Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The New Green Fascists Threaten Everyone

I used to argue in favor of using green technologies. I used to believe that green technology was the way of the future and that taking steps to conserve energy was good for the planet. I no longer believe such things. Want to know what changed my mind? It was Greenpeace. It was others who were promoting the ideas I was promoting a few years back. They have abandoned all reason and have resorted to blatant threats to promote their agenda. I don't take kindly to threats.

I am talking about a couple of videos that have popped up onto the scene recently. The first was actually a video that came out a few years back, but it was only brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago. In it, a brainwashed child makes veiled threats to adults who refuse to accept the "reality" of climate change. Of course, this came out before the Copenhagen debacle, the exposure of climategate and the revelations of the data manipulation that went along with it. Still, had I seen this video back then, I certainly would have questioned the wisdom of those who decided that threats of violence, however veiled, is the way to promote the ideas of saving energy or creating greener ways of producing energy.

That video wasn't that bad, just a bit misguided. The problems were a bit overstated and a lot misunderstood. The debate rages hotter than ever whether manmade global warming ever really existed, or whether climate change is mainly driven by the sun. Gee, what a concept, the star that provides our planet with the warmth and radiation it needs for life to exist can effect the warming and cooling conditions on Earth. The giant orb in the sky which experiences temperature fluctuations beyond our imaginings affects the climate. Makes sense to me. It makes a lot more sense than the small impact we puny beings have on climate.

But we've been through that before. I know there are a few diehard global warming believers who won't be reached no matter the reasoning used. They will insist that global warming, um, global cooling, um, climate change, um whatever you want to call it exists and is caused by man even if the sun blew up and melted us all or stopped shining and sentenced us to an icy death. Man must be the cause of it. We must be creating the planet's doom. And, here's the best part, the only way to stop this happening is through authoritarian global government and a global carbon tax. Nothing else will work.

That's the real rub. Their agenda isn't a green agenda. They are not concerned with saving the Earth. They are only concerned with social engineering. They are only concerned with controlling human life. Their message is simple and obvious, mankind bad, nature good. We need to de-industrialize and those who disagree and continue to advance technology, use technology, engage in manufacturing and/or simply live as modern people should live, they should be taxed to the maximum or perhaps even punished. More frightening, their latest message suggests they should be killed.

This video is quite disturbing. It is brought to you by 1010global.org. It depicts school children, office workers, a professional soccer player and a professional voice over actress getting blown to bloody, fleshy bits for disagreeing with the ecological views of the organization. Watching it, one can make the argument that it's a joke, but if it is, it's an awfully sick one. It may be amusing to some sick folks, perhaps the same people who are amused by pictures of depleted uranium babies or men being tortured, but to those of us who have a semblance of empathy and a general respect for life, the kind of callous disregard for human life enacted in the video is abhorrent.

The message seems obvious to me; "If you don't agree with our point of view, you deserve to die and we're happy to kill you." If you or I were to make this kind of threat to someone we'd be arrested, thrown in jail, and likely later found guilty and sentenced to spend some time in prison. The people who produced and aired this short film have threatened thousands of people and will likely never be investigated. I doubt they'll even be put on a terrorist watch list despite their obvious call to instigate violence against those who disagree with them. Perhaps that's because they said "no pressure" to their victims before blowing them up. Perhaps it's because supposedly a majority agree with these people, so it's okay to murder because that's democracy. You know democracy, two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner, so it's okay to violate the natural rights of the individual because most people agree with the 1010 people and they are, after all, trying to protect the Earth.

Along with the disturbing nature of the video there's the questionable target of the organization's ire. These people keep talking about carbon emissions, specifically carbon dioxide. They speak of it as if carbon dioxide is the culprit of all our environmental problems. They speak of it as if it's as bad as mercury, lead, sulfur dioxides and other harmful pollutants. But carbon dioxide is necessary for life. Plants thrive on carbon dioxide. The more carbon dioxide is produced, the greener the planet becomes. As a bonus, the plants create oxygen with the carbon dioxide they use. It's a symbiotic relationship animals have with plants, they produce oxygen, we produce carbon dioxide, that's how the planet evolved. But the green fascists believe carbon dioxide is bad and we should be killed if we produce too much of it.

I want to thank 1010global.org for showing me their true colors. I want to thank them for exposing the green movement as the brutal, dictatorial bunch they are. I am now more certain than ever that all this green eco hype is nothing more than political propaganda meant to frighten the unthinking masses into accepting a global tax and control system. Anytime any movement feels it has to abandon reasoned debate and resort to threats, lies and secrets, that just reeks of government force. Anytime an attempt such as this is made to manipulate the emotions of the masses, that's when it's time to stand one's ground and demand accountability. Hopefully, savvy politicians will see the folly in associating with such a group and start opposing any efforts to impose carbon taxes anywhere.

You know, it's too bad, I still think some green technologies are worth employing. I still think that personal wind and solar plants on one's house would be a good idea to not only achieve energy independence, but help create financial independence as people would be able to stop paying energy companies on a monthly basis. I think there's a lot of good alternatives to coal and oil out there just waiting to be developed. I'd love to see mankind freed from the old technologies and moving forward with more modern ways of generating energy. I just don't want to see government force, or any force, employed to achieve these ends. I just can't support these things while so many violent people inhabit the movement. I don't want to be associated with those who would use such despicable threats to forward their agenda. Until those people leave the movement and find some other project to focus their fascism upon, I will have to protest their ideas and actions.

I think on 10/10 I will take my SUV out for a nice long drive. I think I'll leave every light in my house on and run all my fans. I think I'll leave the vacuum running and the refrigerator door open. I think I'll do my best to produce as much carbon dioxide as I can and increase my carbon footprint so that my houseplants can get a little greener. Sure, it might cost me a few extra dollars, but it's worth it to see the efforts of such an evil, violent organization backfire. Besides, I believe I'll be doing the plants of the world a favor and helping them to thrive. I'll be making this planet a little greener for everyone. Will you help in my effort? Personally for me, I couldn't care less if you do or not, there truly is no pressure, and I don't want to see anyone killed regardless of what they believe.

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