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A Proclamation Demanding Reclamation of the Rights of Man

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As events unfold in this time of Man, driven by forces seen and unseen, spawned by the minds of those who would govern the masses and nourished by those who would benefit from the suffering of others, it sometimes becomes necessary to remind the few that they are given their power by the good graces of the many. It may become necessary to remind those who sit on the lofty perches atop the power structure of civil government that it is not for the masses to serve them; rather it is for them to serve the masses. Those who would lead a nation of free human beings would do well to remember that they were not ordained by God to lead or placed in such a position by birthright, nor were they given such power by God or Man as to make their word law or their will the will of the people. Rather, they were placed in such a position by people, in good faith, so that they would, as confirmed by their oath, protect and preserve the freedoms and rights bestowed upon all human beings by that force which created all of nature, all of the universe, known and unknown. When those in whom the people’s trust was placed abuse that trust, when they seek to deny those inalienable rights to the people they serve through legislation, trickery or deception, it falls to every free human to do their best to voice a demand for the restoration of such rights that have been incarcerated and to remind those seeking to seduce free humans into relinquishing said rights that these rights are indeed God given and therefore non-negotiable.
As we have evolved in nature we have stepped out of the darkness of instinct and fear and into the light of discipline and reason. In doing this, we have created societies in order to better care for one another. As societies evolved, mankind lost its way. At some point in time, due to war and fear, the common man abdicated his rights to a class of elites, a king and his court, in exchange for a measure of security. This gave birth to tyranny. As the centuries passed, mankind began to yearn for his lost liberty, freedoms and rights. The age of enlightenment and the rise of the American republic married human rights and societal security. We now find our rights under assault from an over zealous leader and inept, out of touch representation. We must not take the steps backwards into tyranny. We must demand and, if necessary, reclaim our rights.
It was stated long ago that man is endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These rights are further defined in the first ten amendments of the document known as the Constitution of the United States of America. These rights are as basic, necessary and pertinent today as they were when they were first written two hundred and twenty years ago. They include the right to free speech, to petition the government for a redress of grievances (in other words, the right to dissent and ask for a change in policy), the right to a free press, the right to bare arms and maintain militias, the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable (warrantless) searches and seizures, the right to a speedy trial, the right to be punished justly, not cruelly, among others. These rights have been slowly eroded in this country by a de-facto aristocracy that has become more brazen and enabled as time has passed. This abuse is not what the founders had in mind when they framed this constitution, this law of the land meant to protect and empower even the poorest and weakest of the free citizens of this country. It is now for the common man to raise his voice and demand restoration of his God given rights in full. It is time for the people to reclaim the rights that have been taken from them. In addition, in the course of our social and technical evolution, changes have occurred our forefathers likely did not envision. Due to this evolution, a necessity has developed to more clearly define and iterate certain rights which may or may not be implied in the body of the constitution. I submit the following list of rights we the people must demand of our government in order to maintain and enjoy the freedoms our Creator so graciously granted to us upon our ascension.
We have the right to open and transparent governance. The business of the government is the business of the people. We have every right to inspect for ourselves how our business is run, how our money is spent and how much money is brought in. Secrecy suggests deception or fear of being caught doing something one shouldn’t. No employee of the people should be allowed to practice the art of secrecy against his or her employer.
We have the right to live free of foreign interests and sovereigns and to have governance free from foreign interests. As free human beings we have created a nation with equal opportunities for all citizens living within its borders. It is the solemn duty of our representatives to protect these citizens and opportunities from the designs of other nations and sovereigns whose interests may conflict with ours. We have the right to defend our borders against those, foreign or domestic, who may wish us harm or may wish to degenerate the system of opportunities we have set up for our citizens. We have the right to refuse payment or tribute to foreign interests or sovereigns if they offer no goods or services for that payment regardless of any past or future claims they may level against our great nation.
We have the right to governance without the undo influence of corporations. Corporations are not living beings. They are not individuals with thoughts, feelings and emotions. They are businesses. As such, they should not be treated with the same rights as individuals. They are set up to provide goods and/or services to the multitude of free people residing within the borders of this great nation. It should be their honor to be allowed to serve the people, and they should never expect the people to serve them. It is in conflict of the interests of the people of this great nation for any corporation or group of corporations to wield too much influence over our government or any of its representatives.
We have the right to create our own money and run our own banking system based on something of value rather than debt. This right was originally the solemn duty of our congress, a power which they stupidly and without the permission of the people gave away to private interests when the Federal Reserve was created. We have the right to take our money system back and re-create it so that cash has real value. We have the right to conduct our own business in our own manner and in private with no one logging such transactions onto databases. We have the right to privacy.
We have the right to fair, transparent and verifiable elections. For far too long there has been a duopoly of political influence that has shut out the voices of many good people. Many good ideas have been lost to history due to this disenfranchisement. As time has passed and technology improved, it has become worse rather than better. The voting booth is no longer a sacred destination as citizens become frustrated by the perception that it doesn’t matter who is voted in, nothing changes. No longer is your vote kept secret to be counted in an unbiased fashion by several judges making sure each and every voter’s voice is heard. Instead, votes are exposed to any hacker with the wherewithal to break into the electronic voting system. The people can no longer be certain their votes are accurately tallied as there is no documentation to prove the count accurate or flawed.
We have the right to a free and independent press. A free society can not remain free forever if its people are not informed in an honest and unbiased manner. The press must remain free of foreign and corporate influence just as the government must. The press can be considered a fourth arm of the government, another watchdog, another check in the checks and balances of our representative system. While it is still possible to find such unbiased press, it is not widely known, available or taken advantage of. We need to create and maintain a trustworthy press which the people can have faith in.
We have the right to choose our own medical care. The health care system and health care information has been overly regulated and overly censored by those who have the most to gain, and to lose. We have the right to do our own research and decide for ourselves what treatments we would like to try. We have the right to try for ourselves drugs and treatments that are denied to us. We have the right to make our own mistakes.
We have the right to be free of censorship. Knowledge, arts and sciences that are suppressed must be made available to the public. We have the right to decide for ourselves which knowledge, literature or arts are appropriate for us and which are not.
We have the right to think for ourselves. We have the right to dissent. We have the right to battle against those who would try to enslave us or take our God given rights from us in any manner we deem necessary.
We have the right to control our destiny. The question is, do we have the will?

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