Friday, May 25, 2012

Who are the Demons, Where are the Angels?

Well, I was going to make this a nice and fluffy piece. I was going to explain that the demons are you and I. I was going to make the statement that the angels are in our mirrors. The decisions you make in your life tell you what side you fall upon. You can be both a demon and an angel and change within minutes. While all that's true, there's more to it than that. Of course we're both. Of course we can create our own Heaven or our own Hell right here on Earth. That's part of being human. But I believe there are real angels and real demons living amongst us. I believe that some of them are even pretending to be humans.

The creatures I speak of are spiritual in nature more than material. What we seem to forget is that so are we. I believe that demons are a force for darkness and evil and angels are a force for goodness and light. These forces have intelligence, but they don't necessarily have physical form, though I believe they can inhabit physical forms. I believe that they operate on a different plane of existence, but that they can affect this plane and will do so often, especially if asked to.

To better understand where I'm coming from, I feel it best I define what I believe evil and goodness, darkness and light to be. I believe that evil is anything that devalues life, especially human life. I believe it is anything that brings planned chaos, destruction and mayhem to this world, especially in such a way as to benefit those who planned such events at the cost of adversely affecting innocent lives. I believe it is anything that would enslave humanity, that would create the dependence of many upon the few. I believe darkness to be the veiling of knowledge to keep it hidden from others for the benefit of the few. I believe it to be the creation of illusion for the purpose of defrauding mankind, taking its true wealth and usurping its true power.

Conversely, I believe goodness to be anything that adds value to life, especially human life. I believe it is anything that elevates and elates humankind. I believe it is anything that allows the individual to determine his own successes and failures, his own place in the universe. I believe it is anything that will allow the individual to become the best he can possibly be, and therefore allow him to help others become the best they can possibly be. I believe it to be anything that elevates individuals to become free and independent. I believe light to be anything that unveils knowledge for all to the benefit of all, that exposes secrets and makes transparent the inner workings of powerful institutions. I believe it to be anything that would shatter illusions to allow opportunity for all to grow and obtain personal wealth and power.

So, who are the demons? I believe they are those who set up the Federal Reserve system and other central banks around the world. I believe these men and women of finance are defrauding the entire population of the world. I'm not saying that everyone involved with these institutions are demons, but those at the top who truly understand how these systems operate are. They wallow in the wealth they've stolen from hard working men and women who wanted nothing more than opportunity to earn their own property and a better life for their progeny and were roped into indebtedness by a system designed to crash and lose value. They take real wealth and real property from those who have worked hard to earn it by creating currency from nothing, seemingly by magic, inflating the currency supply, and then hoarding the supply of cash so that those who need it must sell at deflated prices. They cause great harm by creating great instability.

The demons are also those who empower the financial elite. They are the politicians, lobbyists and bureaucrats who create laws that protect and enhance the monopoly powers of the central banks. Certainly not every politician who votes for these laws is a demon, many likely don't even understand what they are voting for. Many are likely just well meaning dupes. I suppose those types could be called lesser demons or foot soldiers in the army of darkness. But those that write these bills understand very well what they are creating. Those who create fiat systems, legal tender laws and fractional reserve policies are well aware of the history of currency (or at least they should be) and are most likely very well paid by the demons and cooperate with them fully.

Demons also inhabit the judicial system. They are the judges that deny the usury that exists. They are the judges that turn a blind eye to the fraudulent nature and blatant theft inherent in the system. They are the judges that protect the system rather than the individuals who are harmed by the system. I would say that they are the enforcers who consider the law to be holy and above reproach even when such law is obviously harmful to humankind, but the command and control structure of the system seems able to discard any enforcer with the ability to think for their self and keeps only the most obedient that will not question orders. I wouldn't say they were demons, just selective humans who cannot see or understand the harm they cause.

There are demons in the corporate structure. These are the ones who put profit above all else. They are the ones that push their "medicine" over proven natural cures. They are the ones that invade the crops with their genetically modified organisms that have been proven harmful. They are the ones that lie about, cover up and hide the test results of such drugs and organisms. They are the ones that create terminator seeds in an effort to keep the farmer dependent and enslaved. They are the ones that hide alternative energy sources through patent laws to keep their cartels profitable. They are the ones who abandoned well established, neighborly, compassionate, good labor practices to move to places where they can destroy the environment and treat people like livestock for the sake of a slip of paper with a portrait of some president or tyrant printed upon it. These demons devalue the most precious resource this planet has to offer, human life.

The demons always seem to rise to the top. I don't know if they inhabit the body in order to propel it to the top without conscience, or if they wait for the conscientious to make it to the top and then inhabit the body, but they always seem to get to the top somehow. Once they are empowered, they use that power to make themselves unaccountable. They use that power to gain more wealth and power. They use that power to create their own little fiefdoms where they are lords and everyone else are vassals to serve them. They do so for self aggrandizement without regard to human dignity nor the harm caused to others. Many times they do so while masquerading as someone who cares, as some kind of philanthropist or for some supposed philanthropic reason, which is perhaps the most demonic ruse of all. They seem to love being worshipped above all else.

So it might appear that demons have taken over some of the most powerful positions in the world. They sit there and smirk as humanity stands on the brink looking to plunge into an economic abyss. These financial demons rub their hands and lick their chops as they think about all the human misery and despair waiting to be served up for them to feed upon. So, where are the angels? Where are the spiritual beings that are supposed to be sent to protect humanity from such forces? Where are the financial bringers of light that can stop this folly, arrest the demons and prevent a mad dash to the bottom? The truth is, I don't know. I can see the demons, so I would assume the angels are somewhere. I have no idea where they are hiding or when they plan on making their appearance.

I'm not certain exactly how angels are supposed to act or react. I'm not certain what rules and regulations they have to adhere to. I'm not one of the fortunate with the ability to communicate with them and if I was I'd still question whether or not they were truly angelic beings or just mere illusions or my imagination. I suppose that like many other things in life one would have to trust one's heart and intuition if such communication was taking place. It is my understanding, however, that angels will help if asked.

Perhaps not enough of us are asking for their help. Perhaps too many still don't realize that we may need some kind of divine intervention here. It's sad to think that not enough people can see the warning signs soon enough and so many may end up in dire straits before the angels are called. Perhaps they've already acted in some way I don't know or understand. There have been many strange events happening lately that remain unexplained or the explanations have been questionable. We don't always know all the forces that are acting upon us and upon this world.

Perhaps they're just waiting to see what we will do. Perhaps they're waiting for the people to wake up. Perhaps they're waiting for us to choose sides. Maybe they think we should be able to handle these demons by ourselves. Some of us do, occasionally, need to confront their own demons in their private lives. Perhaps we also must, at some point in time, confront the demons that affect all humankind. Even if there are some of us who are inhabited by angels, or somehow have contact with financial angels that are meant to fight and confront the financial demons, perhaps we shouldn't depend on them to come to our aid. I believe we should ask them for their help, there's no harm in that and prayer can be a powerful balm, but we shouldn't just ask and then wait. We should take action even before an answer is manifest. We should prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

We are powerful beings. We have the ability to defeat these demons and cast them down. They can be arrested. They can be stopped. Their system can be dismantled and replaced. We are many, they are few. We can all help each other through rough times rather than struggling against one another as the demons would like to see. Perhaps the angels simply want to see if we're spiritually strong enough yet to overcome our demons on our own. Perhaps they're simply waiting for a show of strength and that will be enough. It has been said that God helps those who help themselves, perhaps the same is true of angels.

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