Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Human Driven Climate Change; Greed and the Manipulation of Science

I do have a bit of a science background. Granted, it's not much, but it is enough to understand certain concepts that others might have trouble wrapping their minds around. It was at least partially due to this background, due to being trained in the scientific method, observation, and critical thinking, that I began to question this notion of man made global warming, or human driven climate change. There was just so much that didn't make sense to me. But that wasn't all I learned by attending a university. It wasn't all about science, math and liberal arts. I learned quite quickly how a bureaucracy works. I learned that a bureaucracy doesn't care about truth, about what is right or what is wrong, about principle, or about anything ethical that might be of concern to an ordinary human, a bureaucracy only cares about money and paperwork.

I was excited by the news I heard this weekend that hackers, or someone, had managed to get their hands on emails between scientists that claim climate change is mostly caused by humans, and yet in another way I was strangely saddened. I was excited because these emails show that, as I suspected all along, the impact that mankind has had on climate change has been seriously exaggerated all along. These scientists who have been promoting a vision of mankind's power to change climate and the ability to control the awesome wonders of nature by taxing human innovation and manufacturing have been manipulating data and public perception. They have been chilling dissenting views with threats and intimidation. They have been seeking, along with powerful political allies, to create a system of trade in the form of carbon credits for their own personal benefit no matter how devastating such a device would be to whole economies. This debate has never been about climate change or helping the planet to cope with mankind's industry, it has always been about power, about control, and about money. It has always been about a greedy few who want all the wealth. It has always been about creating kings and subjugating men.

I was, however, saddened by how I learned of this news and how it is yet being reported. It should be everywhere and in front of everyone, yet it is not. One has to look for it, at least a little. News stories about this affair have reported that hackers broke into a server at the University of East Anglia and stole data including emails. The corporate media may try to concentrate on this fact and not explore the information that was in the emails. They may try to spin the news to make the information revealed a non issue. They may also try to avoid the discussion as to whether it was really hackers that exposed these climate change “experts” for the hoaxers they are, or was it an insider who decided to blow the whistle on the fraud that was being perpetrated against the whole of the human race. The latter seems to me to be the more likely explanation. I will go out on a limb here and make a guess that at some point in time, maybe in a couple of weeks after they've had time to backtrack and get their stories straight, those involved will be given a chance by their media friends to explain away the condemning emails as simple misunderstanding.

There are other aspects to this story I am worried about. Some news organizations have decided to ignore this story and are not reporting on it. These would of course be the organizations most likely to be watched by the human driven climate change faithful. It was reported that the BBC had their hands on this information five weeks before it got out into the public. The BBC could have broken a major story with worldwide political and economic implications and they decided to sit on it? Sort of makes one wonder where their real interests are. It's certainly not with the people. It's certainly not in reporting the news. This gives one pause to think, what other information are these people not releasing to the public because of the impact it might have on the corporate or government friends who support them?

I worry that there are still supporters and proponents of human driven climate change that still won't get it. I worry that they will argue that these emails mean nothing, that the cause is more important than the science. I worry that they will continue to let their faith blind them regardless of the evidence set at their feet. There are those who are so wrapped up in their beliefs, they have so much of their time, thought, emotion and perhaps even finances invested, that they simply will not be able to bring themselves to accept the reality of what has occurred. As long these people exist and continue to accept the word of these scientists without question, they can be used to help enable those who wish to use the fear of global warming to tax and gain power over the common folk.

I feel there should be a complete and full investigation into this matter and arrests should be made for fraud. After all, these people stood to gain financially through future government research grants and likely in ways as yet uncovered. I doubt this will happen. Those who would be in charge of such investigations also stood to gain from this scam and it is possible many of them are involved. Though there is likely plausible deniability in place, there are likely several aspects of this affair that certain powerful people don't want exposed. If major media outlets were to raise a stink about what is going on and launch their own investigations, do some real investigative reporting for a change, then it would be possible those in power would be forced to do something if just for appearances. This doesn't seem likely either, judging from early media reaction to this news. The Fox network may be an exception, we will have to wait and see. Yet even if all the media reported fairly on this discovery I feel there would still be a few who would continue to believe and idolize Al Gore and his ilk. There are always some who will take their denial to the grave.

As I've said in two recent articles and earlier in this article, the man made climate change scare has not been about climate change or the environment at all, but about money, power and control. I've been saying this for years. I would like to be able to say I told you so to those out there who have berated me and my opinion, but I cannot. First off, it's not a nice thing to do and I hate it when it happens to me, and it has happened. But secondly, there is still an elite out there that want to carry through this agenda of theirs. They want a world socialist government, a world bureaucracy if you will, and they'll use every tactic they can think of to get it. These are intelligent, rich, greedy, powerful individuals that may still have a couple of tricks up their sleeves, or may just not care at this late date what we think and what evidence has been exposed. They may simply force this agenda through. Yet they still want something from us. They want obedience. They want us to think of ourselves as powerless. Keep this in mind as events unfold over the next couple of weeks on the road to Copenhagen. Watch what happens and how they react. Remember that sometimes the best course of action is to peacefully refuse to obey. Remember that you have the power to say “No.”

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