Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HHO Tek, Energy Conservation Available Now

Quite often I write about my doubts about the validity of human driven climate change. Some people seem to think this means I don't care about the environment. They seem to think I believe that mankind has no impact on the natural world. This is, of course, untrue. I am, in fact, very concerned about the environment, pollution and the conservation of resources. I simply don't believe that carbon dioxide in the amounts we produce is the villain the politically driven scientists and one world government advocates have made it out to be. I simply don't believe in the “one size fits all” solutions proposed by the central planners. I believe there are much better ways to go about finding solutions to these problems, some of which are technologies that are already available. I don't believe that forcing people into a monopolistic carbon credit trading scheme will accomplish anything beyond the further enrichment and a lock on the economic power of a few already privileged elite individuals.

As I've stated in the past, the climate change fear mongers aren't worried about the climate, or even about the environment, they're worried about money. They want to keep you dependent on them so that they can continue to extract your wealth through their controlled mechanisms. The best way to fight this is to find the products and services that will help you claim your own independence by saving you money and helping you to save your real wealth for better things. The best way to fight this is to buy products from entrepreneurs who really do care about the earth. This is true with the people at HHO Tek.

HHO Tek sells a simple device called the platinum fuel saver which attaches to the engine of your car to help gasoline burn cleaner, improving your gas mileage. They’ve been selling these products to individuals and fleets for years. They also sell a hydrogen heater for your home, a solar heating device and other energy saving devices for the home. They offer many technologies of tomorrow right now. These are products and devices that are currently available, that people can use today to not only help conserve energy and save money, but to help themselves become less dependent on the big corporations that have grown due to the growth of big government. The more money one can keep in one’s pocket, the less he needs to use the energy provided by the corporations, the better off we will all be in the long run.

The folks over at HHO Tek not only offer products to save you money and help ensure a greener world, they appreciate the freedom message I often write about. They believe in a free market because they believe in their products. They are ready to take on the competition because they believe their products are the best and the free market will bear that out. They believe so much in this message and in free markets that they offered to support me and my writings. You can see all their products on their website at If you decide to order do so through this link and I will receive a commission. If the link does not work please copy and paste it to your browser’s URL window. Call the number provided to order by phone, mention the name Szandor Blestman and you will receive a special discount. I have been writing articles for nearly four years now and I have not made one dime. In this way, I have been able to provide honest, independent commentary on events and concerns that affect us all. Sponsorship is one way I can continue to provide this service. By ordering through this link and mentioning Szandor Blestman when ordering, you will find that you are not only purchasing quality products that will help save you money, but you will be supporting me and an American company that cares about freedom and the environment. And remember when you mention my name, Szandor Blestman, you will also receive a special discount. Thank you.

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