Friday, May 21, 2010

Politicians Use Devious Mind Tricks to Protect the Fed

There is no issue in the world today more important, in my opinion, than the issue of the nature of the Federal Reserve and central banking and replacing this system with a fairer, more equitable, more accountable system. I believe that fiat money systems are at the root of most of the problems we face today. I want to see more transparency at the Federal Reserve and so do many other ordinary Americans, even those who just a few years ago were all but completely unaware that the Federal Reserve bank even existed. Many common folk have awakened and are now seeking out the reasons the world remains in such a financial funk. This is why Ron Paul was able to garner such support and so many co-sponsors for his "Audit the Fed" bill in the House of Representatives.

This was one reason I joined and decided to start using them. They are involved in the push to audit the Fed. Recently this push kind of changed its direction just a little. The language in Ron Paul's simply worded HR1207 and the senate version S604 found its way as an amendment into a bill, Chris Dodd's "Restoring American Financial Stability Act," that grants the Federal Reserve even more power to control our economy. The Senate leadership, along with the Obama administration, attempted to quietly remove any audit at all from the legislation, but other senators insisted on amending the bill and attaching an audit provision. One proposal submitted by Senator David Vitter called for a more comprehensive audit such as Ron Paul's bill while Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a watered down version calling for a one time audit of only the emergency (bail out) funds that were recently created by act of Congress.

To make things clear, I'd like to see a complete and full audit of the Federal Reserve. I'd like to see it then abolished due to its malfeasance and unconstitutionality. I'd then like to see those responsible for the financial mess they caused held personally accountable. Finally, I'd like to see honest currency provided to the people based on some real commodity (such as precious metals) as is constitutionally mandated. I did, however, email my senators to request that they support the Vitter amendment over the Sanders amendment. I figured this was the better of the two choices and a step in the right direction. The Sanders amendment is little better than nothing, but still allows way too much secrecy to remain in terms of overall Federal Reserve processes.

I received an email from Senator Dick Durbin the next day. He claimed to have voted for the audit of the Fed. I had earlier looked it up and noticed he, and my other senator, Roland Burris, had voted against the Vitter amendment. They had both voted for the weak Sanders amendment. This greatly upset me. Mr. Durbin's email was very disingenuous. He had taken a request I made and tried to make it sound as if he was on the same page as I. This is the trick they use, they pass a castrated bill that merely appears to be in agreement with public sentiment while in reality being no threat to the established status quo.

To me, this is akin to someone who asks some child if she wants a kitten. Of course the child wants the kitten. The child is all excited as she waits for the kitten to show up, but when it does, the person brings a tiny statuette of a kitten. Or, worse yet, he brings a dead kitten. The fraud here is obvious. Though the person giving the kitten can claim to have been truthful, he wasn't honest. This dishonesty is inherent in the email I received from Mr. Dick Durbin, in the Sanders amendment and in the political process that has become so corrupt in general.

Mr. Durbin may claim to have done the right thing, but he knows better. So do all the senators that voted against the Vitter amendment. They realize that the amendment they voted against was the one favored by the common folk. They don't have the testicular fortitude to openly state that they support their elitist friends and feel they know better in these financial matters than the rest of us and should rule over us all. Of course not, that would be political suicide. Instead, they propose fractional measures to create the illusion that they are carrying out the will of the people. It's not going to work on me any more. I can see through the illusion and the slight of hand.

I, for one, am sick and tired of being treated like a fool. I demand nothing short of a complete and full audit of the Federal Reserve. I want to know where the wealth of our nation has gone and is going. I want to know who is pocketing these trillions of dollars that have been sucked out of our economy. I want to know who is profiting from the current economic downturn. I want to see the fraud. We should all want to expose the fraud in the system. Then we can clean the fraud out of the system like you clean the pus out of an infected wound. I know it will look ugly, but we have to look at it to make sure we get it all in order to start healing correctly.

I'm afraid, however, that the infection has already spread through the body politic. There are so many politicians so entangled in the web of financial deceit inherent in our system that they fear the repercussions should there be a complete audit. I can only imagine how many might have to resign or otherwise be dismissed in shame if their involvement is discovered. They may feel they have to cover the truth for the sake of their own political future. They will continue to block and stall any measures that could lead to discovery no matter the public outcry. Still, the infection must be dealt with and the entire system cleaned if we are to continue to thrive and prosper as a civilization of freed people. We cannot afford to let the infection fester and devolve us into a modern day feudal society of controlling elitists dictating every aspect of our lives and the lowly masses following their dictates. This is not, in my opinion, how mankind was meant to live nor will it bring about the full potential that is possible for every human being to obtain.

The final word has not been spoken. Like the health care bill, we should not let this matter rest. The common folk need to band together to keep the power elite in check. We need to demand that Chris Dodd's "Restoring American Financial Stability Act" is defeated, to let those on Capitol Hill know that we can see this bill for what it as, an outright power grab by the political power elite. We need to start demanding that short, concise bills are enacted instead of these long tomes that our representatives don't read or understand and that have the opposite effect of what their titles claim. We need to demand transparency and accountability rather than secrecy that leads to corruption and irresponsibility. We need to take power from institutions that have failed, not condone their actions by granting them greater powers. Most of all, we need a complete and comprehensive audit of the Fed so we can see just how much this infection known as fraud as spread through our body politic and figure out just how we can clean it from our system. Perhaps then we can figure out how to extract ourselves from this crazy debt we have been saddled with. With luck it won't be long until we are prospering again by living on what we earn, producing what we need, buying what we can afford, and saving for our future instead of being enslaved by debt and dependent upon the good graces of those who grant us credit.

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