Thursday, June 21, 2007

Now is Not the Time to Hit the Snooze Button

This post was originally posted on November 12th, 2006 at It was written just after the Democrats won the 2006 elections.

I don’t like to wake up in the morning. I wake up as a progression, hitting the snooze button after the alarm goes off, rolling over and going back to sleep for a few more minutes. I do this a couple of times. It’s psychological, I suppose. It gets me ready for the day. Problem is, every once in a while I hit the snooze button one too many times and end up rushing through or skipping some of my morning routine so I won’t be late for work. There are times when hitting the snooze button is appropriate and times when it is not. Now is not the time for America to hit the snooze button.
A few days ago the American people spoke at the voting polls. They sent a loud and clear message to their representatives that they wanted a change in leadership, they wanted an end to the war in Iraq, they wanted investigations into corruption and they wanted the unconstitutional laws that have been recently passed repealed. They gave the Democrats the reigns of power and a mandate to do something with them. Time to celebrate, right? I don’t think so. What has happened in the interim is less than encouraging. Perhaps we popped the corks a bit too soon. The Democratic Party has more or less already told the American people in no uncertain terms “Up yours.” They have said “We don’t give a rat's behind what you want, we are going to cooperate with the Republican party and continue our corrupt ways.”
Pelosi has said impeaching Bush is off the table. Off the table? An MSNBC poll says 87% of the people want to see Bush impeached.
87%. That’s a lot. Why is it that Ms. Pelosi does not care what 87% of the people think? What about Dean and Conyers? They are also stating there will be no impeachment, there will be no investigations, there will be no repealing of laws that do away posse comitatus and habeas corpus, there will be no change in the conduct of the war in Iraq and they may even send more troops into the firestorm. Why have the Democrats turned their backs on the people that put them into office so soon after the election? It’s because, as I have said all along, they are the same party and they protect each other’s backs. They are the Dempublicans or the Republicrats, however you want to look at it. They are all controlled by the same interests. They are all corrupt.
It is a good thing, however, that the people have spoken. The American people have woken up and understand that something needs to be done. Now is not the time to hit the snooze button. Now is not the time to go back to sleep. We must fully awaken, hop out of bed, take our shower, eat our breakfast and get to work. We need to shake off our apathy and get involved in the political process. It starts at the local level. On election day, there were about a dozen offices in my district that were uncontested. You could vote for the Republican incumbent or you could vote for a write in. These were positions on the school board, the county board, county offices, and the sheriff. If you are an honest person and you can, find out if any of these local officers in your district are going to be up for re-election in the spring and if they are make sure it is not uncontested. Run yourself. We need honest people in government and it starts at the local level. From there you can go to the state and national levels. Also, write your congressperson, especially if you’re a Democrat. Tell them not to vote for Nancy Pelosi for the speaker position and to vote for someone with the guts to impeach Bush and Cheney. Keep the pressure on your representatives to do what’s right.
One thing I learned long ago, if you want something done you have to do it yourself. Nothing has changed. We the people have to learn that we are going to have to clean up government ourselves. We need to get involved. We need to protest. We need to write letters. We need to elect honest officials into office that are not affiliated with either the Dempublicans or Republicrats. Now that they realize we want change, they need to know we demand change and we will not let them get away with not changing things. We cannot hit the snooze button any more.

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