Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Passing Health Care Legislation is Not the End

We hear time and again how great democracy is, yet our politicians time and again refuse to listen to the majority. Not to mention, they manipulate facts and propagandize truth in order to try to spin public opinion in favor of their position. Does anyone really think that this legislation is meant to help the poor and the uninsured? If so, than that person does not understand history and has forgotten even recent events that have provided us with huge government boondoggles which have benefited no one except the already powerful elite. This legislation helps the banks and corporate insurance companies, guaranteed. These people couldn’t care less about you. They see themselves as smarter, better and more deserving than you, and that’s why they live above the law and feel they can dictate to you how to live regardless of what you think.

This increase in the size of government will only serve to hasten the destruction of our currency. It will only serve to help establish a one world government as the entire planet sinks deeper into depression. It will put more people out of work. It will force more small businesses into bankruptcy. It will make more people dependent on a cold hearted, faceless government that cares nothing about humanity. It will serve up the economy to the few corporations that will be left after the slaughter. Those companies will then pay off the corrupt politicians to make sure they maintain control.

This health care legislation and the firestorm of activism and debate it has launched has also served as a distraction to take attention away from other important issues of the day. We don’t hear much about the continuing wars of aggression which brought the Democrats into power in 2006 when they promised to put a stop to them. We don’t hear much about the repealing of the unconstitutional Bush era laws such as the Military Commissions Act and the Patriot Act, laws which they promised to repeal when they were campaigning. Worse still, Mr. Obama actually extended the Patriot Act when he could have used his power to keep his promise and simply let many of the provisions sunset. We haven’t heard much about auditing the Fed and discovering the fraud, a crime which will likely make it impossible to fund this health care debacle if it’s allowed to continue for another ten years.

These unscrupulous politicians make their promises and then dismiss them wantonly. They continue to drive our economy into the ground and destroy any semblance we might have had of a constitutional representative republic. They poison everything they touch. Do you honestly believe they will do any better with the health care system? It will be wrecked upon the rocky shores of political expedience along with everything else our federal government has gotten involved in. They do this with complete confidence that they will not have to pay the piper because we the people have been too quiet for too long. Their hope is that we will simply accept our fate and forget this episode by November. We must be certain that this time they are dead wrong.

Monopolies have traditionally been quite objectionable to a free people. They are very difficult to achieve without government interference. This monstrosity of a law more or less gives a monopoly to big insurance companies. Don’t fool yourself. If there are four or five big companies left, they will not provide the kind of competition necessary to lower prices. Besides, those companies are tied in with the big banks which are tied in with big government. The power elite mean to create an environment where the consumer can’t even vote with his dollar. They mean to create a society where all others are totally dependent on the powerful few for survival. They are trying to create a world where they have the ultimate monopoly, the monopoly on who lives and who dies, and taking over health care with the force of law is a big step toward achieving that goal.

We need to take a lesson from the Icelanders here and just say no. We need to put our collective foot down (even though I don’t like collectivism in this case I’ll make an exception) and demand this law be repealed. At the same time, we need to simply not obey the law. We need to be tenacious about this, to grab hold like a pit bull and not let go. It is ironic that the passing of this bill took place on the anniversary of the passing of the Stamp Act, an act largely responsible for launching the first American Revolution. It was also the Stamp Act that provided the impetus for our founding fathers to include some of the amendments in the Bill of Rights. Perhaps this will be the last of the Intolerable Acts our congress has passed. Perhaps it will be the last time they will try to foist taxation without representation upon the American people.

Whatever happens, don’t expect the Republicans to come to the rescue. They are no better than the Democrats. They are the other side of the same coin. They are bought and paid for by the same interests that control the Democrats. They like big government just as much as their brethren. They like the feeling of power as they laud it over you. They like their perks, the false respect they receive and the benefits they can shower upon their family and friends. Voting for one control freak over another and expecting things to change is foolish. If there is to be a body governing our behavior, we must be certain we govern over that body and enforce rules for exactly what they can govern. We, the people, must not tolerate even the slightest usurpation of the Constitution, and we must hold responsible those who would violate its law.

I don’t trust the Republicans any more than the Democrats. Remember the promises they broke. They were going to shrink government during the Reagan years, and they didn’t. They were going to do no nation building during the Bush Jr. years. Ha. They had a contract with America that they broke. They are responsible for passing the very unconstitutional laws that the Democrats can now use to squelch dissent if they so choose. They now expect us to forget their past transgressions and embrace them? I don’t believe for second they plan on repealing anything of consequence. Sure, there are a few of them that might have an inkling of what liberty is and there are others campaigning who will fight for such principles, but there seems to be too few, too weak. The common folk of this nation need to act. It is time to stop begging politicians who do not listen to change things for us.

The battle for health care reform does not end here. I’ll tell you what I’d like to see. It would make me proud to see a million people march on the capital building without permission and sit on its steps, rather than gathering on the mall, trapping the congressmen inside until they agreed to repeal the bill. I would be delighted to see a peaceful show of force with some meaning. While they were at it, I’d like to see them demand repeal of all unconstitutional law passed in the last decade. We can worry about the rest of last century later. Then I’d like to see the same method used on the Senate and finally the White House to make sure the repeals are complete. I’d like to see the enforcers, be they police, National Guard, or other military, join with their civilian counterparts and refuse any orders from their power elite masters to inflict violence upon those demanding their liberty and respect for their God given rights. If such an event were to occur, then the beacon of liberty would indeed be reignited and shine brightly for the world to see.

I admit that such a dream is unlikely. I am happy to see several states bringing lawsuits against this legislation, but I have no faith in this nation’s corrupt justice system. Besides, it takes way too long to get through and it does nothing about any other unconstitutional legislation. Still, I’m glad to see the states asserting their sovereignty. State nullification and refusal to accept this horrendous law just might work as it did to keep a national ID from being foisted upon us. Yet this is not enough. People, for the most part, just want to be left alone to make their own decisions. From whether or not buckle a seat belt, to what we want to eat, to whether we want our feet nibbled on by tiny fish, to what kind of light bulbs we want to install in our homes, our business dealings with each other do not need to be monitored like we are children. We can make our own decisions and each individual needs to take personal responsibility for determining the amount of risk he wants to take, or for acquiring the knowledge he needs to make informed decisions. Our private lives and the voluntary interactions we have with others is our personal business and government needs to honor that.

We have the right to be left alone. I don’t like to be crude, but there is something I think it’s time to say to government. I think government needs to hear it. “Look, bitch, get out of my life. I’m tired of you. I’m tired of your crap. Get your hands out of my pockets. I’m not your damn piggy bank. Quit telling me what to do. I’m not your damn slave. Go away and leave me alone. I don’t want you anymore. I don’t love you anymore. You are just too damn demanding. I can’t stand being near you. Your breath smells bad. I need my own space. I know I’d be better off without you. Just, just leave me alone.” I don’t know how many others feel that way, but I’m betting there’s enough of us to make a difference.

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