Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Confiscating Liberty

This article was originally published on Nov. 18th, 2007 at americanchronicle.com

On Wednesday, November 14th, 2007, agents from the FBI and Secret Service raided the offices of American Liberty Dollar in Evansville, Indiana and the mint they do business with. They confiscated all their records, their gold, silver, copper and platinum. They confiscated tons of Ron Paul liberty dollars. They confiscated anything that had to do with the business. As far as any of us knows, the only records as to who is owed what, and the records of how much precious metal there was, is now in the hands of the government, a government who has time and again lied to the public in order to further their own agendas and line their own pockets. Are we supposed to trust these people now? There was a time in this country when I would have given them the benefit of the doubt. That time has passed.

This action is strangely reminiscent of the gold confiscation of 1933. In the depths of the depression, in order to keep from sinking further into monetary crisis, President Roosevelt ordered all privately owned gold to be confiscated by the United States government. This is because there was still a gold standard in place and the people of the country could use gold as an alternative to the notes issued by the Federal Reserve. The Fed wanted to control and issue all the gold, all the money the American public could spend. In that way, it could manipulate it to suit its own agenda. Roosevelt agreed with them and allowed them this monopoly over our money. They took our gold, the gold owned by the citizenry of the United States, in exchange for their paper. Perhaps the Fed feels that the Liberty Dollar was gaining too much popularity. Perhaps that is why the raid occurred. A monopoly abhors competition.

Wolf Blitzer reported on CNN that the secret service had confiscated the Ron Paul Liberty Dollars. It was suggested that the secret service considered this election tampering. It was also suggested that the practice of putting someone’s face on a coin before they were president was illegal. The Ron Paul Liberty Dollar is not legal tender, however, and everyone knows this. Bernard Von Nothaus, the creator of the Liberty Dollar, has made certain that his customers know they are not dealing with legal tender. The pure silver, copper, gold and platinum medallions he makes can be voluntarily exchanged for goods or services, just as toothpicks, cigarettes, or any other medium can be used as long as the parties in question agree to the exchange. If it’s not legal tender, the owner should be able to put anyone he wants on it. I doubt this was about keeping Ron Paul’s name out of the spotlight. If it was, then it wasn’t very well thought through as the raid actually gained Ron Paul some free publicity. It seems to me that this raid signals something far more ominous coming in the days ahead.

There are all kinds of indicators going off that the dollar is in trouble. The war in Iraq has gone on for far too long and has cost the American people far too much in terms of life and treasure. There have been far too many Federal Reserve notes printed the last few years. The purchasing power of the dollar is weaker than it has ever been. My mother pointed out to me the other day that the government leaves the cost of energy and food out of the inflation reports. She explained to me that not only would this keep the inflation rate artificially low, but that in this way the government doesn’t have to give those collecting social security the true cost of living increase they deserve. It’s sad when the cost of a war falls upon the shoulders of those who can least afford it and those who most oppose it. As the value of Federal Reserve notes continue to fall, people will be on the look out for a more stable currency. Precious metals do not lose value. They look very appealing to many right now.

I doubt very much this raid was done as a result of any crime perpetrated by American Liberty Dollar. This raid was not in response to a specific coin being minted. This raid is an attempt to keep precious metal out of the hands of the American people. These men have confiscated not the materials of one man who should eventually be vindicated. Much of the precious metal confiscated was already sold. It belongs to the individuals that paid for it. Most of the coins confiscated were also paid for. These agents of the state have confiscated the precious metal owned by the people. They have confiscated your right to use whatever method any given citizens agree upon to use for barter. They have confiscated our liberty. They have confiscated one of our God given rights, the right to freely associate. This is the true nature of the raid on American Liberty Dollar. Don’t be surprised if agents of the state come knocking upon your door sometime soon and ask for your gold.

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