Monday, January 21, 2008

New Hampshire Obviously Doesn’t Want Change, Do You?

This article was originally published at on Jan. 9th, 2008

The votes have been counted from the New Hampshire primary. McCain has been declared the winner of the Republican primary and Clinton has been declared the winner on the Democrat side. I sit in a state of disbelief. Lately in this campaign season I’ve heard much about change. I’ve heard Barak Obama talk about being the candidate of change. Hillary Clinton has claimed she is the one who could change things. Mike Huckabee has claimed he is the outsider that can march into Washington DC and deliver change. What change would they deliver? Would they end the wars we are involved in and bring our troops home as soon as possible? Would they change monetary policy and bring us a dollar backed by something, anything besides debt, a dollar that would not inflate, a dollar that would not end up worthless if I was to save one? Would they stop the insane printing of money? Would they introduce sound fiscal policy? Would they cut the federal government down to proper size? Would they restore the guarantees protecting our human rights as guaranteed by our constitution? Would they protect our borders? Would they get the government out of our lives and let us live as we want to live, or will they continue to exert more and more control over us until their control is total?

Ron Paul is the only candidate with definitive policies to deliver substantive change to our political system. McCain, Clinton, Giuliani, Edwards, Romney, Huckabee and Obama all promise more war in Iraq, more death for our men, more genocide for the Iraqis, more destruction and irradiation of southwest Asia, and more money (your tax dollars at work) for their comrades in the military industrial complex. This is not change. They refuse to get our ships out of the Persian Gulf and will most likely end up going to war with Iran. This is not change. They will not rescind any of the unconstitutional laws passed by this congress and George W. Bush. They will not protect our borders. They will continue to print money to pay for their wars until it isn’t worth the paper it's printed on or the ink that colors it. This is not change. These candidates represent the same old, same old. They do not represent the common man. They are criminals trashing the highest law in the land and not caring one iota for anyone other than themselves, their friends and contributors. One wonders if they ever even bothered to read the constitution, let alone if they understand its meaning.

New Hampshire calls itself the “Live Free or Die” state. After these results, I must laugh at that motto. The citizens of New Hampshire obviously need a little lesson in the meaning of freedom. I guess they are no different than any other citizens in these Socialist States of America. Just in terms of the issue of the wars, there are several other candidates besides any of the Democrats or Republicans who ended up on the top in New Hampshire. I’ve seen polls that claim nearly 70% of Americans oppose the war and yet 90% of the voters casting ballots in New Hampshire cast them for candidates who voted for the war and who have no clear cut strategy or timeline to get out of Iraq. Ron Paul isn’t the only anti-war candidate, Kucinich and Gravel also call for the immediate withdraw of our troops from Iraq. The candidates who finished first in New Hampshire have not only waffled on withdraw of our troops from Iraq, but they have also refused to take the option of attacking Iran off the table. Iran poses no security threat to the United States and attacking them would be immoral and illegal under international law. Why is it that in the “Live Free or Die” state, where change is being called for, did the candidates for change do so poorly? Is it the herd mentality at work? Assuming there was no election fraud, and there may have been some but probably not much, then it is difficult to say exactly what happened. One would have thought that in such a state more voters would have done their homework. Either that, or the people have been fooled and believe that they actually did vote for anti-war candidates. Or, the people of New Hampshire are actually in favor of American hegemony and hence in favor of the war. In any case, the results are discouraging.

If Americans choose to continue to vote for the status quo, then so be it. Clinton or McCain, Obama or Huckabee, Edwards or Romney, there is no real difference between any of these people. They all want big government, the bigger the better. They all want to keep extorting money from you. They all want to control your life. They all want power. If the people voting for these big government politicians want to submit to that and remain subservient to the state, that’s fine with me. If they don’t mind sending their children overseas to fight in foreign wars for the profits of the huge corporations influencing our government officials, that’s their business. I hope they don’t mind if I opt out of their little program. Then again, if I decide to opt out, I might end up dead or imprisoned as the force of the state is applied to make me cooperate against my will. Perhaps when people see their neighbors being taken away and imprisoned for deciding how to run their own lives, perhaps then they’ll finally get it. Freedom doesn’t come cheap, and yet the price one pays for service to the state is much more expensive. The state may destroy your life if you seek freedom, but it will destroy your grandchildren’s lives if you choose servitude.

Let us hope the other states vote for real change as the primaries continue. For my part, if Ron Paul eventually loses, I will keep spreading the word of freedom the best I can while I’m able to. A movement has begun and there isn’t much that can be done to stop the snowball as it rolls downhill. The more people who hear and understand the message of freedom, the more they will demand liberty and the harder it will become for those who seek control to stop the snowball. This movement may stall at times, there are those who will try to censor the message, but freedom and liberty are ideas that have survived for hundreds of years. They are ideas that live in the hearts of men. They are ideas carried in the spirit of human kind. These ideas will not die so long as human beings walk upon this earth.

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