Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Price for Ignoring Ron Paul

So, I've been writing about Ron Paul a lot lately. Well, there's not a lot being said about him on the establishment media who decided long ago to ignore him, so I figure why not write about him? He's drawing large crowds at rallies. He's getting lots of delegates to bring with him to the Republican convention. He has, in fact, won more delegates than any other candidate from some of the caucus states where the vote was just a poll, nothing more, and it's the delegates that matter. That's news worthy. Since the establishment media is determined to keep things hidden from the general public, it's up to little under read and mostly ignored bloggers like me to report on him.

Think about this for a minute. What happens if Ron Paul gets the most delegates even after all the primaries and caucuses have been held and the votes have been flipped, er, I mean counted, and the fraud has been finalized, er, I mean Mitt Romney has been declared the winner? How is that going to reflect upon the establishment media? Will people actually begin to realize that they've been toyed with? Will they wonder how the media could have missed such an important story? Will they finally get the hint and stop paying attention to the media altogether and find some more trustworthy, accurate sources to get their information from? Well, I don't know. I'll say this, I think whatever the RNC decides to do, it will be really tough to keep it out of the news.

There is the possibility that they will change the rules at the last minute. That's my guess at how they will try to keep Ron Paul out of the spotlight. If he brings more delegates, or even enough to cause a brokered convention, they'll call foul and say the democratic process was compromised and the popular vote should be what matters. Then he'll make the claim that his campaign was merely following the rules set down before hand by the Republican Party. If the rules change at that point so that delegates have no choice but to vote for Romney, I hope Ron Paul's campaign brings out the accusations and evidence of election fraud. Wouldn't the media look stupid if they didn't cover that?

They could try to keep him out of the convention like they did in 2008. They could try to smear him. They could try to spin his popularity. They could try to appeal to the masses of Ron Paul delegates and supporters to band together and back the Mittster so Obama can be at last be defeated along with his socialist agenda. I got news for the Republicans, it's not the socialist agenda that people should worry about, it's the globalist agenda, and Mitt Romney is just as much a socialist and a globalist as Obama, maybe more so. It's the devil you know versus the devil you don't, and Mitt is the devil we don't know this time around. It's either Ron Paul as the Republcan candidate, or four more years of Mr. Soetoro.

It's interesting to wonder what would happen if Ron Paul ran third party. The Republicans would claim he "took" votes away from Romney and helped Obama win the election. But then, he's just as likely to take votes away from the Obama crowd, after all, he is the only true peace candidate out there. Besides, Democrats aren't stupid. They know when they're being played. I bet Ron Paul could win running as an independent, if the vote was counted honestly. Oh, there's that election fraud thing again. Just another little story the establishment media decides to ignore. I guess that's another reason I have to do the job they're supposed to be doing. Maybe if these over paid pundits would actually do some digging and some real thinking and stop chirping the song those at the top tell them to sing, the general public would actually get some decent information. But, they'd probably get fired for that so they sit in their gilded cages chirping away.

What price is the media going to pay for ignoring Ron Paul? Will they lose viewers and readership? They are already doing so due to not only the convenience of the Internet, but the quality of the information that can be found there. Will the establishment media continue to bleed away customers as they are shown to be even more manipulated than imagined? Will they pay a price at all, or will the ruling elite be successful in their attempts to put the Internet genie back in the bottle, so to speak? Will the chilling effect the feds are trying to put on free speech with their Internet censorship bills (disguised as Internet security bills) work? Will there be an establishment media bailout? Or will that be a step too far for too many people for them to get away with such measures?

Perhaps more importantly, what price will the people of the United States pay for ignoring Ron Paul? It's good that so many have woken up to his message, or are at least curious about it, but there are still so many who are misinformed or don't understand and don't care to try to find out. This is understandable as so many people lead busy lives and don't even want to pay attention to politics. They seem to think that politics has nothing to do with them or their lives. What they may not understand is that politics is intruding upon their lives, more so every day that goes by where these control freaks in Washington, DC remain in power and assert more and more influence on the smallest details of everyday living.

It is Ron Paul who advocates removing the burden of intrusiveness of government from the backs of the American people. The other candidates may talk a good game, they may promise changes to accomplish more freedom, but their records suggest they will do the opposite. Their records suggest they will heap more government burden atop the already over burdened private sector. When was the last time you heard of a federal law being repealed? I remember learning something about December 5, 1933, when alcohol prohibition was finally repealed after much loss of life and treasure. Meanwhile other prohibitions have taken the place of alcohol, but perhaps too many of us are too drunk to care about those. As long as you are allowed your drug of choice, why should you care about anyone else's?

Let's consider some more of the possible costs for ignoring Ron Paul. It could cost us our national sovereignty. We could be relegated to being subject to an armed world government with centralized powers. A little far fetched maybe? Well, Obama has already started one war without consulting congress because the United Nations asked him to. Many people supported him. With that kind of precedent, how long until our government is following United Nations' mandates without question? It is a slow process, this global agenda, and both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney are globalists, in my opinion.

The price we pay could be trillions of dollars more than the taxpayers of this nation have already been fleeced for. We complain about bailing out the huge corporations, but we do little to nothing about it. Oh, we latch onto someone who promises change, and delivers it to us. Only it was change in the opposite direction that it was supposed to go. We get more wars, not peace, more bailouts, not none nor payback, more government intrusion on our lives, not less. Both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney are working for the banks, especially the elite central banks, not against them. Only Ron Paul has proven his tenacity when it comes to bringing accountability to the most influential of all institutions, the Federal Reserve. Either of those other two guys are going to just keep the fraud going and the money flowing to the top for another four years. They are trying to suck the economic body completely dry of its fluid currency. Only Dr. Paul addresses this fact and ignoring him could cost us our current currency.

The greatest price we might pay could be our freedoms. This is equivalent to our very nation. I remember in 2008, all the press about how George W. Bush was shredding our constitution. I remember certain Barrack Obama pundits celebrating in part because Mr. Obama was going to honor the Constitution. Well, three years later, I think we know better. Mr. Obama has not asked to repeal one overbearing, constitution shredding law. In fact, he has signed several more. As the feds decide to legalize violations of each of our precious individual rights, the nation looks more and more like an authoritarian, police state dictatorship. Either of the other two will keep this trend going. Only Ron Paul honors the Constitution. Can we afford another four years of having our rights tread upon? If so, what kind of a nation will we have in 2016? What kind of a nation will our grand children live in? Will they live in fear with limited choice, or will they have the opportunities that freedom provides to better themselves?

Ron Paul cannot be ignored. His message can't be ignored. His supporters can't be ignored. There are simply too many of them. His message is simply too important. Try as they might, the power elite are not going to be able to hide his importance much longer. You can't cap a volcano and expect it to not erupt somewhere else. Freedom is ready to erupt into our cultural awareness. It is ready to flow into our society. It is ready to be reborn as a worldwide phenomenon. I only hope it is allowed to do so in a peaceful rather than a violent manner.

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