Friday, April 2, 2010

Militias, Political Activists, Government Agents, and Violence Against Politicians

Not long after the unconstitutional Obamacare bill was signed into law, I began to hear reports of violence against those congress critters who had voted for the law. I didn’t know quite what to think of this. On one hand, I know that violence against the system will only cause a backlash from the system. I do not condone violence in any way, shape or form, which is why I subscribe to libertarian thought, that one does not initiate violence against another, that one takes personal responsibility for his actions and that one leaves others free to do as they will as long as they don’t violate the individual rights of others. I think the vast majority of common folk understand and agree with this philosophy. This is why I was confused and concerned when I heard that corporate media talking heads had been blaming groups that many decent commoners relate to for the violence that had occurred.

On the other hand I thought, “Well, what do they expect? They continuously ignore popular sentiment and populist movements. They (figuratively) spit in the face of the common folk. They forever rewrite history and the meaning of freedom and individual rights. They then pass these legislative behemoths they call law that benefit only themselves and their special interest friends and campaign contributors. They hold all the cards in a stacked deck and many folks see only one option with which to hold them accountable. Oft times when only one option is perceived, that option is used.”

Still, I simply find it hard to believe that this is the case. No matter how frustrated the average man might get, initiating the violence is just not something that most commoners are going to be willing to do. I do admit that there may be a small percentage of people that would be willing to resort to such violence, but this is no reason to demonize groups such as the tea partiers and tax protestors. Worse still is the accusation that they are dominated by racists. These activist networks have nothing to do with racism and everything to do with other issues such as constitutional limitations of government, the elimination of taxes, and the transparency and accountability of the Fed. This characterization only serves those with a collectivist mindset. They seem to want to pit groups against each other so that we lose sight of who’s really to blame. Individualists realize that individuals should be held responsible for their own actions and groups should not be punished when individuals inside that group act inappropriately.

This is, in my humble opinion, exactly what the power elite wants. This is what the establishment has been striving for, or so it seems. The established elite would like to divide common folk into separate groups and camps to squabble amongst themselves while they continue to loot our wealth hoping the diversions keep their schemes hidden from public view. The establishment would like to punish groups for the actions of individuals that may or may not be associated with those groups while allowing their own agents to run amok and remain unaccountable so that their own agenda can be realized. Most of all they want to silence dissent. They want to plant fear in the hearts of the many so that speaking out appears unwise and most will silently go along to get along. They wish to take away choice of all types and create an environment where even thinking about choosing something other than what they offer will lead to trouble in an individual’s life. They want the populace completely dependent on them and frightened of speaking out against them for fear of losing their jobs, their freedom or even their lives. It appears that they are doing everything they can to succeed in this endeavor.

Violence, even against such thuggery, is not the answer. Throughout history, it is not the common folk who initiate violence, it is the power elite who do. Governments have and will incite violence in order to advance their agenda and have resorted to such methods frequently and recently. One hears in the news, if one pays attention, that many of the recent arrests made in the so called “War on Terror” have in fact involved government agents provoking and even planning the attacks that were supposedly foiled. The violent “anarchists” or other violent individuals at otherwise peaceful protests have been shown to be government provocateurs time and again. There are pro government forces continuously inciting violence, pro government groups and agencies promoting state force to support collectivist ideals, yet the media seems to condemn only anti government groups who promote the ideals and principles of individualism and wish to be left alone to take responsibility for their own lives. The corporate media tends to ignore the heavy handed tactics of statists who repeatedly demonstrate a desire to force their will upon everyone no matter the consequences, no matter the brutality of the force applied. Anyone who resorts to violence lowers themselves to the level of those statists.

Now the same crooks, liars and propagandists are trying to make us believe that common folk are threatening them and becoming violent? Now they want us to believe that they are the victims? Now they want to shame and frighten us into remaining silent, accepting their dictates without question, and continuing to just let their corrupt system grow and metastasize until we have no more personal freedom, just a ruling class and a slave class? It is and has been the middle class and the common folk who are victimized by the scheming and plans of the centralized political class and their enforcers. The political class actually benefits from violence as it empowers them and gives them an excuse to crack down on free speech, protesters, dissidents and anyone else who criticizes them. This, in turn, consolidates even more power in their hands and allows them to dictate even more aspects of private life in an even more brutal fashion.

Reacting to such bullying and tyrannical tactics with violence will accomplish nothing and only cause a downward spiral of violent reaction and more violence until innocents are laying dead in the streets and being called collateral damage. The best way to prevent violence, in my humble opinion, is to simply remain non-violent. Be proactive. Decide before becoming involved in any kind of activism that it is going to be peaceful activism. Dedicate yourself to peaceful change. If taking part in a protest bring a video camera. If someone begins to agitate for violence, point them out and begin to record their actions. Warn others of their presence, perhaps even the police. Ostracize and isolate them from the group as much as possible. Make it very clear that you stand on the moral high ground, that you do not condone violence and, in fact, find it abhorrent.

If you are involved in a militia or a political action group and certain members begin to agitate for initiating violence against the state demand that those people be removed and shunned by the group. It’s ok to advocate for defense against foreign forces and survival in case of natural disaster, but advocating for the initiation of violence against government agents or their agencies is asking for trouble. Letting these people stay in your group and influence others is a recipe for disaster. If they are allowed to stay in the group without any kind of admonishment for advocating violence, or if the leader of the group is such a person, then I would suggest you leave the group before you find yourself in hot water. It may sound paranoid, but I believe there’s a good chance that anyone in a group advocating for violence is a government infiltrator as has been seen in many cases. Even if those who are agitating for violence are not government agents and are sincere in their desire, there is a chance that infiltrators and informants are keeping tabs on them and chomping at the bit to demonize the entire group for that individual’s words and actions. Refusing to allow violence to even enter into the picture will quickly frustrate and nullify those who are spying on their own people.

We cannot let the ruling elite and their media propagandists goad us into behaving in the ways that will benefit their cause. We cannot let them dictate to us the actions we will take. Remain peaceful at protests and rallies. Keep an eye out for agent provocateurs or anyone that might become violent and make sure to point them out and record them. The more video cameras present, the better. Maintain the moral high ground. Practice civil disobedience. I cannot reiterate those points too much. If the state agents become violent, stand your ground peacefully as best you can, but try not to resist. Let the world see them for what they truly are, violent, thuggish enforcers working for a gang that counts on bullying methods to frighten and coerce the general public into accepting the will of the ruling elite.

There are many who want to deceive others about reality. They wish to control the perceptions of reality the common folk see. They will run and hide if the light of truth is shone upon them. If they succeed in fooling or silencing those who are speaking out, then we will all lose the liberties the founding fathers fought so hard to establish and fall into dependent slavery. If, however, we stand and expose the tyranny, if we continue to peacefully demand the respect for our individual rights that we deserve, if we simply refuse to obey the dictates they hand down and refuse to pay the tributes they demand, then we will eventually win back what we have lost. A truly free and independent society is not beyond our reach, but it will take some hard work, determination and a willingness to remain staunchly peaceful to accomplish.

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