Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Treasonous Corporate Media

I have a small following. There are not millions of people yet reading my commentaries and hanging on every word. More and more are waking up to the ideas I express, but there are many other people besides me, thank god, that are also expressing these ideas. There are many others who are likely better at expressing these ideas than I am and there are many that more people follow on a regular basis. There are those making video and radio media with a freedom message that have reached millions. Print media is on the decline. The power of the written word is waning as the power of audio video reaches more and more of the masses. People just don’t read as much as they used to.

Even though the above is true, I am sometimes amazed at the following I do have. With all the money and corporate sponsorship the mainstream media garners, I’m amazed anyone pays any attention to this writer whatsoever. But it seems to me that the television news networks, the mainstream news outlets and the large newspapers have all dropped the ball. They have failed to be honest. They have betrayed the trust of the American people and we can all see the results in the falling subscription rates of newspapers and the loss of viewers suffered by the news networks. Many might claim this is a natural phenomena due simply to the advent of the Internet, but I’ve heard from several people that they go to the Internet for the information because they can no longer believe the information they are getting from more traditional sources.

The corporate media is dying. It’s controlled and more people than they care to admit know it. More and more of the common folk are discovering not only that they’ve been lied to and manipulated, but that they’ve been continuously lied to for decades and laughed at by those doing the lying. In short, the corporate media has betrayed the common man. They have taken their place at the feet of big government and big, multi national corporations and have repeatedly buried stories, or refused to properly investigate, or otherwise misinformed the public when such reporting could make their masters look bad. It really is no wonder they have lost the public trust.

But it goes beyond that. Many people have begun to realize just how much propaganda they’ve been exposed to. They’re beginning to understand that the mass media is in the business of controlling how they think. I can’t put my finger on just when the scales started to tip, but I believe the last couple of elections have really opened many eyes. People have begun to realize that the left/right paradigm is a fallacy due to the refusal of politicians to carry through with the obvious mandates that put them in office while the corporate media political pundits continue to cheerlead for one of two parties that show no significant philosophical differences. The people have no choice but to look elsewhere if they wish to find opinion that more closely matches their own.

Still the corporate media is trying to fool the masses. Still they are trying to think of more subtle and diabolical ways to do it. They know what side their bread is buttered on and they know where the money comes from. They have a vested interest in serving certain government policies because their corporate masters profit from those policies. Weren’t we warned to beware of the military/industrial complex? There are billions, if not trillions, of dollars to be made in war. Death merchants gain tremendously if they can keep the populous worried about some nefarious boogiemen in a far off land that threaten to destroy a way of life if they are not bombed into oblivion. The deaths of innocents go unnoticed if their stories remain unreported and far away. Out of sight, out of mind.

How about the security/industrial complex? Many people make money when the populace is in fear of their safety and demanding more complex and intrusive security devices. Could that be the real reason corporate media hypes up terror stories like the underwear bomber and the arrests of stooges “plotting” terror attacks but never quite able to carry them out? Is that why eye witness stories go unreported while more fearful versions are propagated? Is it possible that agent provocateurs are working for the interests of those who would profit from a surveillance society? Don’t forget that government itself generates revenue by spying on its people, and they do so in spite of the fact that red light cameras cause more accidents than they prevent and it has been shown that there are more effective ways than cameras to prevent crime. These are issues that corporate media will at best only touch upon to create an illusion of caring, any deep probe into such subjects would likely cause damage to the corporate interests that pay for the media and create a public outrage that would be hard to contain.

Let’s not forget about the medical/industrial complex. This corporate entity has grown tremendously in its influence over the past few decades. It preys upon the human fear of the natural processes that eventually lead to old age and death. People looking for miracle cures and to reconnect with youth want so much to believe and trust in the medical establishment and manmade drugs that they forget to look into remedies that nature provides. They are sold everything from impotency cures, to antacids, to cholesterol inhibitors without checking out for themselves the possible side effects and the damage such drugs could do to them. The American corporate media keeps quiet about many of the improprieties of the medical/industrial complex as evidenced by the recent coverage of the admitted flu vaccination scam in Europe but not in the United States. If you want to know why this is so, one has only to notice how many ads on television are for medications.

People still talk amongst themselves. More and more people who understand the truth are beginning to speak out. Even some of the most hardcore and trusting of the sheeple are starting to reinitiate their centers of thought and starting to question what they’ve been told. And yet the paradigm shift cannot happen soon enough. There are still too many zombies out their letting their minds fill up with the drivel spewing from the corporate media. Significant news is glossed over while trivial reports on the antics of celebrities are dwelled upon. Those who wish to know have abandoned the traditional news sources while those who remain comfortable in the corporate delusions presented to them refuse to seek other sources and choose to remain willfully ignorant.

As freedom loving people, I don’t believe we should yet abandon those people. I don’t believe we should give up on the corporate media. Their veneer is starting to crack. There is talk of censoring the Internet and criminalizing free speech, but I believe that if such measures are taken by the powers that be they will backfire. Furthermore, I believe that we should be proactive and try to win back the loyalty of the corporate media. Television is still interested in ratings. If enough people began to contact networks and ask for more coverage of meaningful stories I believe that would have an effect on them. If enough people showed interest in returning to the corporate media audience should they once again become principled, that would certainly give the executives of media companies something to think about. In some ways this is already beginning to happen, but only slowly and with limited results. It will take a long time before networks abandon their proclivity to express collectivist thinking unless they are overwhelmed with the public’s desire to learn more about individualism.

The corporate media has its hands on the levers of some powerful tools. They should have been a watchdog against the growing power of government. They should have sounded the alarm against the corruption that has rotted the system. Apparently there was not enough money in doing so. Apparently they thought they could maintain a monopoly on information and continue to rake in extreme revenues while keeping the public blind to the truth of world events. The competition of the Internet and alternative media has prevented the total takeover and complete enslavement of human minds. If we could convince just one network to broadcast a principled message of liberty and individualism to the masses, I’ve no doubt that its ratings would soar. Such a network would have the potential to free the minds of millions.

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