Friday, December 18, 2009

The Young Green Fascists

Man made climate change is not a scientific debate. Al Gore declared it so. He declared that the science was in and the debate was over. Many others have followed suit. Politicians parrot his work to try to make themselves look heroic as they claim they wish to “save the planet” by taxing carbon dioxide, a natural gas produced by life. The media uses his work to try to create a fear and hysteria perhaps in hopes this will help their sagging ratings, and possibly their politically connected friends. The elite hail Mr. Gore’s work, raining upon him accolades and awards such as an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy, a Nobel Peace Prize and others which has made me wonder as to the significance of these awards. One can wonder as to why anyone should listen to Al Gore about such matters as global warming. He is, after all, not a career scientist, not a career documentary film maker and not even a career writer, but a career politician. You know what they say about politicians whose lips are moving. To me, the integrity of these awards are now in question.

Still, manmade climate change is not a scientific debate. It has become a political debate. It has become an issue to be used as a weapon by control freaks who want to control your life. It has become a pet issue to be used by a certain faction of elitists to move forward with a frightening agenda of centralized power and unprecedented control of activities that each and every one of us partake in on a daily basis. Do not believe for a moment that if a worldwide carbon credit system is put in place it will not affect you as an individual. You will pay, no matter how poor you are, in some form or another, and you will give your money, your labor, or something else of value to a class of wealthy elites who care nothing for humanity.

Long ago, as a Geology major at the University of Illinois, I learned about climate change and interpreting it through the geologic record. Climate change has been happening on this planet for hundreds of millions of years, long before mammals evolved, let alone man. There is much more to climate change than carbon dioxide or methane, much that is beyond man’s control. The problem with this, for politicians, is that they can’t have this kind of thinking going on. If climate change is beyond man’s control, there’s no way they can levy taxes or otherwise convince people to let them exercise control of their activities. This is completely unacceptable to the control freaks as their lives are entirely pointless unless they have total control of every little aspect of everyone’s life.

For such efforts to work, the ruling elite need to sell the general public on something that isn’t necessarily true. To do this, it becomes necessary to silence any dissenting points of view. For years they’ve managed to do this by exercising their influence over the mass media and ignoring or marginalizing legitimate scientists who disagreed with the global warming priests. Lately, however, with certain developments and facts coming to light, the anthropogenic climate change crowd is finding itself more challenged than ever, so much so that they have resorted to using strong arm tactics to silence dissent.

As the Copenhagen climate change summit ends, we can look back on it with greater clarity and analyze events that took place and what this means for humanity. Lord Christopher Monkton was accosted a couple of times during his stay in Denmark. The first time was during a private speech where a group of young people took over the event, unfurled banners, chanted mindless slogans and would not allow him to speak. He retaliated by calling them Hitler youth, which some were quite offended by. When they approached Lord Monkton asking for an apology, he refused to back down, which I was happy to see. They used the same techniques fascists have used in the past to silence dissent and Lord Monkton called them on it. Personally, I am tired of hearing people apologize, right or wrong, for expressing their opinion.

Had these young people, who claimed to be representing the majority of young people in America, had they wished to protest there are more acceptable ways of going about it. They could have listened to what Lord Monkton had to say and then challenged him in a question and answer session after his speech was finished, as those who question the science behind manmade global warming have done for years. They may have been surprised because likely Lord Monkton would have answered their questions rather than ignoring them or having them escorted out as usually happens when one of the manmade climate change propagandists is challenged or questioned.

That was just the beginning, however. Lord Monkton, despite being accredited to the conference, was not allowed into the conference during the final days and was turned away along with many others when they tried to enter, the bureaucracy having failed to inform them that they were no longer welcome. It was, of course, bad enough that their voices should be silenced so, but to add injury to insult Lord Monkton was assaulted by a Danish police officer, knocked to the ground and quite cut up according to reports. This was done despite his social standing and his involvement in government. Imagine what disregard these “keepers of the peace” would have for the rights or safety of a commoner.

Anyone who dared question the legitimacy of anthropogenic climate change while at Copenhagen was quickly silenced and ushered away or otherwise dealt with. One reporter, Phelim McAleer, was pelted with an object during a live interview on Fox, causing the interview to be cut short over concern for his safety. These people can’t stand to have their belief systems questioned. They can’t accept that there are thoughtful, reasoning people who don’t think as they do and look to alternative reasons other than mankind as to what drives climate change, such as little things like the sun. They will quickly point to their now questionable science and data sets, but don’t want to accept that there are other science data sets available that show results contrary to their claims. They remind me of a little child who puts his fingers in his ears and screams la, la, la when told something he doesn’t want to hear, only these people will resort to violent actions so they don’t have to be burdened with contrary facts and having to think.

The actions at this year’s Copenhagen conference show that scientific debate over anthropogenic climate change has indeed ended, at least in the eyes of those who believe mankind is to blame for all the world’s climate woes. The powerful ruling elite who long to establish an authoritative world government based on “carbon credits” continue to shut down as best they can any meaningful debate. They use most of the mainstream media to promote their agenda and ignore any evidence that may harm their position. They use their police forces to chill any dissent and frighten any peaceful common folk that might otherwise consider protesting. They even stoop so low as to use well meaning, impressionable young people who believe they are helping the world as the new green enforcers and encourage them to violate the principle of respecting others’ rights. One might wonder, is this the face of things to come?

As predicted by Lord Monkton days before it happened, Mr. Obama showed up in Copenhagen and at the last minute salvaged an agreement between the United States, India, China, and others. Their dream of a one world authoritarian government has not died, and it may not be long before anyone who doesn’t think world government is a good idea and voices that opinion gets the same treatment those who disagree with anthropogenic climate change got in Copenhagen. Fascism seems alive and well at the world governance level and it doesn’t seem too hard to find young ruffians to hire to keep dissenters quiet as long as the cause is wrapped in green.

Mr. Obama gave another one of his “inspiring” hypnotic speeches to sooth the masses, make the faithful swoon and instill a belief that all is well before this agreement was reached. In it, he suggested that those who didn’t agree with anthropogenic climate change were condemning the world to disaster by creating conditions that would make it impossible for mankind to ever do anything about climate change. Nature, in all her majesty, has already seen to that. Right now, it appears as if natural forces are at work to bring us a period of global cooling. We as a species would be much better off concentrating on ways to adapt rather than putting our faith in other humans who only wish to promote their own welfare, their own egos, their own agendas and to control others for their own benefit. We would be better off allowing free people to freely innovate rather than forcing all to comply with devastating taxes that only serve to enrich a few and stifle innovation.

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