Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aliens, the New World Order and Human Morality

I am, by nature I suppose, quite intrigued with the idea of physical alien beings of equal or superior intelligence living among the stars and occasionally coming to visit this planet. What would you expect from one who writes fantasy, science fiction and horror novels? It is perhaps because of this that I am more open minded to listening to theories and exploring evidence of what's going on behind the curtains of secrecy which are put up by many government and non government organizations which exercise power over the masses of humanity. I have been far down the rabbit hole and I have returned, hopefully with my sanity intact.

There are some who believe that aliens are in control of this world behind the scenes. Some have even suggested that maybe many of the so called leaders of our planet are actually aliens in disguise. More specifically, there has been a theory floated that people holding high political office are reptilian aliens who can change their appearance so they look human. These theories are, to say the least, interesting to explore. They can also be entertaining and, depending on how one looks at them, somewhat frightening. I don't know if there are aliens making the major decisions behind the scenes or not. I will say this though, it seems to me that whoever is making these decisions sure has some inhuman thought processes.

There has been for some time now something known as the New World Order trying to gain the trust of the world populace. Though some of our most powerful leaders have been speaking of it for decades, if not centuries, it remains a rather nebulous and poorly defined concept. I believe that the New World Order is a plan put into action long ago by a rather small cadre of the wealthy elite to consolidate world power into their hands. These people have produced all kinds of smoke and mirrors to keep the masses from finding out the truth of their plans. Alien or not, they are doing their best to push us toward a centralized one world government. They are using the massive wealth they've accumulated to push an authoritarian agenda that will consolidate all power into their hands.

These beings, be they alien or human, have actually had a lot of control of the world behind the scenes for a long time now. They operate in secret. They have hidden themselves in the shadows because they fear the common man. Perhaps more accurately, they fear what will happen to them should the common folk discover who they are and what they've been doing. They don't want to find themselves subjected to the same violence they've been visiting upon the masses of humanity for centuries, if not longer. I would like to believe that the eye of the common folk is turning upon them. They are being recognized for who they are and exposed. I think that if one or a couple were to come forward and confess that they might find humanity is still quite forgiving and it may save them from a gruesome fate.

Those who support the creation of this New World Order state publicly that they wish to do so for the betterment of mankind. Of course, I think these people are likely puppets controlled by the powerful beings behind the scenes. Most of them are politicians, professional bureaucrats, or spokespeople for mega international corporations. They say they wish to put an end to war. They say they wish to put an end to poverty. They say they wish to bring Utopia to earth and that they can do so by establishing a one world government to oversee every aspect of the lives of all citizens of the world. They lie.

One could ask one's self why it is that, if their policies are so beneficial to mankind, they are so secretive about their plans. Could it be that they're not telling us something? Could it be that they believe if their secrets are exposed the rest of humanity won't want to go along with them? Perhaps they're not telling us that they are behind most, if not all, of the wars over the last few centuries and that they created them for fun and profit and so that they could eventually use them as an excuse to create a collectivist, authoritarian one world government. Perhaps they're not telling us that in order to put an end to poverty they feel they need a massive human cull so that there's enough wealth for everyone. Perhaps they're not telling us that it is they, the unelected mega wealthy elite, who will decide how that cull will be carried out. Perhaps they're not telling us that they designed this current financial crisis as a way to usher in the final phase of their plans. Perhaps they worry that maybe, just maybe, if the common folk were to know the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt that they might become very angry and they certainly wouldn't want that anger aimed at them.

There are some who upon reading that would think I was paranoid. Perhaps I am. But isn't it true that there are times when one has reason to be paranoid? There are those at the top of the political heap who have openly spoken and written about eugenics. There are those in the corporate elite who have warned of a coming New World Order. There are those who can be considered the elite of the elite who have openly stated their beliefs that an intelligent class should rule over the masses of stupid humans. These are powerful, wealthy people with the means to put their plans for humanity into action. Why would one think they wouldn't do so?

One reason people have a tendency to think others who believe these sorts of things are paranoid is because of the reaction to them by the corporate established mass media. When someone makes such accusations, the talking heads are quick to laugh them off and dismiss them as crazy, paranoid conspiracy theorists. These are serious accusations, yet all the mass media big government shills seem able to do is laugh at the messengers in an attempt to make them big jokes. They don't ask the pertinent questions. They don't do any real investigative reporting. They often don't even give a cursory look into certain issues and when they do they misinform, disinform or even outright lie in an attempt to keep the realities hidden. It's no wonder the established corporate mass media has been losing customers while more and more people turn to alternative media, and even alternatives to the alternative media, to get their information.

I can't say whether the elite of the elite are alien or not. I can't say if those pulling the strings of the political puppets and the corporate establishment are alien or not. I can say this, the concept of freedom seems to be alien to them. The concepts of human compassion and morality also seem to be beyond their grasp. It seems to me that they are only interested in increasing their own power. It seems to me that they are only interested in enslaving millions and locking them into a system that only a very few mega elite have the power to change. It seems to me that these people have taken some very cold blooded measures to get as far as they already have. Personally, I don't want these people lording power over the world any longer.

There is a mystique over the New World Order that I think those in charge of instilling it have purposefully ministered. They wish us to think they are super powerful. They wish us to think they are unbeatable. They wish us to believe they are better than the common folk, they know more than the common folk, that they know hidden secrets the rest of us don't, and that they should rule over the masses of humanity because of these things. I know it's mundane, and I can't say for sure, but I'm 99% certain that these beings aren't aliens from another planet or plane of existence. I believe they are just very greedy people. I believe that they are power hungry to the extreme. I believe they want to be worshipped by all people as they likely are by many already when they go out in public. I even believe that many of them have good intentions and believe what they are doing is the right thing to do. I also believe that those with good intentions might be willfully deluding themselves. I believe that the only occult secret these people know is how to control and manipulate the masses of humanity and stay hidden.

I think there is much the elite do not know. I think there is much they do not understand. I think there is much they underestimate. It seems to me that they do not know empathy. It seems to me they do not understand human morality. It seems to me they are underestimating the yearning mankind has to be free and determine one's own destiny through one's own means. That's why I believe that as they move closer to their goal they will find more and more resistance. That's why I believe there will never be a successful, collectivist, authoritarian one world government. That's why I believe they are destined to fail. Collectivism and authoritarianism is the old way. The truly new way for mankind to evolve is toward more liberty and an individualist philosphy.

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