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A Speech to be Read by Ron Paul to the RNC

This article was originally published at on Sept. 5th, 2008

Some time ago, in the spring of 2008, I was contacted by someone involved with Ron Paul’s candidacy and asked to write a speech to be given at the RNC. It was to be a speech designed to entice the undecided delegates into casting their votes for Ron Paul to run for the office of President of the United States as the Republican candidate. Apparently this person had read some of my pro Ron Paul articles and felt I was perhaps talented enough to write a persuasive speech. There was at first a misunderstanding, however, and I started to write a speech for Dr. Paul to read. This was not what they wanted as I guess that Ron Paul most likely writes his own speeches, although I’m not sure. I never completed the speech as I found out it wasn’t meant to be read by Ron Paul, but by another Republican in favor of a Ron Paul candidacy. I felt my readers would be interested in what I did write for Ron Paul, however, and so here I present as much of the speech I wrote for Ron Paul to read at the RNC as I finished.

The Speech

“Ladies and gentlemen, friends and neighbors, fellow citizens of this great nation, fellow Republicans, I come before you tonight not as one seeking power, not as a man seeking your permission to rule over you, but as a compatriot genuinely worried about the direction this country has taken, and as a man deeply concerned about the fate of this political party. I do not come before you as one ready to beg to be allowed to lead, but rather as a man willing to take the reins of leadership and yet empower the common man, the rank and file of this Grand Old Party, the passengers on this ship of state, to determine the direction we shall take.

The politics of old are dying. We are observing an empire in its death throes. And yet we don’t have to watch it happen. Our nation can be the greatest on earth once again. Our people are industrious. They are willing to work hard to prevent collapse. They are willing to make the necessary changes and sacrifices necessary to rebuild our standing in the world. But this is, as it has always been, a nation of free people. They must be allowed to use their natural ingenuity. They must be allowed to use their inherent capability to innovate. It is up to the leadership of this country to see to it the people can operate in markets unencumbered by government regulation. It is up to the leadership of this country to provide the people with the tools they need to rebuild. It is up to the leadership of this country to stand up to the powers that have dragged us down into the financial depths of despair and demand that constitutional money be reinstated as the money of this nation. It is time for our people to be trading money that represents the honest labor of their fellow man rather than his debt and servitude. And it is time to stop running an empire we can no longer afford, to bring our troops home, and to put to work the peace dividends such a move would create.

None of my opponents will even publicly recognize these problems. They wish to blind the electorate to these very real hazards. They wish to lead this nation into more war. They wish to lead this nation into more debt. They wish to lead this nation into more servitude. Of that there is no doubt, and you only have to listen to their empty rhetoric to realize that their answers only lead us further down a ruinous path that has already greatly cost us in lost lives, treasures, and the rights we so greatly cherish and our forefathers sacrificed so much to gain.

I ask to be the Republican candidate not to rule, but to serve. I wish to pursue not a policy of war, but one of peace, not a policy of occupation, but one of friendship, not a policy of empire, but one of goodwill and fair trade.

Our opponents would continue waging wars of empire. To do so, they must maintain a policy of monetary monopoly rather than competition. They would steal the future from our children and grandchildren, putting off the inevitable for as long as they can. They would push repayment off on their distant progeny if possible, knowing they will be long buried before payment comes due. They would sentence the unborn to a life of servitude rather than dealing with these problems themselves. Yet there is still hope if we don’t sell ourselves out. There is still a chance we can slip out of this financial yoke and regain our wealth. Our founders foresaw this eventuality and gave us the answer in the constitution. We have to but listen to them.”

That was as much of this speech as I ever completed before I realized I was writing for the wrong person and switched gears. I’m certain I was going to go on and talk about the government respecting the rights of the individual as guaranteed in our Constitution. These are, in fact, the principles which will help us to regain the respect of other nations rather than their fear and disdain. These are the principles which will lift humanity from the servitude of others and help create a world of respect and honor of each sovereign individual.

I still plan on writing in my vote for Ron Paul, for I refuse to vote for either of these two major party candidates who I find despicable. Both McCain and Obama will do nothing to shrink government. It will continue to grow like a cancer upon mankind until it metastasizes and kills its host. I refuse to be a part of a system that continues to infringe upon the rights of my fellow human beings. I refuse to voluntarily take part in a system that continues to steal from me and my neighbors. It seems America has been given a choice between communism or fascism, and I will not vote for either one. I desire only my freedom, and I pray that enough people come to realize they are no longer truly free and begin to do something about it before it’s too late.

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