Monday, March 5, 2012

Super Ron Paul Victory on Super Tuesday

On this the eve of Super Tuesday, 2012, I'm going to make a prediction. I predict that Ron Paul will not officially win any state on March 6th, 2012. I'll predict that, despite all the enthusiastic supporters and loud, cheering rallies, those who wish to see honest, citizen statesmen in office rather than the corrupt, bought and paid for career politicians will somehow forget to go to the polls and vote. I predict that, despite all the sign waving, billboards, grass roots donations, political organizing, and other complicated, time consuming activism that they spend hours engaging in, Ron Paul supporters will somehow be unable to find the fifteen minutes needed on election day to get to their polling place and cast their vote. Somehow, this extremely popular man expressing ideas most Americans are very familiar with - after all we brag so much about how great this nation is because of our freedom - is not as popular on election day as wealthy globalists who endorse freedom killing policies.

Why is that? Why hasn't Ron Paul won one primary election or caucus yet? Why is it that such a lauded, popular personality loved by so many hasn't been able to garner one first place finish even in some of the smallest states by Super Tuesday? I sit here stroking my chin pondering such things the day before perhaps one of the most important days in years when it comes to pointing the direction in which this world will head in the years to come. Do so called conservatives really want to vote for someone who takes credit for the Obamacare before Obamacare? Do they really want to vote for someone with a record of voting for big government programs that any dyed in the wool Democrat would be proud of? Do they really want another lying, hypocritical, promise breaking politician that will serve the power elite? Really? If not, then why is Ron Paul not winning these contests by landslides?

I'd really like to believe that people are intelligent. I'd really like to believe that they can see past the BS and understand how the controllers try to manipulate them. I'd really like to think that they could look past the rhetoric and talking points spewed out by the candidates and pundits and dig deeper into voting records and past words and actions to discover who is honest and who is corrupted and corruptible. I'd like to think that people who believe there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats would vote for someone with a proven record that he is different from the common politician. I'd like to think a lot of things, but the evidence does not bear it out.

This all makes me wonder. Take a look at this Ron Paul rally at Michigan State University. Can you show me any other Republican candidate who garners so much support? Did any of you see this on any corporate media news? I didn't think so. There they are, all these intelligent, enthusiastic kids ready to vote for Ron Paul, but keep an eye on the polls. I bet he doesn't win Michigan.

I suppose now I should get into the conspiracy of all this. The powers that be simply don't want Ron Paul winning. They don't like this idea of freedom. They don't like the idea that common folk would be making decisions for themselves. They don't like that people will be making decisions on where to best spend their own money. They don't like that they might lose their monopoly privileges, that someone might actually have the opportunity to compete with them and make them offer excellent costumer service should freedom break out. The powers that be are lazy. They don't want to actually have to work and produce and make quality products. They've hired their political puppets to occupy the seats of power. They'll be damned if they're going to let some true populist old man like Ron Paul get in and upset their well laid plans.

So what do they do about it if more people actually vote for Ron Paul than vote for any of their guys that they've paid so much for? What do they do if the people actually start to figure things out and vote for someone who will reduce the power of the elite? They do what they do best. They steal.

The powers that be will steal the election if it suits them, if they feel their interests are threatened, and if they feel they can get away with it. There is already evidence that this may have happened. This is an interesting article about the Nevada caucus. Watch the video. Listen to what the people speaking have to say. Remember that this is a caucus of people who, according to most political pundits paid by the corporate establishment, should be voting against Ron Paul due to his foreign policy stances. How is it he can get so many votes at a caucus where the votes are counted by hand on live tv and so few when it comes to the rest of the state? Are these people so different from the rest of the inhabitants of Nevada? I doubt it. We are all more alike than different. They just understand freedom. The principles of freedom apply to all people regardless of religion, race, sex or creed.

Here's another interesting voting anomaly coming out of Maine. The results from this county is once again contrary to the rest of the state. Strange how the results from these late caucuses are so divergent. I'm not sure if the votes here were on paper ballots and hand counted under the watchful eyes of every campaign or not, but it wouldn't surprise me. That seems to be the only way Ron Paul wins. As the old Led Zepplin song goes, "oooo, it really makes me wonder."

There are those who I'm sure are snickering at me right now. "You're just a crazy conspiracy theorist." Or, "You're just crying sour grapes because your candidate isn't winning." Or, "You can't prove a thing." Maybe so. But I think I'm just looking at the facts and pointing them out, for the most part. I'm just pointing out the circumstantial evidence, which is quite convincing to me. You can deny it all you wish. Maybe I can't prove I'm right, but unless there's a place where paper ballot votes are counted by hand with someone from each campaign watching, no one can prove I'm wrong either. With the current voting situation where machines handle the vote count, you can only prove to me that we live in a country where people are far too trusting of authorities.

Then there are those who will claim I'm being negative. How can we win if the system is so against us? Why should we even vote if the powers that be have already made up their minds? Who can we turn to if even a "fair and unbiased" press has been bought and paid for by anti Ron Paul forces? They are just too powerful, why should we even try? That's not the case. I'm as positive a thinker as anyone. I just think that the reality of the situation needs to be pointed out if we are to deal with it. Don't give up. Don't turn over the power you have just because things seem hopeless. They are not.

Go to your caucuses. Vote in the primaries. Let the world know you support Dr. Paul and all he stands for. Numbers are what is needed, numbers so great that they can't be denied. Watch for any irregularities you might see and report them to some watchdog group. I wouldn't trust government or party reporting agencies. is a non profit, non partisan group that actually looks into such allegations.

One last thing I'd like to mention. Perhaps the Ron Paul campaign isn't as lame as you might think. Maybe he is very electable. It could be that you're just not hearing that if your main source of news is the corporate run media. Here's a widely unreported story reported by Rachel Maddow. Take heart Ron Paul Supporters, he might be doing better than you think despite the best efforts of the powers that be, the GOP and the mainstream media to bury him. Keep the faith because in the immortal words of Yogi Berra, "It's not over until it's over" and in politics, it's never over.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Ron Paul will win every state tomorrow, or even at least one or two. In this case, I'd love to be proven wrong. Go out and vote tomorrow, if your state is one of the Super Tuesday states. Watch for Mitt Romney to win most of the states, not necessarily because he's the most popular and gets the most votes, but because he's the choice of the wealthy elite who own the system. Keep an eye out for anyplace where votes are on paper and counted by hand with all concerned watching. I predict Ron Paul will handily win any such vote. But keep in mind that even if the results are not favorable for Dr. Paul, things aren't always as they seem. There are things going on behind the scenes most of us are unaware of. As dark as it might seem now, there is always hope, and sooner or later the dawn will come.

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