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The Most Frightening Monster Ever

As an author of horror novels, I have a fascination with evil creatures that force their ways into the lives of innocents for nefarious purposes. I think classical monsters are the best. They can all fall into certain categories. Dracula, or vampire type monsters, lull and mesmerize their victims into thinking they’re dealing with some nice, charming type of being and then become parasites, sucking the life essence from their victim. Frankenstein, or zombie type monsters are mindless, usually wondering aimlessly about killing and committing violence for no apparent reason (other than occasionally feasting on brains). Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type fiends are particularly interesting and dangerous because you never know which one you’ll encounter when meeting this bipolar psychopath. Wolfman type monstrosities are kind of a combination of zombie and Dr. Jekyll types, only with the killing and mayhem taking place because of the feral side of human nature rather than because of pure mindlessness. Lastly we have perhaps the most heinous of all, the demon type creature. This would include Satan. These intelligent and thoughtful tricksters will make you believe they are your friends and helping you when in fact they are concerned only with their own evil schemes, their power and acquiring the souls that make them powerful.

Which is the best monster? Which is the evilest? Which is the most frightening? I’ve always thought the ultimate monster would be the one that combines the evilest attributes and intentions of all of the above. I have personally tried to incorporate as many of these characteristics as possible into the evil villains I write about in my novels. The purpose is to keep readers in suspense and hopefully provide a twist when they discover the truth. I’ve been told I do a pretty good job of that, but there is something to the saying that truth is stranger than fiction. There is, in this world, a real monster that combines all the evils of those mentioned above and perhaps some that I have yet to mention.

One might wonder what real life monster would be more frightening than those infamous fictional creations mentioned above. Is it some mass murderer? Is it some sicko who has committed unspeakable crimes against his fellow humans? Is it some mutant who has cast away the last vestiges of his humanity and decided to take vengeance on all those who have ostracized and castigated him? Actually, the monster I’m talking about is not an individual, it is an institution. The most frightening monster in my opinion is the Federal Reserve Bank.

Now, the Federal Reserve is really just a type of a creature known as a “central bank” which control the currencies of many nations in this world. They have been around for some centuries now. The founders of our nation were certainly aware of the existence of these evil institutions as there was much debate between different factions within the original US colonies as to whether or not to allow one in this nation. In the end the founders who favored a central bank managed to get their way, but the debate went on and the first Bank of the United States became defunct in 1811. The Second Bank of the United States was imposed on the people of this nation in 1816 and again lasted only twenty years or so when it was in effect shut down by Andrew Jackson. After the failures of those two institutions the populous in the United States did not have to worry about a central bank and the corruption inherent in such a monopolistic monetary device until 1913 when a few powerful, moneyed, elite individuals who had been manipulating and conniving for the establishment of such a bank saw their plans come to fruition. In effect, the Federal Reserve was US central bank part 3 and would prove to be more diabolical than its predecessors.

The Federal Reserve is so much like the classical monsters I mentioned at the beginning of this article the comparisons are frightening. They are like vampires in that they had to be invited into the country in order to enter. Once inside, they mesmerized their victims with promises impossible to keep. They then proceeded to suck the lifeblood from the economy, enriching themselves while depriving their victim of their rightful earnings through inflation.

Like the wolfman and his ilk, they attacked viciously by insisting congress levy a burdensome income tax on the American people, a tax that was necessary to bring the Federal Reserve into existence. In order to achieve this they actually had to amend the constitution of the United States of America, something that should be quite difficult to do. They accomplished this feat through a great deal of guile and stealth worthy of the most cunning predator. To this day the whole episode remains controversial, but there is no doubt that after 1913 with the passing of the 16th amendment and the creation of the Federal Reserve the wholesale taxation of the American populace began.

Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, one never knows what kind of personality is going to be exhibited by the Federal Reserve. An examination of what’s been happening over the last few years is a good example. One day the economy is chugging along just fine and Fed spokesmen are telling us there’s nothing to worry about, the next day there’s a credit crisis, the housing market (bubble) is collapsing and hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars needed to be created in order to keep the wealthiest of the elite in business. The bailouts alone perhaps murdered (or at least greatly hindered) the opportunities that would have been created for hundreds of small firms to grow as they filled the vacuum that would have been created by the collapse of the larger institutions.

While I don’t know that I’d say that the Federal Reserve is like a zombie, I would say that it behaves in an even more destructive manner by helping to create a population of economic zombies. With the rise of the Federal Reserve in the United States of America came the rise of overly complicated economic theories that dealt not with real economics, but with justifications to allow indebtedness and credit to be the driving factors behind the engines of economics. These theories tried to replace the organic realities of trading real goods and services for money that had already been earned and was defined by tangible substances such as precious metals with the manmade construct of trading goods and services for future earnings using paper debt notes backed only by a promise to pay and the force of government created legal tender laws.

The complications and twists of logic necessary to impose such an institution upon a population cause the minds of many ordinary folks to shut down when it comes to economics. Most people don’t want to think so hard about functions that are otherwise intuitive even to the youngest minds. The basic principle of “I have something you want and you have something I want so let’s trade” is very simple and intuitive. The concept of using precious metals for coins as a basis for trading amongst a large set of people to simplify otherwise complicated bartering deals is also relatively straight forward. The concept of creating money from nothing, on demand by virtue that someone wants to borrow it, is so foreign and incomprehensible to most people that they simply stop trying to grasp the concept. They accept that the Fed is a necessary institution because other people who understand “economics” better than they do say it is, hence they have become mindless in money matters preferring to keep a system that makes no sense because of the perception that it makes their life easier when in fact it is the engine that is making their financial life more difficult.

Another concept that the Federal Reserve has harpooned in its effort to create a population of monetary zombies is the concept of supply and demand. This relatively simple concept that prices rise and fall as supply rises or falls against demand is also simple and straight forward. The same concept should be applied to interest rates. It is applied to the money supply in that as more money is created it becomes less valuable. Inflation is the increase in the money supply. The money supply has become inflated. People don’t seem to want to think about that. This zombie effect has led us all down a path into perpetual debt.

Satan himself would have a hard time competing with the schemers that came up with the Federal Reserve. They used financial disasters likely caused by manipulations and mechanisms employed by the very moneyed elite that wanted to set up the Fed in the first place to instill fear and doubt in the developing American middle class. They sweet talked their way into the hearts of the general populace with promises of economic growth and monetary stability. They then proceeded to infect the body politic with their enticing propaganda to make such an institution seem indispensable to the American people. They did this to trick the people into believing the system of free enterprise was responsible for the nation’s economic woes and into supporting their cause. They did this to capture the economic soul of the United States. It worked. They now hold most of the money, gold, power and control.

The Federal Reserve might be the most perfect monster ever created by mankind, but it can be defeated. Certain promises were made at its conception and those promises have not been kept. The Fed was supposed to provide an engine to prosperity and stability. Instead we got inflation and debt notes that have lost 95% of their value since they were first printed. Instead we got boom and bust cycles that leave the middle and lower classes reeling while the wealthy elite acquire more and more with each downturn. Instead we got a warfare/welfare state that could not have been financed with honest money. Instead of becoming and maintaining the prosperous, freedom loving society that America was destined to be, we have built a world empire that we can no longer afford and a debt burden we may never be able to pay back, all thanks to the financial and accounting voodoo of the Federal Reserve.

We don’t have to allow this creation of the monetary elite to continue. We can arrest its incessant advances into our economic freedoms and take back our future. We can call on the owners and those in charge of this institution to account for their failures. We can insist on a long overdue audit of the Federal Reserve and support all those in congress who are making the effort to do just that. Once the American people see just how corrupt this organization is, once they come to a full understanding of just how monstrous this creation of the European central banks and the moneyed elite is, then we can abolish it and make sure no institution is ever again able to gain so much control of our economy by allowing monetary competition and only honest money to circulate instead of debt notes. Maybe then we can all sleep better and not have to worry about a monster under the bed.

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