontrolled borrowing and run away inflation. The problem with all those systems is that they all maintain a monopoly on currency creation. When there is such a monopoly someone will always learn to play the system, so to speak, they will always find a way to manipulate the system to their benefit and the detriment of most everyone else. There will always be people who will be able to use such monopolies to their own benefit and will remain unaccountable because of their monopoly power.

Another obstacle to holding the banksters accountable is the practice of fractional reserve banking. This practice allows those with the money to create debt that is ten times more, and higher, than the amount of money actually available. It ensures that debt will never be paid off. Think about indebtedness for a second. Is it not akin to slavery? Does it not give people a certain leverage over you? As we have seen recently, the banksters have used it to threaten us with economic ruin if they did not get bailed out and paid off. They are completely unaccountable for their mistakes.

Fractional reserve banking is fraudulent, in my opinion, and obviously so. Threats of economic ruin are little different than threats from the mafia to a small businessman that refuses to pay his protection money. These folks should be held accountable for their fraudulent and extortionist practices. The problem is, the courts are another government monopoly and the government is owned by the banksters and their corporate companions. They are not going to hold themselves accountable. They are not going to prosecute themselves. The best we'll get is a "oops, my bad. Too bad, so sad" and they walk away with all the wealth, power and influence.

Holding government officials and agents accountable might be even more difficult than holding the central bankers accountable. They are granted the privilege of something called immunity. Even though for many it's supposed to be limited immunity in many cases the sky is the limit. For instance, a law enforcement officer who does something wrong might have his department sued successfully, but he won't have to pay one dime to his victim(s) from his pocket. Instead, the tax payers he's supposed to serve are left holding the bag. It's that kind of unaccountability that angers people.

While it might be a little more difficult to break up the monopoly of "legitimate" force the government enjoys than it would be to allow competition in currency, we can at least demand the repeal of immunity laws. No government official or agent of the state should be allowed immunity to wrong doing. I would personally like to see citizen courts set up which adhere to common law and present legal cases vigorously by both defense and prosecution even if the government official or agent refuses to take part. Sometimes, just exposure and shining the light on corruption is enough to shame these people into changing their behavior for the better.

Holding these people and institutions accountable is not going to be an easy endeavor. They have spent decades erecting the systems that protect them. They are not going to give up their power and privilege easily. They have no problem using force and will even resort to murder and assassination if they feel their privileges are threatened, let alone if they think they might end up in prison. It is important to first remove the aura of legitimacy that they emit. Fortunately, this seems to be happening. The obvious injustice and abuse of the bailouts may have been a step too far. People are learning and accepting the corruption. People are standing up and saying no more. Moving forward, the collapse of the facade of legitimacy the privileged elite has built might come sooner and faster than one would imagine so long as we continue to work toward this goal.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Price for Ignoring Ron Paul

So, I've been writing about Ron Paul a lot lately. Well, there's not a lot being said about him on the establishment media who decided long ago to ignore him, so I figure why not write about him? He's drawing large crowds at rallies. He's getting lots of delegates to bring with him to the Republican convention. He has, in fact, won more delegates than any other candidate from some of the caucus states where the vote was just a poll, nothing more, and it's the delegates that matter. That's news worthy. Since the establishment media is determined to keep things hidden from the general public, it's up to little under read and mostly ignored bloggers like me to report on him.

Think about this for a minute. What happens if Ron Paul gets the most delegates even after all the primaries and caucuses have been held and the votes have been flipped, er, I mean counted, and the fraud has been finalized, er, I mean Mitt Romney has been declared the winner? How is that going to reflect upon the establishment media? Will people actually begin to realize that they've been toyed with? Will they wonder how the media could have missed such an important story? Will they finally get the hint and stop paying attention to the media altogether and find some more trustworthy, accurate sources to get their information from? Well, I don't know. I'll say this, I think whatever the RNC decides to do, it will be really tough to keep it out of the news.

There is the possibility that they will change the rules at the last minute. That's my guess at how they will try to keep Ron Paul out of the spotlight. If he brings more delegates, or even enough to cause a brokered convention, they'll call foul and say the democratic process was compromised and the popular vote should be what matters. Then he'll make the claim that his campaign was merely following the rules set down before hand by the Republican Party. If the rules change at that point so that delegates have no choice but to vote for Romney, I hope Ron Paul's campaign brings out the accusations and evidence of election fraud. Wouldn't the media look stupid if they didn't cover that?

They could try to keep him out of the convention like they did in 2008. They could try to smear him. They could try to spin his popularity. They could try to appeal to the masses of Ron Paul delegates and supporters to band together and back the Mittster so Obama can be at last be defeated along with his socialist agenda. I got news for the Republicans, it's not the socialist agenda that people should worry about, it's the globalist agenda, and Mitt Romney is just as much a socialist and a globalist as Obama, maybe more so. It's the devil you know versus the devil you don't, and Mitt is the devil we don't know this time around. It's either Ron Paul as the Republcan candidate, or four more years of Mr. Soetoro.

It's interesting to wonder what would happen if Ron Paul ran third party. The Republicans would claim he "took" votes away from Romney and helped Obama win the election. But then, he's just as likely to take votes away from the Obama crowd, after all, he is the only true peace candidate out there. Besides, Democrats aren't stupid. They know when they're being played. I bet Ron Paul could win running as an independent, if the vote was counted honestly. Oh, there's that election fraud thing again. Just another little story the establishment media decides to ignore. I guess that's another reason I have to do the job they're supposed to be doing. Maybe if these over paid pundits would actually do some digging and some real thinking and stop chirping the song those at the top tell them to sing, the general public would actually get some decent information. But, they'd probably get fired for that so they sit in their gilded cages chirping away.

What price is the media going to pay for ignoring Ron Paul? Will they lose viewers and readership? They are already doing so due to not only the convenience of the Internet, but the quality of the information that can be found there. Will the establishment media continue to bleed away customers as they are shown to be even more manipulated than imagined? Will they pay a price at all, or will the ruling elite be successful in their attempts to put the Internet genie back in the bottle, so to speak? Will the chilling effect the feds are trying to put on free speech with their Internet censorship bills (disguised as Internet security bills) work? Will there be an establishment media bailout? Or will that be a step too far for too many people for them to get away with such measures?

Perhaps more importantly, what price will the people of the United States pay for ignoring Ron Paul? It's good that so many have woken up to his message, or are at least curious about it, but there are still so many who are misinformed or don't understand and don't care to try to find out. This is understandable as so many people lead busy lives and don't even want to pay attention to politics. They seem to think that politics has nothing to do with them or their lives. What they may not understand is that politics is intruding upon their lives, more so every day that goes by where these control freaks in Washington, DC remain in power and assert more and more influence on the smallest details of everyday living.

It is Ron Paul who advocates removing the burden of intrusiveness of government from the backs of the American people. The other candidates may talk a good game, they may promise changes to accomplish more freedom, but their records suggest they will do the opposite. Their records suggest they will heap more government burden atop the already over burdened private sector. When was the last time you heard of a federal law being repealed? I remember learning something about December 5, 1933, when alcohol prohibition was finally repealed after much loss of life and treasure. Meanwhile other prohibitions have taken the place of alcohol, but perhaps too many of us are too drunk to care about those. As long as you are allowed your drug of choice, why should you care about anyone else's?

Let's consider some more of the possible costs for ignoring Ron Paul. It could cost us our national sovereignty. We could be relegated to being subject to an armed world government with centralized powers. A little far fetched maybe? Well, Obama has already started one war without consulting congress because the United Nations asked him to. Many people supported him. With that kind of precedent, how long until our government is following United Nations' mandates without question? It is a slow process, this global agenda, and both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney are globalists, in my opinion.

The price we pay could be trillions of dollars more than the taxpayers of this nation have already been fleeced for. We complain about bailing out the huge corporations, but we do little to nothing about it. Oh, we latch onto someone who promises change, and delivers it to us. Only it was change in the opposite direction that it was supposed to go. We get more wars, not peace, more bailouts, not none nor payback, more government intrusion on our lives, not less. Both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney are working for the banks, especially the elite central banks, not against them. Only Ron Paul has proven his tenacity when it comes to bringing accountability to the most influential of all institutions, the Federal Reserve. Either of those other two guys are going to just keep the fraud going and the money flowing to the top for another four years. They are trying to suck the economic body completely dry of its fluid currency. Only Dr. Paul addresses this fact and ignoring him could cost us our current currency.

The greatest price we might pay could be our freedoms. This is equivalent to our very nation. I remember in 2008, all the press about how George W. Bush was shredding our constitution. I remember certain Barrack Obama pundits celebrating in part because Mr. Obama was going to honor the Constitution. Well, three years later, I think we know better. Mr. Obama has not asked to repeal one overbearing, constitution shredding law. In fact, he has signed several more. As the feds decide to legalize violations of each of our precious individual rights, the nation looks more and more like an authoritarian, police state dictatorship. Either of the other two will keep this trend going. Only Ron Paul honors the Constitution. Can we afford another four years of having our rights tread upon? If so, what kind of a nation will we have in 2016? What kind of a nation will our grand children live in? Will they live in fear with limited choice, or will they have the opportunities that freedom provides to better themselves?

Ron Paul cannot be ignored. His message can't be ignored. His supporters can't be ignored. There are simply too many of them. His message is simply too important. Try as they might, the power elite are not going to be able to hide his importance much longer. You can't cap a volcano and expect it to not erupt somewhere else. Freedom is ready to erupt into our cultural awareness. It is ready to flow into our society. It is ready to be reborn as a worldwide phenomenon. I only hope it is allowed to do so in a peaceful rather than a violent manner.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who are the (Anti-Ron Paul) Trolls?

A troll was, at one time, a nasty menace that sat under bridges waiting to eat little goats that may come along, or little children, depending on who's telling the story. They would goad the creatures they sought to munch upon with jibes and insults. In the modern vernacular, the troll has become the hidden menace lurking around blogs waiting for someone to write something they feel they can discredit, usually by insults and barbs rather than by reason and persuasion. They are an ugly creature which unfortunately infest many a blog and can turn a pleasant forum full of reasonable discussion into the cyber equivalent of a shouting match.

I have been writing about Ron Paul since 2008. Back then I didn't have my own website, but several different sites picked up my work. They didn't have much in the way of comment sections at the time, or not too many people used them, so any comments I saw were mostly emailed to me. Most people just wanted to express gratitude for reporting on Ron Paul in a way that didn't spin him as some crazy loon. Any people that did want to make derisive remarks would usually repost the story in a forum where they could do so along with their neo-con buddies. I can understand that. People of like minds, birds of a feather, and all that you know. Those posts would get ugly and the trolls in those forums were actually Ron Paul supporters who were often rhetorically attacked in a very vicious and vitriolic manner. As for me, I didn't really have to worry about trolls.

I did do an article on Best Buy, however, where I complained about their gift card policy. I became suddenly inundated with emails. About half of them were gracious and told of their problems with customer service at Best Buy, but the other half were very juvenile in nature in which my personal integrity and intelligence were brought into question. This prompted me to write a second article where I revealed the nature of the emails. I don't know if it's fair to call these people trolls because they used email rather than posting on blogs or forums, but the effect is basically the same. So I guess I do have a little experience with trolls.

I wondered who would be emailing me such insulting emails. I also wondered what they thought they'd accomplish. I was told by a couple of people that the emailers probably worked for Best Buy. I was told that there were people whose job it was to do such things. I really can't say if that's true. If it is, I imagine they were trying to intimidate me into silence with their rhetorical abuse, but it had the opposite effect. As I stated above, I wrote a second article because of the emails. I never looked any further into the matter, as I was not driven to do so, but the theory made sense to me. Perhaps they were loyal costumers, but I don't think it's likely. I don't know that a customer would really care whether I ever shopped at the store again or not, nor would I think one would take the time to email me in such an abusive manner.

Well, times have changed. I have my own website now and I welcome comments. I don't get many, but I let anyone that wants to have their say. I only delete comments that are obvious spam or advertisements and nothing more. Recently, I wrote an article on Ron Paul and actually got a few comments, to my delight. I even got a comment telling me why everyone hates Ron Paul and then one from the same person insulting me, also to my delight. It becomes apparent to me that I must be doing something right to get such a response from someone. I must be hitting a nerve somewhere. So I thought, "Who is this person that he would take the precious time from his busy day to make such a comment?"

Who are the trolls? Are they just kids with nothing better to do? Are they simply going along and reading things just so they can be contrary? Are they genuine? Do they really get so emotional about issues that they feel the necessity to write such nastiness? In the case of Ron Paul, are they supporters of another candidate? That I can understand. If they want to argue their case for another candidate, that's fine. It's when they get abusive and resort to name calling because someone disagrees I think their true colors show. Logical arguments for statism oft times crash like waves against the rock of the freedom position, and so those arguing from the collectivist point of view will have to resort to emotional tantrums to make their points.

To be fair, I've seen Ron Paul supporters also resort to name calling. I wish they wouldn't do that, there are better ways to persuade, but to each his own. But Ron Paul supporters wear their hearts on their sleeve. You know who they are. Most of them are just regular folk. Recently many of them are the young folk who don't want a crushing debt burden on their shoulders. Usually you know who the supporters of other specific candidates are. Newt, Rick and Mitt all have their own following and many of them are proud to support their candidates. There's nothing wrong with that. But who are these trolls who hide behind anonymous, guest, or names that are difficult to decipher? Who are they that just come out of nowhere, insult and abuse, and then disappear? What are they trying to accomplish?

Are they establishment agents? Are they spies for the corporate elite? Are they spooks of the alphabet agencies? Maybe they just want us to know that they're out there, watching. I know, that sounds like paranoid conspiracy theory crap, but I'm just asking the questions. I'm not afraid to open my mind to any possibility. I don't discredit any theory unless I know something for certain. I suppose some of trolls can be as described. Others might be like those talked about earlier, kids just making trouble or emotional people looking for an outlet. Why shouldn't it be a mix? Seems to me that's the most likely. I really don't know. I don't know how to find out. Even if I did, I don't know if I'd want to take the time to do so.

Whoever these trolls are, as long as they keep their activity to talking trash, it's no big deal. Whatever they're trying to accomplish, I don't think it's working, unless they're just blowing off steam. If they're trying to shut us up, that's not working. As you can see, it just succeeded in getting me to write another article. Thank you, troll, for making this op/ed piece possible.

As long as there is freedom of speech in this country, I will continue to offer my opinion as I see fit. As long as I have protections against government intrusion upon my freedom to express myself, I will continue to point out the flaws I see in establishment institutions. If those natural, individual rights are ever threatened by government agents, I will do my best to do the same from the proverbial underground. If the proponents of freedom and peace are ever rounded up and thrown in prison for their point of view, I will endeavor to remain free and keep speaking out against tyranny. After all, isn't that what a good American is supposed to do? Isn't liberty and individual freedom what this nation is supposed to be about?

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The wait is finally over. I am overjoyed to announce that, after 16 years, "The Legacy of the Tareks; book 2 of The Black Blade Trilogy," has finally been released as an ebook. Get yours today! For those of you who have not yet read "The Colors of Elberia; book 1 of The Black Blade trilogy" it is still available at smashwords. Here is a list of my works by Matthew Wayne at different web retailers for your convenience. "The Edge of Sanity" at smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Diesel. "The Ouijiers" at smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Diesel. Here are links to my book "The Blessings of Freedom, Creating Prosperity in the 21st Century" serialized version: Chapter 1. Chapter 2 and chapters 3 and 4. I thank you for your support.