Friday, October 23, 2009

A Fair Warning to the Establishment Upper Echelon

It seems the political establishment in this country continues to ignore their constitutional roots. They decided long ago to do away with this document and head down their own path regardless of the consequences to the American people and the ideals upon which this nation was built. By doing this they have, in essence, decided to disregard the law of the land. They have made themselves criminals. Now, if they were confronted with this accusation, one would expect them to hem and haw and try to deny, excuse, justify, equivocate or otherwise rationalize their behavior in an attempt to dismiss the accuser and seek support of others who might wish to see the state continue to abuse its monopoly use of force. They look to the general populace to get permission to continue their criminal behavior, but enablers from those ranks are becoming harder for them to find.

The last couple of years, in my opinion, have seen a great awakening in the people. The left/right paradigm has crumbled in the minds of most as first the Republicans and then the Democrats have shown that they are not interested in principle or in any way helping the common folk, but are just worried about their own power and stabilizing and increasing their control. Both parties have shown that they are filled with warmongers who care nothing about ending conflict. Both parties have shown that they are filled with anti-freedom, spy mongering advocates of the nanny state, tattletale society. Anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge of history understands that these types of societies have failed time and time again. Perhaps that is why the politicians taking their orders from the special interests, lobbyists and elites have suddenly come up against such a wall of opposition. The people they are supposed to serve can see what's coming and they don't like the path we're on.

This comes down to a struggle of ideology. I have referred to it on several occasions as individualism versus collectivism. I can still think of it in those terms, yet I think it goes much deeper than that. This is a struggle that has likely been going on since perhaps before mankind even walked the Earth. It is a struggle of moral practices versus immoral practices. In many ways, it is a struggle of good versus evil, for the outcome may determine whether mankind will be ruled over by a class of super rich elites for some undetermined amount of time, or whether the common man will be able to determine his own fate and either reach his fullest potential or fail from his own foibles without interference from those who would consider themselves his betters. It is a struggle to determine whether we will achieve a truly free society, or whether we are perhaps destined to forever be subjected to the whims of a ruling class who apparently seek to not only run our lives for us, but to make certain we are kept as poor and destitute as possible so that they may enjoy all the wealth we have created and keep it for themselves.

Personally, I would not underestimate humanity. Certainly, as a group we have our weaknesses and can at times be manipulated, yet we are also quite clever and can figure things out better than some might think. As a species, we may perhaps have our moments where we are awed by dazzling lights and spectacle, but we will easily turn away from such diversion when we discover our wallets have been lifted. We can at times perhaps become lazy and complacent in our creature comforts, but most will work hard and even exhaust themselves when critical situations arise. As I have personally discovered in my own experiences, many people will come to your aid in times of great need even if you are a perfect stranger to them. Certainly most will come to the aid of their neighbor. It seems to me that human capacity to do good and be constructive outweighs their capacity to do evil and be destructive, and even when evil is done, it is usually accomplished by convincing individuals that some sort of good will come from it.

I've heard a sort of conspiracy theory that the ruling elitists employ a super computer, probably owned by the US military and housed in the Pentagon or some deep, dark, secret facility, to run through different catastrophic scenarios in order to determine the likelihood of people reacting in certain ways so that they know how to control such situations and keep the populace in line. I have no reason to believe or disbelieve such accusations, but the truth wouldn't surprise me either way. I wouldn't be surprised to find that our tax dollars were wasted in such a manner nor would I be surprised to find that such reports are just propaganda meant to frighten a certain segment of the population. Either truth doesn't matter, for there is a variable it seems they have forgotten when constructing their equations. It is, in my opinion, a variable that is unquantifiable and unqualifiable anyway, so even if they do manage to include it in such a counter productive project it couldn't possibly help their efforts. I am talking about the human spirit.

The human spirit is a remarkable thing. The human animal can be studied, somewhat trained, and physically controlled, but the spirit inside the animal is incredibly resilient and has the ability to carry the individual through extremely difficult situations, conditions and times. It has the ability to change the animal into something amazing, unpredictable, and completely unexpected. This is the variable that is uncontrollable. This is the variable that anyone would be a fool to ignore or to try to predict, contain, or control. The spirit is the spark that ignites the unstoppable fire. It is not something to be toyed with.

You don't need to believe in a super computer to realize the ruling elite is trying to control the masses, you just need to look at the unconstitutional legislation their politicians have passed in the last few years and the legislative proposals they continue to try to pass today. You can see their bullies cracking down on dissidents when they come into a town to conduct their meetings as they did recently in Pittsburgh. The police needn't beat the heads of innocents and disperse peaceful crowds when a few in those crowds decide to cause trouble. They should first try to arrest the individuals making trouble. At least give those who are peacefully protesting a chance to allow the authorities the opportunity to remove obviously undesirable and destructive elements from their ranks. One can only speculate as to why in these modern times the police would use such heavy handed tactics. Even more concerning are the reports and evidence of agent provocateurs in the ranks of peaceful protesters. Are these agents of the state being ordered to behave so poorly in an effort to determine how the masses will react to such situations and unjustified crackdowns? Perhaps they're just trying to see how far and how hard they can push us common folk.

It's been said by some that these elites believe the world is way overpopulated and that they'd like to depopulate it to some extent. Indeed, the overpopulation fear mongering has been going on for centuries. One is reminded of Scrooge's famous quip (in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol) about letting the poor die and ridding the world of the surplus population. I don't know if it's true that they're trying to implement a plan to cause a population reduction, but it seems to me that some very powerful people have an attitude that humanity is like a disease upon the face of the earth and that a depopulation event would not be a bad thing. Apparently, there are some who seem to think that nature would benefit from mankind's demise.

There are some in this world who evidently need to be reminded that humanity is part of nature. In fact, in my humble opinion, humanity is the pinnacle of nature's creation. Just look at what mankind has accomplished. Look at the arts, the architecture, the science and the good things we've created. We have combined our brains and our hands to create some of the most magnificent marvels this world has ever seen. Should one decide to meddle with such a creation, should one decide to somehow try to alter its evolution and stifle its potential, well let's just say I'd hate to be the one standing in front of nature's creator and trying to explain why I did such a thing.

But that's all just speculation. In the physical world we live in there appears to be an awakening of the masses. There are many more people now who are taking a peek behind the curtain and getting a glimpse of the powers that try to remain hidden than there were just a few years ago. Those of us who are paying attention realize those powers are trying to grab all the cookies, that the ruling elite are trying to wipe out the last vestiges of freedom so that they can achieve total control over all humanity. This simply will not work. It is important to remember that all that is built on illusion and fraud is destined to collapse sooner or later.

A revolution is occurring. It may not be large now, but it is larger than before and growing fast. It is peaceful so far, and hopefully it will stay that way. There is a growing demand for freedom in this world, and and it seems to me that as the elite in control tighten their grip on power more of the populace slip through their fingers. Humanity deserves to be free. Free human beings deserve the opportunities that come with the ability to vote with their dollar, control their own monetary system and determine their own destiny. They deserve to be able to make their own mistakes, learn life's hard lessons, and develop to their full potential. I believe history will show that this is the time mankind began to truly evolve into what nature intended him to be. It will show that individuals either tried to help this evolution, or tried to hinder it. One may need to consider carefully which side he wishes to be on. I almost pity those who choose to try to stymie the inevitable. I don't think I'd like to suffer the fate of those who choose the wrong side.

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