Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why I Won't Be Taking Any Flu Shot This Year (Even if it's Free)

I took the flu shot one year. It was offered at work and paid for by my employer. Most of us employees lined up happily, filled out the forms, answered the questions the nurses asked, rolled up our sleeves and took the shot. A few days later, I was sick as a dog. I'd never been so sick in my life. I was a young, healthy man and felt like I had aged fifty years and been run over by a truck all on the same day. I don't say that the shot gave me the flu, but I did find it odd that I'd never had much of a problem with the flu and when I take the shot I get it so bad that I'm bedridden for three days. I haven't taken a flu shot since and have not had a flu give me more than a low level fever, stuffy nose and some aches and pains in the years following.

So, I had a bad experience and now I don't trust the shots. I'm older, but I'm still quite healthy and really not worried about the flu. I do worry a bit, however, on some of the things I've been hearing and reading about these so called vaccines. The implications that these shots contain ingredients such as thermisol (mercury), squalene and other dangerous additives is a little disturbing. I was around in 1976 and still remember the hubbub and the questionable events surrounding the flu vaccines that were given out back then. Is it worth the risk if one of the side effects is the possibility of contracting Gillian-Barre? Why should I take a chance with these shots now? It seems that the lessons of the past have not been learned. It seems to me that perhaps in this case the cure is worse than the disease.

Another very disturbing development is the talk of mandatory vaccinations and in the case of Massachusetts laws being passed to forcefully vaccinate citizens that refuse to take the shots. If these shots are so great, why should you have to force people to take them? If there was a true pandemic sweeping across the world, wouldn't we be seeing deaths by the thousands of those who hadn't been vaccinated? Wouldn't these illnesses and deaths be occurring before the vaccinations and not after they've started? Wouldn't it, in fact, be more prudent to isolate one's self in the case of a pandemic and avoid contact with such an illness rather than exposing one's self to it?

Although it may not sound like it, I'm actually a great believer in immunization and have used the process to relieve the allergies I used to suffer. Yet there's something amiss with trying to immunize against the flu, more so this year than in the past. First off, the timing seems to be questionable. It seems to me that more and more often I hear about increasing deaths and flu cases after the shots are made available. This makes one wonder about cause and effect. Yet the medical establishment and the mainstream media insist on hyping the vaccines, insist that they are necessary and healthy. I find it harder and harder to believe these people the longer I pay attention to what they say versus the reality I perceive.

Fear mongering has become more of an epidemic than the disease. The establishment makes horrifying claims as to the possible number of deaths from the swine flu and compare the number to a flu that happened at the beginning of last century and should be extinct, and yet they somehow have a vaccine for it despite that flues are constantly mutating and vaccines should take months to make after the fact if they are to be effective. In fact, I've read reports where flu vaccines for last year's flu are given and doctors say it will not be effective against this year's mutated variety. So a flu will break out, the establishment drug dealers will hype it to scare the populace, people will flock to get an ineffective immunization and the makers of these vaccines will go to the bank. We as a population need to stop being driven by fear and start thinking through our actions.

It comes down to a matter of trust. Unfortunately, I believe, most Americans still trust people they should not. The establishment medical community, the AMA et al., the establishment politicians and the establishment media are all proven liars. I know there are many people who disagree with me on this point, I know there are many people who refuse to admit that they've been lied to, that they've been fooled, but these apologists will not convince me that this establishment is even a little bit well intentioned, at least not at the very top. I simply don't trust these establishment people anymore. If you want to keep trusting them, if you want to remain in denial and believe they only want what's best for you, far be it from me to try to convince you otherwise. I don't like being lied to. I don't like this establishment treating me like I'm stupid. There was a time I trusted them, but I can only be fooled for so long and I cannot trust them any longer. I can see with my own eyes, I can think with my own mind, I have a long memory and I don't appreciate those who wish to lead constantly lying and trying to pull the wool over our collective proverbial eyes for their own profit and secretive agenda. I don't need them telling me what to think, what to believe or what's good for me. I can figure it out for myself, thank you.

Despite all that, there is an even more powerful reason to refuse flu vaccinations. It is a reason that goes to the heart of so much of the corruption that is prevalent in so much of our society. There is no accountability. If I were to decide to get vaccinated and something were to go wrong, if I were to die, or come down with Gillian-Barre syndrome, or my body reacted in some other nasty way, I could hold no one else accountable even if they knew of the possibility or the probability of such a reaction. No one is held accountable if these vaccinations are failures, or if they cause disease. As in politics or government or any other public sector endeavor, all one has to do is claim good intentions and any bad consequences, whether intended or not, will be forgiven without those responsible being held accountable. Until this changes, I can't understand how anyone can trust the establishment.

Personally, I'd rather take my chances with nature than with man made promises, particularly when those promises involve potentially millions in profits for uncaring drug companies enjoying government monopoly privileges. I once again assert that my body is mine and I should be able to decide what to do with it, what to put in it and what not to put in it. If I don't want to take a shot, for whatever reason, I should not be forced to take one even if someone else feels it's for my own good. Neither should anyone else. If I take my chances with the flu and catch it, and die from it, then at least I know it was a natural occurrence and the will of a higher power and not because of some other human being's negligence or nefarious agenda.

I won't be taking a flu shot this year, not one for the regular flu, not one for the swine flu. I urge all my loved ones to refrain from taking any flu shots. I urge everyone reading this to refrain from taking any flu vaccinations, though I would not dream of forcing anyone from taking such a shot if that is their wish. I urge everyone to look into natural preventions and healthy habits that can not only help your immune system fight off the flu and other infections, but can also help your all around general health. I won't be taking any vaccinations until the establishment has once again earned my trust by being honest and proving beyond any doubt that their science is more beneficial than what nature provides to help us avoid and overcome such ailments. I have the feeling that will be a long time coming.


Anonymous said...

I often wonder if these "vaccines" don't have more to do with supposed "efficiencies" aimed at perpetuating a life style that prohibits our body from developing immunities naturally.

Today, nothing impacts a life style more than having to stay home and look after an ill child or being quarantined in China because you should have stayed home instead of traveling across the globe to give a pitch on the latest revenue projections.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to have found your blog. The mandatory flu vaccine bill is very scary. Are you aware that a large number of swine flu vaccines made back in march of 2009 in Austria were destined for 18 countries and were tainted with live avian bird flu? March was also 2 months before the outbreak in Mexico. It's curious. Here is a link to a follow up story in the Toronto Sun.


sblestman said...

For the record, yes I was aware of the incident with the tainted vaccine. If not for a brave technician finding and reporting it, there may have been a huge outbreak and perhaps many deaths. I have since wondered if that technician is still employed and would like to hear a follow up on how he's doing.