Thursday, December 27, 2012

Skepticism and the New World Order Conspiracy

I think skepticism is a good thing, a very good thing. There is nothing wrong with being skeptical and it can in many cases prevent one from being suckered into some big con or lie. Skepticism, however, can also be a very effective tool to keep the truth hidden from people. It can be used to prevent people from even wanting to know the truth, especially when presented by some very clever propagandist in a way that ridicules others. No one wants to be ridiculed and so when some "respected" source ridicules those who make some "fantastic" claim others quickly learn to keep their mouths shut and not question authority. Skepticism based on emotion or opinion is not skepticism, it is a simple choice to believe one thing or source over another. Sometimes the mind can't imagine that the incredible could be reality and so one tends to disbelieve based on that fact alone.

When an individual wants to believe something, or doesn't want to believe something else, it becomes much easier to convince that person of the perception he wants to be true. Let's take, for instance, the fantastic. Let's look at the example of UFOs. There was a time in the distant past when if someone saw a UFO most people would just take their word for it and it would remain a mystery. There are very old newspaper accounts which report such sightings in a matter of fact tone and don't question the voracity of the event. Later, there came a time when perhaps most people would laugh at anyone who claimed to see a UFO and call them crazy. How did such a turn around take place? Well, through well placed skepticism of course, and the manipulation of whether most individuals want to believe or not.

A better example is the Kennedy assassination. Here is perhaps the best documented example of skepticism for manipulation purposes. Immediately following this coup that ended up solidifying the rule of the elite hidden powers, the pieces were put in place to ensure a successful cover up and to prevent the American populace from asking too many pertinent questions or receiving too many honest answers. Back then, the "skeptics" claimed a lone nutcase assassinated JFK and anyone who disagreed with them and the official story was shamed, ridiculed, ostracized, labeled crazy, and otherwise minimized so their opinions would not be taken seriously. Some credible witnesses may even have been killed to silence them. Today, after considering all the available information to the contrary, anyone who still believes there was no conspiracy to assassinate JFK planned amongst some very powerful people is in a state of denial.

Conspiracies have happened. In fact, history is replete with them. They do happen. They are happening now. They will continue to happen in the future. It would behoove the conspirators, the elite who wish to implement their agenda of creating a one world authoritarian government, to keep the masses of humanity from believing that such conspiracies can even be conceived. Why? Because if the masses of humanity knew what they were up to, they'd be angry and they'd be able to put a stop to it.

So it is that the New World Order can operate right under our noses. So it is that an authoritarian, collectivist, one world governing body can be formed and no one does anything about it. So it is that a centralized power can be formed that holds influence over all westernized governments and many would welcome and even applaud it despite the fact that such a system is antithetical to the western values of individual freedom and liberty. So it is that a system of control, as it were, can be set up to control all economic activity, and can even be turned on the masses of humanity to invoke a police state or even "population control" in the name of mother earth or some other ethical sounding purpose if the ruling elite deem it necessary to do so.

This is the nature of the conspiracy against the common folk. Most of us don't want to believe it. It is therefore easy to convince people it is not true. It is easy to convince them to disbelieve anyone who would say it was true. It is easy to convince them that anyone who believes in such conspiracy theories must be crazy or paranoid. It is easy to get people to laugh at, or shame, or ridicule, or otherwise minimize anyone who would try to warn them about approaching tyranny that could lead to human calamity. It is difficult to get people engaging in such ostracism to look at the evidence presented by such grim prophets. People seem to want to believe that such things could never happen in their country, to them, or to those they know, that their government could never engage in such heinous activity, and so they remain skeptical in the face of criminality that would make the mob blush and make excuses for government officials as the iron fist of an authoritarian regime tightens its grip on the western world.

People want to believe that government knows best. That it is there to take care of them, to make sure bad people don't do bad things to them. They want to believe that government is like a loving parent protecting its children. But there are bad parents out there. There are parents that don't love or care about their children. And there are governments that don't love or care about their people. And they will set siblings against each other. They will use the promise of endearing one over the other to entice fealty to their cause. Such fealty has oft times proved ill placed.

You can continue to remain skeptical of the one world collectivist government conspiracy if you like. You can continue to ignore history. You can continue to turn a blind eye to the rampant collectivist philosophies and thought processes that pervade our own government right here in the United States. You can continue to listen to and believe government sources and their mainstream media propaganda and march in time with their drumbeat. You can be the best sheeple they want you to be. Just remember that you do so at your own peril. I choose to be skeptical of the official sources. I choose to be skeptical of those who are supposedly in charge. I choose to let them know that I am not fooled by their deceptions. I choose to deny them my consent.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

School Shootings and Self Defense

There was another tragic event that took place on Friday, December 14th, 2012 in Newtown Connecticut. A young man killed his mother and then proceeded to a nearby school where he shot and killed more than two dozen people, most of them very young children. My heart goes out to the parents of those children who fell victim to this senseless violence. As a parent myself, I can't even begin to imagine the pain they must feel. No one should have to go through such an ordeal. Words seem to be woefully lacking when trying to offer comfort in a situation such as this, but one can only try as best one can to sympathize. I, like most sane people, wish to see a world where such violence is but a bad memory of a bygone era.

Unfortunately, politicians and the powers that be don't seem to want this. Instead, they seem to want to continue to divide people into two camps. They want to rally the collectivists who think potential victims should be disarmed to their side, while trying to alienate individualists who think everyone should be allowed to have the means to defend themselves through bullying anti gun propaganda and guilt by association. Every time such a tragic event happens, those who would try to control the masses of humanity use that tragedy to try to convince the common folk that law abiding gun owners should be forced to give up their means of self defense. It's happened time and time again and I personally think this kind of behavior by the political elite pushing their anti gun agenda is offensive and insulting to my intelligence.

I really have a hard time imagining what some of these anti 2nd amendment people think. Do they believe that laws are magic? Do they think that passing laws to outlaw guns is going to make all firearms suddenly disappear? Do they think that criminals are going to suddenly say to themselves "Well, guns are illegal now so I better just get rid of mine and give up my life of crime."? Do they seriously believe that criminals aren't going to take advantage of a disarmed populace? There's a reason that crime rates are higher in cities with more restrictions and lower where guns are more prevalent. We don't need more gun laws, or more laws of any kind. We need to learn why these events happen, what causes people to suddenly loose their minds and engage in such violent behavior, and then take steps to prevent that behavior. Perhaps we'd discover that we need to stop drugging our children with Ritalin and other psychotropic, anti depressant type drugs. Wouldn't the big pharmaceutical companies love that?

I wasn't going to write any commentary on this event. I hate the thought that such tragedy is so politicized. Then I heard the president of the United States come out with a statement that we cannot tolerate this anymore. As if it was ever tolerated. As if we don't already have laws against murder and the killing of innocents. Had the shooter survived he would have been most severely punished. Then the president stated he would do everything in his power to make certain this will never happen again. That is the statement that worries me. He is going to use this event as an excuse to violate the individual right to self defense and try to ram through more draconian gun laws, maybe even before the end of the holidays when no one is paying attention.

One person I talked to, a former teacher in Florida who now works making sure schools are implementing federal guidelines, thinks that teachers should be armed and trained to use guns so they can better protect the children they're entrusted with on a daily basis. If such a policy had been in place at any school where such tragic events have occurred how much less damage would have been done? How many lives would have been saved? Legal guns in the hands of conscientious owners save lives all the time. Such events don't make the national news. The elite political class wouldn't like it if people were constantly made aware of guns being used for self defense and to stop crime. That would put a crimp in their plans to disarm the populace.

There's a reason these attacks happen at places where guns are not allowed. There's a reason these cowardly criminals target people who can't defend themselves. One might wonder if these attacks would have even happened if these nutcases who want to kill innocents had thought for a moment that their targets just might shoot back. Tragedies are going to happen whether gun laws are in place or not. I think that the tragedy that happened in July 2011 in Norway, a country with very restrictive gun laws, proves that. It sickens me to think that people use such a sad occurrence to try to create an environment making it easier for criminals to operate and harder for innocents to defend themselves.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Federal Reserve System, a Christmas Gift that Keeps on Taking

Ninety nine years ago this month, the law that brought the Federal Reserve System into existence was passed. It did so at the behest of some very wealthy and very greedy men who wanted nothing less than total control of as much of the world's total wealth that they could possibly get their hands on. These men with names like Aldrich, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Vanderlip, Kuhn, Loeb, Warburg, Morgan, Schiff, et al. wanted nothing less than total control of finances, currencies and economies worldwide. They wanted it so badly that they cared not what the majority might think, and they certainly didn't care what the common folk at the time might think. These were the robber barons of finance in their day, and they knew the general public wouldn't trust them or their banking schemes. It was for this reason they had to remain secretive in their plans and use every deception and political dirty trick in their arsenal to achieve their goals.

It took three years to set things up, but just before Christmas, on the 23rd of December in the year 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was enacted. It was sold to the American people as a sort of present to them, a way to stabilize the economy and prevent boom and bust cycles. What it was in actuality was a present to the wealthiest amongst us, the central bankers, and a way for them to gain control of our economy for their own benefit and to secure their power. It was a way for them to steal the real wealth of the common folk in such a way that most would never know or understand how their prosperity was being stolen.

Think about the date it was passed just for a second. It was just two days before Christmas. It was during the time when fully a third of the legislators had already gone back to their home states to spend time with their families. I'm not completely certain about how things were back then, but in today's world this is a time when most people are not paying attention to politics. I imagine it was the same even back then. Who wants to think about what politicians and lawmakers are doing when there are plans to be made for the big holiday? Any law that is passed at this time of year should be suspect. Any law that is passed after elections have taken place and before the new congress critters have taken their oath of office leaves too many of the political class completely unaccountable.

As many of you may know I am not a big fan of laws and regulations. The more laws we have, the more tyranny we have, the fewer laws we have, the more freedom we have. The law should be simple, if you do harm to an individual or you damage or steal his hard earned property, you should be held accountable. If there is no victim, there is no crime. If there are to be laws and regulations to make sure that no thought crimes are committed, however, than those laws and regulations should be restricting the political class and punishing them for breeching the laws. I think a good law would be that no legislation is to be passed during the period of time between an election and the swearing in of the new congress. That seems to be the time when the most constitution shredding, tyrannical, and controversial legislation seems to be passed.

But of course the political class and the power elite who control them don't want to create anything that limits their power, they want to limit what the common folk can do. They want to make certain their power base is maintained and grown. They want more power, not less, and so they are going to create laws and institutions that help them to gain it. They do this by removing or hiding what little control the common folk may have over the systems and institutions where the government claims to have a monopoly and consolidating that power as much as they possibly can. They consolidate their monopoly power on the use of "legitimate" force by bypassing congressional oversight in war matters and creating laws such as The Patriot Act, The Military Commissions Act, and the most recent NDAA to set up a police state. They consolidate their monopoly on the justice system and put power in the hands of their judges by constantly harping on finding people either "guilty" or "not guilty" of crimes and refusing to inform juries of their right and duty to judge the law. And so it was that they consolidated their monopoly on currency creation and removed power from the hands of the common folks back in 1913 by passing The Federal Reserve Act.

Before the creation of the quasi private, quasi public Federal Reserve the power to coin money was solely vested in the US House of Representatives and money was based on silver and gold. It took the promise of the gift of stable prices and maximum employment through "elastic" currency to "sell" the American people on this central banking scheme. These promises, of course, have been broken time and again, and we are currently experiencing the latest downturn in the economy and the most massive unemployment in decades as a result of this ill conceived creation of the powerful financial interests. As history has shown, this institution does not give anything to the common folk, it takes everything from them.

It takes wealth. It does so by creating debt in the form of "easy" credit. This credit comes in the form of fractional reserves which more or less guarantees that there will never be enough currency to pay back everything that is owed. In this way, the banks are set up to own anything real that a borrower possesses for a little bit of paper, or in modern days some ones and zeroes in some digital data bank somewhere. The central banks and their financial sector partners have a tendency to horde commodities of real value such as precious metals, land, etc. while issuing their debt paper to an unsuspecting public.

It takes lives. One of the first things that happened after the creation of the Federal Reserve was World War I. There is a school of thought out there that this would not have happened had the Federal Reserve not been created, or at least America would not have become involved. The "elastic" nature of the new American currency made it possible to pay for the war on the backs of future generations, otherwise the rise in taxes would have created political pressure to avoid war.

World War I was supposed to be the war to end all wars. Instead most of the wars fought in the 20th century stem from World War I. Who is it that constantly benefits from such destruction? Who is it that profits from such suffering? The military industrial complex that we were warned about, and those that finance them even more so.

The Federal Reserve takes away value. It keeps pumping more and more money into the system, creating it like the money itself is the wealth and not just a token of exchange. The more money that is available, the greater the supply, the less it is worth. Those at the top, the power elite, can spend it while its buying power is still high, but those at the bottom, the common folk, receive the money after its value has decreased. That is what inflation is really about. That is why the costs of necessities are rising. And now your federal government needs to tax you even more so that they too can maintain their spending addictions.

The Federal Reserve System takes our freedom. It takes away our independence. It profits off debt. For every dollar it loans out it expects to take back ten. It creates a debtor nation and then makes the citizenry beholden to it for economic survival. It makes the nation dependent on its currency and credit like a junkie is dependent on a drug. It takes away the political will of the people by creating the fear that we will not be able to get our fix should the currency supplier be held accountable.

The cycle can be broken. First, more people need to be educated as to the origin of the Federal Reserve as well as how other central banks operate. A full audit of the Federal Reserve needs to take place and all moneys accounted for. Secrecy must be stopped and transparency demanded. The people of the United States deserve to know where all their money, all their wealth is being spent, and why more of it isn't being saved to ensure prosperity for future generations. Finally, a way needs to be found to make the system accountable. No one should have such awesome power as a monopoly on currency creation enables. Strike at the source of the corruption, and we will begin to create a more honest and principled world for all to live in.

Nearly a hundred years ago, the Wilsonian progressives helped the moneyed elite sell the American public on a gift that to this day continues to keep on taking. Even Wilson himself realized he made a mistake when in later years he wrote: "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

Today the so called progressives want to continue to raise taxes. They want to keep the burden on the common folk. They want to treat symptoms rather than remove the cancer and cure the disease. They talk about those making over $250,000 a year as if they are the wealthy while bailing out those worth $250 billion. They want to steal from those who have become successful through industrious hard work while ignoring those who have made trillions through fraudulent and questionable means. That is not progress, it is tyranny against those who should be lauded for their hard work and successful endeavors. If you want progress, start by tearing down the stale old institutions that have been proven failures. Such an institution is the Federal Reserve. We have already given it too much and still it wants to take more.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

How Fear Prevents Positive Political Change

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

Something happened the other day that caused me to engage in a little self examination. I was talking on the phone to a woman I care about very much. She was telling me about a billionaire she had seen on CNBC who had come from a socialist country. According to her, the gentleman was talking about how he had come from this country to America because he wanted to make his fortune in our "free markets" and he did. Then he went on to say that he was voting for Mr. Romney because Mr. Obama had an agenda to bring socialism to America, or something like that. Then she told me he said something about how voting for anyone other than Mr. Romney was a waste of a vote. That's when the red flags went up. That's where I lost it.

Before I knew it, I was yelling at this woman across the cell phone airwaves. I knew I was wrong, that I shouldn't be yelling, but I couldn't help it. I felt as if my consciousness had left my body and was looking at this bratty kid yelling because he didn't get his way. I tried to stop, but I couldn't until I got out what I needed to say, getting louder and louder as I let out three of four sentences before I finally gained control of my temper and was able to shut up. By that time it was too late. I had upset the woman and she needed to hang up, despite the fact that I was already apologizing profusely.

When I behave in such a way, I try to look back and examine what factors caused this behavior. It just makes sense to me to do this. I want to understand that I am a flawed human being and then try to figure out what I can do to rid myself of those flaws. Sometimes when I examine myself in such a way I can suddenly recognize that not only are the flaws manifest in myself, but also in society in general. It seems to me that there are certain strings that go through all of society and can sometimes manifest in individuals as we go about our lives.

So, why did I get so angry and lash out when I shouldn't have? I suppose it has to do with the fact that morality is very important to me. I consider it immoral to lie to someone to get them to change their behavior. I consider it a lie to say that if you don't vote for this guy or that guy your vote is wasted. Each person has their own reason for voting and either no vote is wasted or all votes are wasted. Even not voting is not wasted and makes its own statement about the electoral process. Hearing that bit of propaganda made my mind shut off and allowed anger to take over. Analyzing this on a deeper level helped me come to the realization that most people likely have a similar reaction when their deeply held political beliefs are challenged.

The first step to getting past this is to understand that political beliefs are just that, beliefs, they are not fact, nor are they truths, they are beliefs. And, in some cases, they are immoral beliefs disguised as good intentions. Morality does not spring from immoral behavior, and political systems worldwide, including the one we engage in, are based mostly on the immoral behavior of stealing.

To be clear, I define theft as the taking of property from someone in an involuntary manner through force or the threat of force, (this is particularly heinous when those who make the threats have the power and have proven they will follow through on those threats) or through lies or gaining trust through promises which one never intends to keep (more commonly known as fraud or cons). Income taxes fall into the previous definitions, in my humble opinion, and if they are voluntary as claimed than anyone aught to be able to opt out anytime and not have to worry about any reprisals from any agency, whether governmental or private. Try to opt out of paying your income taxes and see what happens to you.

Someone asked me on facebook how such things as roads and schools would be paid for without an income tax. I tried to explain to her how these things would get done and she ended up telling me I was dreaming. Maybe I am dreaming to believe that we can live in a world where all interactions between people are moral and voluntary and necessary services are still provided. To be honest, I don't know how these things would be paid for, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that people should not be forced to pay for services they don't want to pay for and may not want to use. If things can't get done through voluntary interactions, perhaps those things simply aren't worth doing. We shouldn't be afraid to try something different even if the majority believes that doing something different will result in chaos.

It is fear that rules. The person who told me on facebook that I was a dreamer for believing that humankind can live morally without coercive force fears that certain services will not be available or will be too expensive without government intrusion. The politicians take advantage of this and fan the flames of fear. The Democrats stoke your fear of the Republicans by claiming social programs will end if Republicans are in charge. The Republicans stoke your fear of the Democrats by claiming America will become a socialist nation if Democrats are in charge. I have news for you. Social programs will not end whether or not the federal government funds them because there are people who care. We are already a socialist nation with a great many businesses, industries and services socialized. Both sides are creating fear and meanwhile there are alternatives that offer to respect your freedoms and your decisions that are being ignored.

Yet still voters will go to the polls in large numbers and cast their votes for a Republican or a Democrat. They cast their votes out of fear of what the worst of two evils will do rather than looking to cast a vote for someone who will change the paradigm for the better. There will be no positive change because both major parties are controlled by the same elite corporate interests. These are the same interests that profit from keeping you in a state of fear. These include the military/industrial complex, the prison/industrial complex, the medical/industrial and pharmaceutical complex, the energy industry and the large financial institutions that make money by providing credit and insurance to those other industries, among others. These industries know they wouldn't stand a chance in a true free market, nor in a free market of ideas, so they'll do anything to keep their people in power, including creating such an atmosphere of fear that may take us into a very destructive war.

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I understand this is taken from a Hollywood movie, but there is much wisdom in those words, nonetheless. Don't fear Obama. Don't hate him. Don't fear Romney. Don't hate him. Don't become so blinded by anger and hatred for one or the other that you can't see the same flaws you hate in one reflected in the other. Don't become so blinded by hatred and anger that you start yelling and screaming at those you love because they express an opinion. Don't become so blinded by anger and hatred that you can no longer see light, only paler shades of darkness.

Don't fear casting a vote for Gary Johnson. Don't take the path to the dark side. Choose a path to the light. Don't choose more economic doldrums and debt, choose a clearer, more vibrant path to prosperity. Don't choose more war and nation building, choose a path to peace and fair trade with all nations. Don't choose more rights violating, Bill of Rights shredding laws, choose more freedom. Choose more power to determine your own destiny. Don't be afraid of voting for Gary Johnson. Don't be afraid of the light.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gatekeepers and Funding the Media

You want to know something about gatekeepers, I can tell you something about gatekeepers. I've been dealing with the publishing industry most of my adult life. I got involved with writing partially because I would read best sellers that were written like crap. I didn't understand how these people ever got published. I knew I was a better writer. I knew I could tell a better story. Yet somehow, no matter how well written the story, no matter how unique the idea, I only ever acquired rejection. Even when I managed to find publishers and editors who appreciated my work, even when I found those who knew the difference between a writer with an original vision and a hack who just imitates the popular meme of the time, those publishers proved powerless against the industry giants and the economic currents of the times.

The fact of the matter is, if you wanted to be a successful writer, a truly successful writer who makes his living off his craft, it was never enough to simply have the gift. It was never enough to be a good writer. It was never enough to be even an excellent writer. The skill wasn't what was important. Who you knew, that was important. What you wrote about, whether it passed their litmus test and fit into their agenda, that was what was important. I knew no one. I tried to keep my writings original. I received over a hundred rejection letters from all kinds of publishers, all of which burned in a house fire eight years ago. I never stood a chance because those who make the decisions of who gets published weren't at all interested in any of my ideas.

It's the same in any media industry. There are people who are successful and those who aren't. Those who are extremely successful and who have become quite wealthy either shill for the left or for the right, for the so called liberals or for the so called conservatives, for the Democrat establishment or for the Republican establishment. The key word in that last sentence is establishment. If I had decided years ago to write for a point of view that supported establishment ideas, who knows where I'd be today? I might even be sitting pretty with a good paying job and a nice place to live. But I didn't do that. I decided to write about principles that matter. I decided that honesty, freedom and individual liberty were more important than making money for the establishment. Well, much as I hate to admit, principle doesn't pay the rent or put food on the table.

For a while there, I thought I might have a chance. I thought that the alternative media could be a path that could at least support me. But even the alternative media has its gatekeepers. Even the alternative media has its famous personalities that get all the attention and all the funding. Unfortunately, after six and a half years of writing these op/ed pieces, I don't seem to be one of those people. There was a time when a couple of those gatekeepers ran my articles and I had quite a bit more exposure than I do now. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, those days are gone. The state is winning, and when a small nobody like me goes up against the establishment, or even an alternative establishment, it isn't that difficult to believe that the small man will get crushed. The path I chose is an uncertain one, and right now my future has never been more uncertain. I have never felt this alone.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, but I see little alternative. I need money folks. My source of income is dwindling away. I need about $1200 a month to make my rent, pay for gas, electric, Internet, phone and food, just the basic necessities. I need about $2400 to make it through the rest of this year. I'm on the precipice people, and I need a miracle. I know that money is tight for many of you, but anything you can spare would be appreciated. Every dollar helps. Isn't my work worth a dollar, or maybe a dollar a month, or a once a year contribution of $12? If you can, purchase my books. That would be a tremendous help.

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I do thank all the places that publish my writings, and you should all know who you are. If you're not reading this at then you're reading it at one of those places. I also thank all those who have given generously to me in the past. You don't know how much that was appreciated and how long that kept me going. I am truly only a month or so away from a fate I don't know. With my age and my criminal record most businesses won't hire me even for menial work and even my ability to live with family members is uncertain and restricted. Thanks to state laws I am unemployable and unable to live with those who love and care for me the most. As I said before, my future has never been more uncertain.

I have tried hard to make the best of a bad situation. I have tried hard to contribute what I could to society and to provide a product that would be worth paying for. If I had more time than maybe I could succeed without your help, but as it stands right now I am running out of time rather quickly. I am appealing to your generosity to help me survive by going to my website,, and making a donation or purchasing one of my ebooks, and this truly is a matter of survival. There is a donate button and links to all my ebooks in the right margin on the site. Please help if you can.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Vote for Romney is a Vote for Obama. Wait. What?

Yes, you read that right. What I'm about to write will likely piss off some of my more "conservative" readers, especially those who still think there's any significant difference between Republicrats and Dempublicans, or Obamney and Rombama. That's okay, people need to start getting pissed off. People need to look at the reality of politics in modern Amerika and recognize the criminality we're putting up with. People need to march into their representatives' offices across the country and demand they stop breaking the law. There needs to be outrage because otherwise they're just laughing at you and me as they continue to simply do as they please.

I suppose I should go beyond the simple one guy equals the other guy thing, but it is what it is. I mean, ever since I was little I've had a reputation for pointing out the obvious. I've heard the words "No shit Sherlock" come out of the mouths of my companions more than a few times. All one has to do is look at the major issues, the issues that actually mean something and that the president can do something about to understand that there is no real difference between these two puppets. All one has to do is look at who's giving large sums of money to both candidates to understand who's pulling the strings. The same is true for most federal level elected officials no matter their party affiliation, and even more so for people appointed to office by elected officials.

If there's one thing I'm sick of it's being told that by not holding my nose and voting for Romney because he's a Republican it's just like I'm voting for Obama. Now, don't get me wrong, I hate the Democrats and their support of war and constitution shredding legislation as much as the next guy, but truth be told, if someone held a gun to my head and made me vote for one or the other, Obama or Romney, I'd vote for Obama. Why? Because he's the devil I know. I hate being lied to, and I hate deception, and in my opinion Romney has been lying more and is more deceptive than Obama.

At least Obama doesn't pretend to be a conservative or a Republican, we've always known he was communist leaning socialist with an agenda leading our nation into a one world government. If he is Indonesian, which he's tried to hide by keeping his college records under wraps, then he's not a traitor when he sells out this nation. Romney would be a traitor by selling out this nation, but has just as much of a one world agenda as Obama, or at least we know his owners do. At least Obama and his handlers didn't need to lie, cheat, threaten, manipulate and connive against his own party's grassroots in order to gain his party's nomination. So you see if any of the two "major party" candidates have lost my vote, it'd be Obama. Fortunately that scenario is not yet reality in Amerika and I have more than two choices. Too bad too few people realize that.

These shows they put on called debates aren't really a discussion of real issues affecting Amerika nor are they about solutions that will genuinely solve the problems our nation faces going forward. They are about creating an illusion that globalist presidential candidate A is different than globalist presidential candidate B. They are about getting everyone to believe that there is a difference between one big government collectivist philosophy and the other big government collectivist philosophy. Real issues and real solutions are never brought up and the powers that be make certain it is kept that way by keeping third parties and Ron Paul types out of the debates. God forbid the Amerikan sheeple should be exposed to new ideas and different philosophies! We can't have them actually thinking in proverbial colors rather than in black and white! We can't have them thinking that freedom and independence could actually work!

I'm not in the business of predicting the future, but I can tell you what will happen no matter which candidate wins the upcoming election, unless that candidate is not a Democrat or a Republican. We will have more war. We will continue to see our rights violated by the state as they continue to impose an ever growing police state upon us. We will not see unconstitutional laws repealed and will instead see these laws used as an excuse for agents of the state to violate the supreme law of the land. We will see the secrecy of the state grow instead of transparency. There will be no accountability. We will continue to see more and more whistleblowers shut up and punished for doing the right thing. We will continue to see torture of ever more innocent people. We will see more bailouts for the already fabulously wealthy too big to fail. We will not see an end to this financial crisis. We will continue to wallow in economic oppression. We will fall into a state of decay until we finally accept, or even beg for, a one world government that promises to solve these problems, but likely will not be able to. We will continue to not see these things reported on by corporate media who will continue to tell us that everything is fine even as government intrudes more and more upon everyday life.

A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. A vote for Obama is a vote for Romney. They're the same. It's a vote for the status quo. It's a vote for keeping the same power structure, however structurally unsound it's become. It's a vote that says "Beat me up more, I like it." It's a vote that says "I'm going to continue to listen to corporate media and do as they tell me." It's a vote that says "These guys have the right idea about how my money should be spent." It's a vote that says "I give up."

Now I'm not going to tell you that voting for this candidate or that candidate will solve anything. Voting has never solved a thing, it's only given the powerful excuses to become more powerful. I am going to state the obvious, at least it's obvious to me. When I go out and vote for Gary Johnson this November it will be a vote for Gary Johnson. It will not be a vote for Obama. It will not be a vote for Romney. It will be a vote for something different than what we've had for the past 159 years. I'll be voting for an end to the power structure that has driven this nation into bankruptcy, both moral and fiscal. Voting might not be the answer, but enough people voting against Democrats AND Republicans will certainly send a message. Even if the vote is fixed, those in power are certain to get it if they know enough people have awakened and are no longer listening to their lies nor believing their false promises.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Demand Freedom, not Free Stuff

"I want the people of America to be able to work less for the government and more for themselves. I want them to have the rewards of their own industry. That is the chief meaning of freedom. Until we can re-establish a condition under which the earnings of the people can be kept by the people, we are bound to suffer a very distinct curtailment of our liberty."

President Calvin Coolidge in his 1925 inaugural address

In these days of political discourse, I am amazed at the number of people who are still worshipping at the feet of some political party or the other, mostly the other. While a significant number of people have "awakened," (become aware that the whole political system is a scam and that most politicians are bought and paid for by corporate interests, mostly banks and the financial sector, and couldn't care less about you) there are still those zombies walking around out there spouting fear based propaganda (i.e., talking points) and insisting that everything will get better if only their guy is granted control of the magical scepter of power.

Those who pimp one party or the other (mostly the other) simply will not admit to themselves that the whole system is broken and corrupt (especially their own party), that voting solves nothing, and that they're going to have to personally do something more than take a trip to the polling place every four year years in order to change things for the better. They may have to come to the conclusion that they're going to have to grow up sooner rather than later because there may soon be no one else there to take care of them.

I contend that the answer to many, if not all, of our societal problems is freedom. It's important to understand the concept I'm trying to get across here, as freedom means different things to different people. I define freedom as a state of human condition where one is in charge of his own destiny and is therefore independent of coercive influences. In order to be truly free certain criteria must be met. As I go over those criteria you may find that, by my definition, the vast majority of Americans are not free. Indeed, we may all be encumbered in some way, shape or form, but if the encumbrance was sought voluntarily it's different than having it forced upon one's self. The difference is in degrees and history has shown us that the freer a people are, the more productive, prosperous and by some measures the more happy they are.

There are many people who are fearful of freedom. They fear either not having anyone there to take care of them when they are in need, or the retribution that may be sought by angry mobs who are not being taken care of, among other things. This is the politics of fear, and it is very divisive. It pits one group of people against another and takes the focus away from the real culprits and issues that should concern us all.

People who promote these politics will talk about things like free food for the poor, free healthcare, free telephones, free rides, free this and free that. They will make the claim that people have a right to these "basic necessities," that providing such necessities is the duty of an advanced free society. These lofty goals may be good, but is government force really the way to go about achieving them? Is stealing from one class of people to give to another class moral? I think not. Extortion, even under the guise of taxation and justified by a moral cause and good intentions, is an immoral way to provide for those less fortunate. To "give" free things to one class is to enslave another. When one advocates freedom, one advocates the abolition of all types of slavery.

I keep hearing about percentages. There's the 99% and the 47% which means they're pitted against the 1% and the 53%. Is this how we really want to limit our society, by having a certain percentage pitted against another certain percentage? Do we want to fall into that mind trap? Do we want to be so immersed in group think that we forget we are all individuals with individual needs, wants and desires? Do we really want to exude hatred toward another group who have worked hard and made the most of their opportunities rather than joining together and concentrating on the group that has systematically and incrementally removed opportunity for all over the decades? Have we become a society of slaves blaming other slaves and ignoring the masters?

Here's a little history. The modern day income tax was first employed in this nation in 1913, the same year the Federal Reserve System was created. Coincidence? I think not. Back then, it was supposed to tax only the top 1% of income earners. 1%, sound familiar? Back then, the top 1% was anyone earning more than $14,000 per year. You wanna talk about inflation? Nobody cared much because, I mean, what the heck, it only affected the top 1% and who gives a crap about any of them, right?

So, incrementally, little by little as time passed, the burden of income taxes was spread to the lower income earners because everyone needs to pay their "fair share" until today when most every worker, most every laborer, has taxes taken directly from their paycheck and then they have to take the time out of their own busy lives or pay someone else to do government paperwork so they can get their own money back. What kind of craziness is this? Now, 100 years later, income taxes affect just about everyone. And, here's the kicker, the only people who really benefit from the income tax are the central bankers as just enough income taxes are collected to pay off the interest on the national debt. How about that? So this 53% against 47% BS is just a smokescreen to keep people from seeing the real issue, the issue of who's really getting the money.

I have a solution for all this rhetoric splitting us into percentages, this crap that makes people want to check out what's in others' pockets. How about "we" have 100% of the population not paying income taxes? How about "we" admit to ourselves that income taxes are extortion and "we" have all been taken advantage of by a group of central banking thugs? How about "we" stop being a certain percentage debt slaves laboring for the federal government a certain percentage of the year (there's a reason they call it "tax freedom day")? How about "we" stop worrying about what will happen to us if "we" refuse to pay our income taxes? Maybe then 100% of us would have nothing to gripe about and we'd all stop worrying about who pays what to whom.

There's another lesson we can learn from history. That lesson is the freer a society, the more it prospers, the more authoritarian a society, the more it deteriorates into chaos. This can be looked at another way. The more society thinks in terms of individual rights, the more it prospers, the more it thinks in terms of group rights, the more morally bankrupt it becomes. Perhaps this is because when men are free society has a tendency to look at things from a more loving point of view, but when men are enslaved by the chains of government dictates, especially a highly centralized, authoritarian government, society has a tendency to look at things from a more fearful point of view.

All major religions have their version of the golden rule, treat others as you would treat yourself. So, if you want to be free, you have to allow others to be free. If you want to make decisions for your own life, you have to allow others to make decisions, however bad or wrong you may think they are, for their own lives. If you want to keep all the money you earn and decide where to spend it, you have to let others keep all the money they earn and let them decide where to spend it.

Free stuff is not free. It comes at the price of dependency. It comes at the cost of moral degradation as society as a whole comes to believe that theft and extortion are moral ways to go about taking care of business. Whether you are a welfare mom or a weapons dealer on corporate welfare, you are dependent on an immoral system that takes money in an involuntary manner. A free society might sound scary, but when you look at them historically you might come to the realization that the fear factor comes not from an historical basis, but is based upon propaganda from those who stand to benefit from creating a more collectivist way of life.

We would all be better off if we could whittle down the federal government. We would all do much better if the federal government was scaled back to a Constitutionally limited size. To do this some people need to realize that freedom does not mean free stuff. If we are to have freedom we need to stop asking the government for favors and start taking care of ourselves and our neighbors. We need to tell government to stop using the money given to them to socially engineer society. We need to decentralize government and bring politics closer to home and community where politicians can be more easily held accountable. We need to demand freedom, not free stuff. We need to deny consent.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Conspiracy Theories and the Spiritual Realm

I am once again about to step into the realm of speculation and the most extreme conspiracy theories, as I am wont to do. Today I wish to delve into one of my favorite conspiracy theories, the one that states that those in charge of running the world, the ones I like to call the establishment elite, have to tell us what they're going to do to us before they can do it to us. This is an interesting theory that makes the claim that in the spiritual realm if one tells someone else what they're going to do before they do it and that person doesn't object, it makes it okay to do whatever they want without having to be accountable for it in some kind of cosmic law.

This actually sounds quite free market, libertarian in certain aspects. It's kind of a sort of extra dimensional version of the man who wants to be eaten getting together with the man who wants to eat him, a situation that arose in Germany not so long ago. Both men obviously needed psychological help, but if they were just exercising their free will who are we to interfere? Oh man, I don't believe I went there, but then I am exploring the world of the extreme right now. The point is that on a spiritual level these people seem to believe that they have the right to do cruel, unjust, despicable things to whole populations if they simply tell us their plans and no one (or not enough people) objects. This is at least my understanding.

The problem for the elite is that they plan on doing some truly awful things. Going down the proverbial rabbit hole, we find they want to kill most of us and enslave the rest of us. They plan to accomplish this through several means, including genetically engineering food, using heavy metals and adjuvants as preservatives in vaccines, spraying from military airplanes, using public schools to dumb down the children, controlling the economy by controlling currency production, setting up an American police state which will be the center of an authoritarian, collectivist, corporate owned world empire complete with concentration camps, work camps and re-education camps, etc. In other words they plan on using conquest, war, famine and death to usher in their new world order. So, how can they tell us all this is the plan they have for us and not have anyone object?

The answer to this is that they do so through the entertainment industries such as the movies. The entertainment you pay $10 to watch on a Friday or Saturday night is not really entertainment at all, it's the elite telling you their plans for you. They talk of Satanism, matrixes, amazing futuristic technology, dysfunctional utopian societies and even alien invasions and audiences across the land applaud enthusiastically as they watch such things. The elite take this as approval for their plan. Ah, but more than this, some of the pop stars that we watch on youtube, including many of the rock stars that I grew up with, are also part of this plot. Whether they know this or not is questionable, but their music drops hints of what's to come or what the conspiracy is all about. It's pervasive throughout the industry and sprinkled in with meaningless entertainment.

Now, I'm not saying that I believe or disbelieve this particular conspiracy theory, but I will say this. I do not approve of their plans. In fact, I vehemently disapprove of their plans. And you don't need the movies to tell you such conspiracies exist, you just need to listen to what some of these elitists are saying or look at what they've written. The fact of the matter is that such plans are evil, no matter how good their intentions may be, or even if they may feel they are trying to save the world. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Those that perpetrate such madness know what they're doing is wrong, and that's why they try to hide it. They might pretend that they're following some supreme spiritual law to cleanse their souls of responsibility, but deep down they know their malice and cruelty knows no bounds. The ends do not justify the means, and much of the time the ends wished for aren't ever realized because the means used were so cruel and unjust.

To clarify, I consider evil as the attempt to subvert free will and limit choice by force, threats, deception or coercion. Free will is a gift of nature given to all human beings and to try to control it in others for personal gain is tantamount to enslavement. There are, of course, differences in degrees, but fraud is fraud, no matter how you try to hide it. Deception is deception. Showing something in a movie, or through a rock star, or in a book, or through any kind of popular entertainment is not equivalent to telling the masses of your plans and does not exonerate you of accountability in this realm or the next. If someone believes something is pure entertainment, they certainly are not consenting to some sick fantasy of some Lucifer worshipping elitist. If this conspiracy theory isn't true, then I think whoever originally propagated it did so to obfuscate and confuse, if it is true than those who are a part of it have some definite psychological problems.

While it might be interesting and even amusing to consider conspiracy theories such as the one described, what is often lost in the debate is the potential for evil and damage to be done. Whether or not certain conspiracy theories are true, the allegations brought about should not be dismissed off hand. The former president Bush once stated that we should never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories, but to me that smacks of bunk. That sounds like something the guilty would endorse in order to hide the truth rather than discover it.

Nothing should be discounted simply because it seems unlikely or sounds crazy. In history and in nature, it is likely that crazier things have already happened. Indeed, investigation should be welcomed with open arms into such matters, especially if they come from independent sources with more to lose than to gain. It seems to me that it is those who off handedly debunk or simply take the word of those in "authority" who have closed their minds and should be mistrusted. Those who have taken the time to dig and uncover hidden links and facts should be given due consideration. When eyes are opened, they may be surprised at what they see.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Does the GOP Care About the General Election?

Recently I engaged in posting lists of questions on my facebook page in an effort to get people to think about the paradigms they base their political opinions upon. I'm trying to get them to realize that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. I'm trying to get them to realize that when they vote for Democrats or Republicans they are voting for their own enslavement. It is not an easy task as most people prefer to live in a state of denial where they believe government loves them, knows what's best for them and strives to protect and provide for them. They will not admit that the whole system has become corrupt and cares only about preserving itself. That would mean having to discard lifelong beliefs and many are simply too psychologically weak to do such a thing. They simply don't want to face the possibility that their whole world has been based on lies and that their lives are not theirs.

This year, with the advent Ron Paul's quite successful run for the presidency, many a Republican has come to the conclusion that the political process is either broken or was never truly set up to represent the will of the common folk or to make life better for the grassroots. I say that Ron Paul's run was successful not because he became the Republican nominee for president, which he didn't, but because he managed to awaken so many Republicans who might have otherwise still been blindly and blissfully following the party line like sheep being led to the slaughter. It's too bad some similar phenomenon didn't happen on the Democrat side of the equation as far too many of them seem satisfied sucking on the teat of big government and begging to be taken care of. They just don't seem able to come to the realization of what for many is the very first step toward awakening, the realization that both parties are the same.

Mitt Romney is an obvious puppet, a man who should have never sought the GOP nomination. He is such a Democrat as to have designed the cornerstone of the Democrat Party's greatest so called achievement, the overblown healthcare bill that no so called congressional representative ever had a chance to fully read and comprehend before they voted for it. They are both bought and paid for by the same financial special interests. They are so alike they might have been raised in the same collectivist family. Their ideals are so similar that it has become comical to watch the Democrat zealots derisively pointing out Mitten's faults while ignoring the same faults in their man Barry. With the disgraceful exclusion of Ron Paul supporters and the false pageantry of Mitten's coronation, the Republican Party made it clear they couldn't care less if they win or lose the election, they just want to be certain one elitist, collectivist puppet or another gets selected. As such, they don't care how many Republican faithful they've lost. The Republican Party might very well have destroyed the last vestiges of its credibility with the selection of such an obvious anti-conservative.

Our government has become a criminal enterprise. The Constitution has been violated a thousand ways till Sunday. Politicians don't give a crap about it because the people don't give a crap about it. As long as the government gives the common folk a bit of money, or the illusion of security, or the illusion that they'll be taken care of, or something to make them feel good about themselves, or some other crumbs that fall from the table where the ruling class gorges itself, they'll let the government get away with doing the things it was never authorized to do. Whether the people are unwilling or unable to enforce the Constitution and limit government as it should be doesn't really matter in the long run. All that truly matters is that the criminals are getting away with their crimes and the more people that recognize this problem, the better.

It was for this reason I started asking questions of people. Since the Democrats didn't have a Ron Paul they could listen to, they need something else to jump start their synapses (as do Republicans that actually think Mitt Romney is conservative). They didn't even get the benefit of having someone run against the incumbent this year and so they didn't even get to see one of their own compare their glorious leader to the neocons they have come to despise, even though he is more neoconish in some aspects than the most hated Bush ever was.

If you are going to participate in the masquerade that is voting, then I suggest you cast your vote for anyone other than the two establishment cronies that they have picked for you. If you're worried about a vote for this person being a vote for Mittens, or a vote for that person being a vote for Barry, relax. It's all pre-ordained by the powers that be anyway. After all, if you don't understand by now that the true power isn't in the hands of politicians, if you don't understand that the powers that be wouldn't leave such an important decision in the hands of the unwashed masses, then you're awestruck by the illusion and not peeking behind the curtain to see what's really going on. Below are some questions to ponder that will hopefully help to shake the awestruck from their collective trances.

Are you stuck in a political rut? Do you believe that societal problems can only be solved by use of government force? Are you of the opinion that there are only two sides to political problems? Do you believe that we are all too stupid to figure out how to solve problems on our own and that politicians are smart enough to do so? Do you think we have to vote for one of two nimrods for supreme leader?

Are you better than me? Are you better because you're a Democrat and I'm not? Does that make you more concerned about social issues than I am? Are you better because you're a Republican and I'm not? Does that make you more concerned and knowledgeable about economic issues than I am?

Do you think that because some libertarian believes something that I must also believe the same thing? Even if he's a famous libertarian? If that libertarian were to say something really stupid would that mean all libertarians were really stupid? Are there issues much more important than the stupid thing the libertarian said? Would people latch hold of what that libertarian said, rub it in the face of all libertarians and then claim rhetorical victory and moral superiority? What if I was an anarchist, would that make me a bad person? Are you being active, or simply reactive? Are you truly putting thought into your political views and actions, or are you merely doing what someone else is telling you to do and feeling what someone else tells you to feel?

Have you given away your power? Do you know what's best for you, or does someone else? Does the school know what's best for your child, or do you? Does your insurance know which doctor is best for you? Does the government know which insurance is best for you? How much responsibility for your life have you given over to others? How much of that trust has been abused? How much choice do you truly have? How much of your choice and responsibility are you willing to relinquish?

Do you believe in democracy? Do you think there is wisdom in crowds? Do you believe the majority always knows what's best? Do you think it's ok for 50% + 1 to tell the rest of us what to do? How to think? How to feel? Do you think it's ok for 50% +1 to force everyone else to behave in a certain way? To buy certain products? To pay for certain services? To force people to use certain services they may not want to use?

Do you believe it's ok if the representatives of the majority force people to behave in certain manners? To pay for and use certain goods and services? Do you believe it is ok to murder one person if everyone else wants that person dead? Would it be ok for 99% to kill 1%? If so, what percentage would that stop at? 98% to 2%? 95% to 5%? 90% to 10%? 80% to 20%? 60% to 40%? 50% + 1 to everyone else? If not, is it because you believe that individual rights should be honored no matter what the majority thinks? Do you believe that people put in power really know what's best for everyone simply because more people voted for them?

Do you still believe in democracy? Do you believe the federal government of the USA is a democracy? Do you believe it is based on democracy? Do you believe the founding fathers meant for it to be based on democracy? If you still believe in democracy, is it only good if it benefits you, when your principles, ideals and agenda are supported by the majority, or would you happily support the majority even if you disagreed with them? Even if it was detrimental to you? Even if it interfered with your natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Would you disobey bad laws because they are bad even if the majority agrees with the laws, or would you merely say nothing and go along to get along? How extreme would those laws have to become before you said or did something about it? Should we always go along with the will of the majority, or is honoring the natural rights of individuals a more important principle and actually better for the greater good?

Perhaps the time has come to evaluate other options and to stop doing what hasn't worked so far. Perhaps it is time to realize that voting does not work, that change for the better has not happened through using the ballot box. Perhaps we need to ignore the ruling class and start living life as the free people we are. Perhaps it is time to support those who decide for themselves to do so. Perhaps it is time to stop aggressing against our neighbors and start honoring their choices. Perhaps it is time to deny consent.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Politicians, Language and Control Mechanisms

"If you got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."
Barrack Obama

I realize that the above quote is taken out of context and that some people will argue that its simple reading isn't what Barrack meant. I know they'll say that he was stating that government has built the infrastructure upon which business is built. That might be technically true, but there's a couple of problems with that. First off, I think Barrack means just what he said in that simple sentence. I think he believes that because he has never done anything worthwhile on his own, he's always had someone holding his hand in one way or another as he's made his way through life. People seem to forget, both his father and his stepfather were men of power and privilege. He was brought up as a child of power and privilege. I think Mitt probably feels much the same way Barrack feels, though he likely would claim just the opposite. A politician is a politician, and politicians lie and break promises.

Another point is that just because the infrastructure was built by the government doesn't mean it wouldn't have been built if the government didn't do it. The fact is, we don't know what kind of a job a true free market would have done in building infrastructure. People seem to forget that at one time roads were private, yet many were still free to travel upon. The fact is that humans, when looking to benefit themselves, will look around their environment and use the tools they see at their disposal to build a better life for themselves if possible. Ancient humans would pick up rocks and sticks to use for their benefit and modern humans learn to type on keyboards and surf the Internet. Just because they use the infrastructure to build a business upon doesn't mean somebody else made it happen. You did the work, you should keep the profits.

Politicians love to twist words. They love to convolute concepts. That's because they love control. Think about it for a second. What do they call themselves? Among other things, they like to be known as lawmakers. Ooo, they make the laws, not you or I. They like to make it sound like they're special, like they're better than everyone else. They're not. In many ways they often demonstrate that they are the lowest of the low, and it seems to me more so the higher they get up the political ladder. What is a law, anyway? Mostly, it's a form of control. Mostly, it's words on a piece of paper that expresses how someone else feels you should behave. Mostly, it's something that dictates how you must interact with someone else or face the threat of government sanction, which can include fines, prison and even death. And most laws make crimes out of voluntary behaviors that victimize no individual.

The concepts they have twisted the most, and the ones that give them the most power, are the concepts of theft and fraud. They've done this by changing the words around and making these concepts seem moral and just to everyday people. For instance, they call theft "taxes" and say they must have them in order to provide you with certain services.

"Wait a minute," I've heard some people argue, "Taxes aren't theft. They're a necessary evil. Society couldn't operate if there weren't taxes. What about the roads? What about the schools? What about police and firemen? What about the courts? Who would provide us with running water? Who would take care of the poor and downtrodden? How would the country defend itself?" Etc., etc. etc.

These are all fine questions with really unlimited answers. The truth is, I don't know how all that would shape up without taxes, but I somehow feel that things would work out. Anyhow, that's missing the basic premise of why taxes are theft. To me, theft is when someone either takes my property without my knowledge or permission, or steals my property using some kind of force, coercion or threat to my life or well being. My property includes the money I've earned. Theft occurs when my money is taken involuntarily from me. Taxes are not voluntary. I only pay my taxes because I am afraid of going to jail if I don't. That sounds pretty involuntary to me, and very coercive. The immorality of taxes is clear.

You say you pay your taxes voluntarily? That's fine with me. I will allow you to do that, just as I will allow you to give voluntarily to your church, and that's how I feel government should operate. The question is, will you allow me to not pay my taxes just like you would allow me not to give to your church? No? You think I ought to pay my "fair share"? What is my "fair share"? Maybe you think it's 10%. Maybe he thinks it's 25%. Maybe they think it's 50%. Maybe those getting the money think it's 75%. I think it's 0%. I think that maybe I should have to pay only for the products and services I use, and I think I should have choices that are provided from people other than the monopoly that calls itself government. There should be alternatives.

All I ask for is that I get to keep what is rightfully mine, what I've rightfully earned. All I ask is that I get to decide what to do with my earnings, not some politicians in some far off place who use them for their own agendas and self aggrandizement. All I ask is that I be left alone to make decisions for myself.

Politicians also use fraud to hang unto power. We all know they make promises they don't keep, but they also make promises they shouldn't be allowed to keep. They promise to steal from one group of people (the rich) to give to another group (the poor). In this way they want to be viewed as some kind of Robin Hood. What we seem to forget is that Robin Hood stole from the aristocracy (the government) and gave back to the people the money was originally stolen from in the first place (the tax payer). This little tidbit of information seems to be lost on many people. There is a vast difference between the rich who have earned their money honestly and the very wealthy who have used government force to obtain ill gotten gains through such means as government granted monopoly privilege and overbearing regulations and licensing schemes that create financial barriers to limit competition.

The best example of this that I can think of is, of course, the Federal Reserve. They have a monopoly on currency creation. This monopoly was granted by a few men who knew how to pull certain levers of power and circumvent the checks and balances that likely would have prevented its creation. Check into its creation for yourself. Read G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island." Ask yourself, why would such wealthy men go to such lengths to create the Federal Reserve System? What was in it for them? Do you truly think they did it for humanitarian purposes, as they would have you believe? What did Mayer Amschel Rothschild mean exactly when he said "Let me issue and control a nation´s money and I care not who writes the laws."?

Do these central bankers think they're above the law? Economic law? Natural law? The Constitution of our great republic? Do they believe they control everything, and everyone? Do they believe they own everything, and everyone? Do they still hold fast to the old belief system of the divine rights of kings? Are they jealous of the American dream of freedom and self determination? Are they really out to destroy such whimsical fantasies?

One thing is certain in my mind, these men wield tremendous power over our political system, far too much power. The politicians go out of their way to try to protect them. They make certain secrecy rules. They cover up or keep under wraps any nefarious dealings. They write laws to prevent close scrutiny of their activities. They prevent even their own organization from competing with them. They spew propaganda declaring that they are too big to fail when the too big should fail. They break and repeal old laws that might stand in the way of their complete economic domination over mankind. If the above questions are to ever have light shed upon them, we will need to sweep aside the politicians and the media lackeys who are protecting them.

There's one more fraud that seems to me has been perpetrated upon not only the American people, but people all over the world. That fraud is the notion that corporations, in particular extremely large multinational corporations, are straight forward businesses. I'm not talking about small time businesses that have incorporated, I'm talking about the supposedly too big to fail corporations that have formed cartels. It seems to me that these corporate interests have manipulated the public sector to do their bidding and are working to centralize their influence and rid the world of honest, hard working small business folk who might threaten to actually compete with them. These corporations have formed marriages with many governments, and there's something about the marriage of corporations and government that just doesn't sit right with me, more so if the corporation is a polygamist.

I know some small businesses have incorporated and some feel that they have to in order to compete and protect themselves. But there is a price to be paid. Remember, a corporation is a legal entity. Laws are written by government. When one becomes a legal entity, one becomes a government entity to a certain extent. When one has agreed to follow the government's set of rules in exchange for a measure of protection, one has given up a measure of one's sovereignty. One must follow government rules and regulations, even if they are contrary to what one might feel is best for the operation of the company. One is also subject to more expenses and higher taxes as a corporation, which is why government likes it. In a way, one purchases an insurance policy from government by incorporating. So, if one incorporates, in a roundabout sort of way, somebody else is helping to make business growth happen. A more accurate statement might be "if you have incorporated, someone else is making it easier for you to take risks." And now we have come full circle.

Politicians use language as a mechanism to gain control. I said earlier that politicians lie and break promises, but perhaps that's not quite accurate. It's more accurate to say politicians misrepresent their positions, or omit certain facts, or phrase their statements such that it sounds like they're stating something when they're actually stating something different. They don't break promises so much as they make ambiguous promises that can be fulfilled regardless of the harm their actions may cause. They certainly don't want to be perceived as liars and cheaters, even if that's exactly what they are. They want you to consent. They want you to do as they say even if you disagree with their policies. They want to easily control you, even when you feel wronged. They want you to remain the willing slave you are. They want to rule over sheeple, they do not want to serve a nation of free people.

It's time to stop listening to the propaganda and start judging by actions. It's time to get rid of the elephants and donkeys who haunt the halls of congress and replace them with free and independent human beings. It's time to dissent, or at least to support those who have the balls to dissent. It's time to say "no!" to the mandates and the dictates. It's time to stop shaking in your shoes and worrying about security. It's time to instead stand up tall and worry about freedom. It's time to restore the blessings of freedom so our children don't have to live their lives on their knees and dependent on others. It's time to enforce the Constitution. It's time to deny consent.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Private FRNs or Public Currency?

"Eowyn: The women of this country learned long ago, those without swords can still die upon them. I fear neither death nor pain.
Aragorn: What do you fear, my lady?
Eowyn: A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire."
From the movie "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"

What I'm about to propose is a state sponsored method of bailing the nation and perhaps the entire world out of a particularly nasty economic depression. This does not mean that I have suddenly changed sides and become a statist, though some of you may accuse me of being one after reading this, nor does it mean that I suddenly endorse state solutions to problems created by the state, it simply means that I can see a threat and sometimes the best way to counter a threat is to do something one might find distasteful. I used the above quote from the movie "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" because I felt it was quite appropriate for the situation we find ourselves in. The private owners of the Federal Reserve System long ago used the sword of government to create their monopoly on currency in this nation, and that sword will cut down the middle class if we don't learn to pick up that same sword or one very similar and use it to defend ourselves.

It becomes more and more obvious to me that the central bankers and the financial sector have usurped our government, and governments around the world, as time goes by. All one has to do is look at who's benefiting from the current economic conditions. All one has to do is look at who the politicians are maneuvering to protect. Just look at the Republican National Convention and how they've manipulated it to keep the voice of the Ron Paul supporters silent. Ron Paul was the only candidate that wants to end the Fed. I doubt very much that any of the other guys would seriously want to even audit that institution. This despite the fact that a law requiring a full audit of the Fed recently passed the House of Representatives by a huge margin.

Ron Paul was the only candidate that wants to get rid of the IRS. The other two major candidates simply argue about whether or not to raise taxes. According to many sources, every penny of income tax paid goes to pay off the interest on the debt owed to the private Federal Reserve. Not one penny goes to pay for whatever "service" you might want the government to provide. That's why the Constitution needed to be amended to allow for an income tax before the Federal Reserve Act was snuck through a legislature that had mostly gone home for Christmas in 1913. There wasn't even a plurality of senators or representatives present when the vote took place. The IRS is merely the enforcement arm to make sure the interest is paid by the working class of this country.

The Federal Reserve and the corporations that depend on its financial influence need to make certain that their people stay in charge of the executive branch. Why? Well, for one thing so they can use the bully pulpit of the president to spew their propaganda and muddy the waters of clearer thought. But, more importantly, I think they want to have the power of the United States military at their beck and call. They want to be able to use it to quell any dissention that might happen anywhere in the world if their cartels are threatened. The military is the arm of government that holds the sword that can be used to kill or to put a so called threat in a cage. The United States military isn't used for the defense of the people of the United States anymore, it's used to defend the interests of multinational corporations and central banking interests. If necessary the military could be used to force compliance with the wishes of those corporations and banking interests upon anyone who would wish to break the bonds of those corporations and try alternative methods of doing business which would compete with them.

The wars we see being fought in foreign lands are not defensive wars being fought to keep foreign invaders from coming over here, they are offensive wars being fought to keep a corporate elite empowered and their monetary schemes from collapsing. While they're punishing those who would oppose them, they're making money on the flip side selling weapons. It's a win and a windfall for them. It's death and destruction for any regime that might think the natural resources of their countries belong to the people of that country. It's an economic catastrophe and ruin for the common folk of this nation. That's why they must keep control of the executive branch.

So, what's the solution I mentioned earlier in this article? How can we get control of the office of the presidency back? How can we regain and reclaim the military that's supposed to defend and protect our nation, not the corporate interests? We saw what happened to Ron Paul's campaign at the Republican National Convention. We saw how they were kicked to the curb with no real recognition of their numbers and power. We know we won't be able to get enough people to vote for a principled third party candidate like Gary Johnson and even if we did we know that the fix is in. It's David versus Goliath all over again. How can we overcome such a giant?

It's really quite simple, and it's legal and peaceful and constitutional. We turn up the heat. We keep demanding an end to the Fed. We demand that those who want to govern obey the Constitution of this nation, and we remind them that the Constitution is the highest law of the land. We demand that they keep their oaths of office and expose them when they don't. We remind them that the Constitution delegates the power to mint and coin money to congress, and that they cannot pass that responsibility onto private interests who profit from such a government sanctioned monopoly. We then give them fair warning, either comply with the highest law in the land or face criminal sanctions.

You might think I'm dreaming, and maybe I am, but the law is on our side. Whether it can be enforced or not, that is where the question really lies. This is why I use the word "we" above. I really don't like to talk in the collective, but sometimes reality steps in and forces your hand. By "we" I mean people concerned with individual liberty and the natural rights of individuals being honored by people entrusted with government power. It's strange to think that those of us wanting to establish an individualist society and mindset should have to form a collective in order to do so, but there is strength in numbers. I know there's a lot more people out there who think like we do and have just kept their mouths shut even at this late date, but the time has come for all to speak out and be heard. We must let those who would rule us know that we are a power to be reckoned with and we are not going to give away our power that easily.

Do not let the conversation die. Let it be known far and wide that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned organization that our tax dollars pay for. Then let it be known that if the government printed treasury notes, it could get rid of the income tax and the IRS because it wouldn't have to pay interest on debt anymore. Furthermore, with the government in charge of the money creation, it could make money by collecting interest. It would loan out money only to businesses, like banks, who came to it for loans. Only those who wished to do business with the government would have to do business with it, the rest of us would be left alone. If enough people were to become aware of these facts, the political pressure we could put on our politicians would become so great that they wouldn't have a choice, they'd have to either succumb to the wishes of the people or become politically insignificant.

If we begin to once again enforce a legal definition of the dollar being a measure of silver, as it used to be, this solution becomes even better. The economy would quickly stabilize as everyone would know what the value of a dollar was and not be concerned that tomorrow it would loose value. The uncertainty in currency would be gone. The world would quickly once again accept the dollar as a reserve currency so long as they could trust that it would pay its value as a precious metal. Goods and services would soon be priced by market competition and the law of supply and demand and not by artificial mechanisms of the state and their corporate agents.

As a matter of course, the interest on our national debt would have to be forgiven. Whether or not we should even have to pay the principle would have to be determined. It can likely be shown that the whole scheme was a fraud and therefore we are not liable to pay it back, as was done in Iceland. Some bankers, and maybe even some politicians, might end up in jail. More importantly, those who have fleeced our nation of real wealth and commodities through fraud should have to return such wealth and commodities to the marketplace where they can be put to good use by the common folk. This is how it should be. The easiest way to accomplish this is with the power of government, the power of the many. Those in control of the private Federal Reserve have known for years that their scheme was fraudulent and criminal and would eventually collapse. A little honesty and prudence is all it would have taken to avoid the economic mess we find ourselves in, but their greed is insatiable. It's time to put humanity first.

I know that there are many who want to see a market solution to the currency problem, and I agree that there should be an end to the legal tender laws and the currency monopolies. I realize that a state run currency monopoly is also subject to corruption. However, it might be time to realize that those who don't use government can still suffer from government. As long as we have a federal government, we should strive to keep it on our side in whatever ways possible. When it comes to economics, if the government isn't protecting the interests of the common folk, then it's protecting the interests of someone else. It's protecting the interests of the ruling elites. It's protecting the interests of the corporate establishment and the financial sector. It's protecting the Fed. It doesn't matter who the president is or what party runs congress, it's time to end the Fed. Perhaps the best path to take to accomplish such a goal would be the path of least resistance.

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