Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I See Something and I'm Saying Something

In the attempt to turn the United States of America into another Soviet Union, East Germany or fascist tattletale, surveillance state, Homeland Security (can you say motherland?) has expanded their "If you see something, say something" campaign. Walmart, that paragon of free markets and civil liberties, has decided to pitch in and help the authoritarian collectivists crank up the fear and turn us all into sniveling spies crying wolf and pointing at our neighbors. Well, if it keeps us safe, maybe it isn't that bad an idea after all. I mean, after all, this is America and if we can't take an idea developed by communist, fascist and socialist nations and make it better than no one can.

The program is meant to help people identify indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats so that they can report them to law enforcement authorities. Well, I see plenty of threats and criminal activities going on right under our noses, so I'm reporting it right now. I'm telling. I'm sure that someone out there somewhere is or knows some law enforcement authority that can help protect us all from those who perpetrate these crimes.

To start with, and perhaps most importantly, I see the Federal Reserve and other central banks of the world committing fraud. I see a Ponzi scheme. I see them taking honest money away from us, money that should be backed by some kind of commodity, and replacing it with fiat paper backed by nothing, printing as much of it as they want whenever they feel like it, or simply digitally adding a bunch of zeros to certain accounts. I see them indebting the world and enslaving humanity. I see them counterfeiting an economy that was working to create a prosperous middle class into one that oppresses mankind. I see them laughing at us from their sheltered palaces and villas wallowing in their horded trillions as the rest of us scrimp and try to get by on their crumbs. These people should be investigated, arrested and tried for defrauding mankind. Tell me, Ms. Napolitano, since I reported them, will you now do something to protect us from them?

I see criminal governments. I see them all across the globe, but the most egregious one is the one I see in Washington, DC. They have been engaging in criminal behavior for decades. They have been working on destroying the very documents that brought them into being. They break the law by completely ignoring the Constitution, the highest law in the land. They have completely trashed the Bill of Rights. They are aiding and abetting their friends and campaign contributors in the central banking business. They are helping their multi national corporate buddies to monopolize the economy in this nation and economies around the world. I see them stealing hard earned money in the form of taxation and wasting it paying for unnecessary destruction, interest on debt and other programs detrimental to societies interested in individual liberty. What authorities can I report to which will bring these people to justice?

I see a criminal military hierarchy conducting unconstitutional, undeclared wars and occupations. I see them creating far more civilian casualties than acceptable. I see them pumping nuclear waste into the environment to devastate future generations. I see them sending our children into battles that should not be fought for the benefit and profits of the multi national corporations, the military industrial complex and the central banking system. I see them unrelentingly engaging in torture, criminal abuse and psychological operations without remorse. I see them acting not as the moral defenders of their homeland fighting for noble principles, but as brutal occupiers engaged in practices that were at one time abhorred by our sensibilities and used by our enemies in earlier wars, practices that were admonished by free peoples as evil and pointed to as justification for battling tyrants. I am reminded that at one time we were told that simply obeying orders was not an excuse for engaging in war crimes. What mighty authority is there that I can report these people to?

I see a criminal TSA ready to walk out of the airports and onto the streets of America to force their abuses and sexual deviances onto the entire populace, not just air travelers. I see them violating the rights of common folk and degrading humanity. I see them blindly obeying their superiors and expecting blind obedience from their victims. I see them shutting down their machines and acting more reasonably when confronted, like children denying their transgression and hiding the goods behind their backs when caught with their hand in the cookie jar. I see them returning to their old ways when they think they can get away with it, like the same children raiding the cookie jar once again when their mother's back is turned. I report these people like so many others have, but because you support them, Ms. Napolitano, and approve of their criminality and unconstitutional policies, all any of us can do to effect change is to refuse to fly.

I see a criminal and complicit corporate media refusing to report on the things that really matter. I see them misinforming and disinforming the masses. I see them championing collectivism and demonizing the individualism this country was founded on. I see them supporting the very institutions mentioned above, aiding and abetting in their criminality. I see government agencies moving to try to cut off the online news sources that are more legitimate than the corporate sources in an effort to put the waking masses back to sleep. I see one hand washing the other and any authority I might complain to would simply shrug their shoulders and do nothing.

I see criminal multi national corporations spreading their poisons and pollution over the entire planet. I see them being allowed to do so with relative impunity. Although I see them every so often given a slap on the wrist with meaningless fines, I don't see any of their executives being stripped of their wealth and sent to jail. I see them allowed to do more or less as they please while smaller businesses aren't able to survive simply because they can't afford to comply with ineffective, burdensome regulations. It's difficult to hold them accountable even by refusing to buy their products when in many cases one can't determine if certain products are made by certain corporations, or one is forced to buy the products because of monopolization and necessity.

Ok, I've done my job. I've seen the threats and I've reported them. I've been shouting about them for quite some time now. The Department of Homeland Security has done nothing about them. I somehow don't believe they're ever going to do anything about them. They prefer to point to phantoms outside our door when the real threats occupy the inner sanctums of our own house.

I feel more threatened now by those holding the reins of power than I ever did by the enemies outside our walls. I feel my civil liberties are more threatened by those dressing in suits and creating law here at home than by aba wearing Bedouins living in deserts and caves in far off lands. Perhaps, however, if more people would stop worrying so much about their neighbors and start pointing out the crimes going on in the upper echelons of society something would get done. Perhaps if enough people pointed such things out to the Department of Homeland Security we'd have a better chance of seeing these threats alleviated or at least mitigated. Or perhaps if people would simply start ostracizing and treating with disdain those in the elite and political classes and stop honoring, idolizing and respecting them so much, perhaps then it might be harder for them to get away with the crimes they currently commit with impunity. Perhaps then we might see some change.

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