Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fluoride, a Chemical Weapon for Spiritual Warfare?

"Truth is so hard to tell, it sometimes needs fiction to make it plausible."
Francis Bacon

Sometimes as a writer of science fiction and fantasy I have to depend on my imagination to come up with a good storyline. Of course the bad guys and the good guys have to be clearly defined. Usually the bad guys are some people, or humanoids, or beings with human qualities of some sort, that wish to exercise power over other people, or humanoids, or beings with human qualities of some sort. The good guys are people, et al., who wish to empower themselves and fend off the influence of the power seeking evil. In the telling of a good versus evil story it makes it interesting if there is a small group of good guys who realize that the bad guys are manipulating the innocent masses of people in horrendous ways. It then becomes incumbent upon the good guys to alert the populous to the manipulations, or at least to try to save the innocent even if they go unrecognized.

Here is an exercise in using the imagination. Let's pretend there was a race of beautiful humanoid creatures who lived with one foot in the material world and one foot in the spiritual world. For millennia these people have lived in peace and have built a virtual paradise through peace and cooperation. They have built wonderful cities and acquired a plethora of knowledge, or maybe they have learned to live in a wondrous harmony with nature. That would be nice, but not much to write about. Enter some being or beings, perhaps humanoid, perhaps some other species, perhaps from a completely different dimension, who have their own agenda. They are jealous of what the humanoid race has developed, or perhaps they see a weakness they can exploit. In any case they decide to use negative emotions like fear and jealousy to introduce this beautiful race to war.

The race is split into disparate groups. Languages becomes unintelligible between these groups. Differences are focused upon rather than similarities. Civilization is destroyed. The great cities are laid to waste. The race descends into survival mode, reverting to small groups and tribes just so they can eke out a living and try to prevent extinction. They are short lived, but the evil ones live a longer lifespan. Most knowledge is forgotten by the humanoid creatures, but the evil ones remember and use their knowledge to maintain control over the humanoids. They use them as slaves to do hard labor while they live in luxury. Then one day their agenda is accomplished and they leave. They appear to have simply vanished.

Ah, but there was a hierarchy to the humanoid slaves. There was a priest class that had some access to the evil ones. This priest class is the first to discover that they are gone, but that also gives them access to the knowledge the evil ones had written down. They decide to use that knowledge to become an elite ruling class and keep the rest of their fellow humanoids enslaved.

Now here comes the real test of the imagination. How do you keep the multitudes from discovering their true destiny? How do you keep them focused on the physical world and ignorant of their true spiritual nature? How do you keep them focused on fear and distrust instead of love and compassion? It might be easy at first, but as technology improves and populations grow communications get better. Knowledge becomes more easily obtained. It becomes harder and harder to keep ideas dangerous to the ruling elite from spreading.

Fast forward to modern times. That's where our story truly begins. A small cadre of the descendents of the elites have retained the ancient knowledge. They haven't let it out to the world, but there are many who through study and dedication have dug up evidence and surmised the truth. There are others who have done so through spiritual paths. There is a spiritual awakening happening, but these elitists don't want this awakening to take place. They don't want this humanoid race to evolve. How can they stop it? They have their media manipulations and consumerism and materialism to help them achieve this, but that is not enough. They must come up with a far more subtle and insidious method to keep the humanoids, who they consider cattle, in check. They look to chemical warfare.

They have discovered that the humanoids have a mechanism that, when activated, can help them communicate with the spiritual realm. We'll call this mechanism the pineal gland. Because ancient wisdom was lost to the masses, most of the humanoids had not been taught how to use this mechanism, but more and more were rediscovering this lost knowledge. The evil ones have to prevent too many of the humanoids from regaining this knowledge. When they discover that a chemical widely used in rat poisons can inhibit the function of the pineal gland, they decide to introduce this chemical into municipal water supplies. They sell putting rat poison into the water system by hiring a propagandist who makes the claim that small amounts of the stuff is good for teeth and therefore is good for the public health. We'll call this substance fluoride.

The ploy works and the public buys it. They actually start to demand that their local government poison their water. The propaganda takes hold until it becomes an accepted truth and anyone who says differently is labeled crazy. The fluoride even has other effects on the humanoids that are helpful to the evil elite who secretly rule the planet. For instance, the same substance was used in the death camps of a very evil, fallen empire to keep the prisoners docile.

It is up to those who are aware to continue to spread the truth even though they are ridiculed along the way. They keep speaking out and presenting their evidence everywhere they can, especially in places where freedom of speech is begrudgingly accepted by the powers that be. More and more people begin to believe them and eventually a movement builds to have the local governments stop poisoning the water. In the end, the voices of many become overwhelming and the powers that be are forced to stop adding the poison to the water. With that many start to heal and the function of the pineal gland is returned to those who care to use it. Now the spirits of the humanoids can evolve. Now they can start to rebuild the ancient, peaceful, prosperous society they had long forgotten.

I don't think that's a bad storyline. I think I could make an interesting novel out of it. Of course, this is just a fictionalized story. Nothing like that could ever happen in real life. In real life our political figures are only interested in the best for everyone concerned and would never allow moneyed interests to influence their decisions, especially when it comes to public health issues. You should just believe whatever it is government tells you and not worry your little head over such matters. You shouldn't question authority. You shouldn't do any research on your own or deeply look into any of these matters for yourself. You shouldn't worry about where authoritative organizations originally gained their funding. Just trust what they tell you. After all, aren't they so much smarter and more powerful than you? Of course they know what's best for you even better than you do. Isn't real life wonderful? It's so much better than fantasy.

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