Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cut Taxes, Cut Spending, Shrink Government

So, I heard part of Barack Obama's speech yesterday. He held some sort of televised "town hall meeting" on CNBC which was entitled "Investing in America Forum." This on the heels of the declaration by The National Bureau of Economic Research that the "recession" ended in June of 2009. I definitely didn't get that memo. Well, one thing I can say for sure, these guys don't give up on the rhetoric. They don't lighten up on the propaganda. Barack loves to pretend that he cares and the elitists on top love to pretend that they can fool everyone just by saying everything's okay and the economy is hunky dory.

I don't know about the rest of you, but for me the recession is anything but over. In fact, it seems to me to be a depression. Anyone who believes otherwise must have a view of reality akin to tripping on acid. I hate to think of the distortions that are going on in the minds of those at The National Bureau of Economic Research who made such a declaration, but then again it might not be hard to declare an end to the recession when you're employed with a nice, cushy, well paying government job with all kinds of benefits paid for by the suffering, lowly tax payers and small businessmen. Let's see how they feel if their obviously worthless tax feeding positions in the propaganda ministry are downsized as they should be.

But Barack Obama calls this good news. He seems to believe it, that the recession is over and has been for some time. But he knows that some of us are still struggling. Boy, that's a relief. I mean, at least he knows, right? The economy simply isn't growing as fast as he'd like it to grow. Not to worry, soon everything is going to be better, unemployment will be a thing of the past, but right now we need to impose more taxes on the citizenry to pay for it all. We all just need to invest in America, and that means giving government more of your hard earned money.

One comment I heard Barack make was that his detractors call for cutting government spending, but they haven't gone into enough detail as to what government programs would be cut. Not enough detail, huh? This coming from a man who campaigned on "change" and "hope." Those concepts aren't nebulous at all. Those words provide us with detail galore. Why, I knew exactly all along what Barack Obama meant when he talked about those things. Unfortunately, too many people didn't.

Anyway, I thought I'd throw a few ideas out there at Barack. Let's start with the empire we're trying to maintain. We can start by closing down the military bases we have open all over the world. We can declare victory and end the conflicts in the middle east. We can bring our military home and park them in our own borders. We can come home from Germany, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, France, England, etc., etc., etc. That would save us trillions.

We can shut down the Department of Education. No, really. When I was a kid, public schools were paid for by the states and by the communities they served. Back then, American public schools were rated amongst the best in the world. It was only after the federal government became involved with the educational system that the ratings began to fall. It was only after federal mandates took effect that the students more likely to excel had to sit back and let the more mediocre catch up. There's an old saying, if it isn't broke don't fix it. I think there's nothing wrong with going back to something proven to work if something is working and breaks when one attempts to fix it.

Then there's the IRS. How many billions is spent on that organization? Get rid of the income tax and you can get rid of the IRS. I'm sure all those accountants would be able to find work in the private sector if that organization was shut down. Companies are always looking for good CPAs. I'm sure the enforcers who threaten and arrest so many of my fellow citizens for refusing to pay, questioning the validity of the income tax, or simply making a mistake on a tax form can find jobs investigating, arresting, and protecting us all from criminals who actually harm and steal from others. This would greatly shrink the government and reduce the tax burden.

I'm not suggesting that these things be done all at once or across the board. It can be done gradually to reduce the shock. But government isn't moving in this direction at all. It's moving in the opposite direction. Mr. Obama strives to increase the burden of big government, not lessen it. He and his party refuses to listen to the cries of the common folk who wish the freedom to tackle these problems on their own. The big government Republicans aren't much better as they simply wish to grow government in a different manner. Too few politicians are discussing true free market reform and so those of us with such ideas are ignored even though these concepts have been proven in the past and were codified in America's founding documents.

Barack Obama claims no one has gone into detail as to what can be cut because Barack Obama has chosen not to listen. He either believes his administration's own propaganda despite the evidence against it or purposely continues to deceive for his own personal agenda. His policies and the policies of his predecessors need to be reversed if we are to live up to the promise of freedom our founding fathers tried to bestow upon us. That is what the ground swell of popular indignation needs to focus on, a return to the principles that made us a prosperous nation.

It is time to cast off the yoke of big government and once again declare independence. We can no longer afford to be fooled by the propaganda. We can no longer continue to believe the rhetoric while reality delivers a different message. It is time to stop accepting politics and to start addressing issues. It is time to once again have an America where the individual accepts personal responsibility and individual liberty is respected. This can be done by doing exactly the opposite of what's being done now and hopefully the politicians will get that message before it's too late.

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