Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Need to Question Authority, Government is Good

I've been reading more and more people come out and say it, something is broken in this country. People are beginning to question their "leaders" in government and wonder if they are to blame for the mess the world finds itself in. In fact, it's not just happening in this nation, it is happening worldwide, even in places where people traditionally have nothing but the greatest respect for those in power and accept their fate in the most humble manner a fatalistic philosophy allows. Well, I've had an epiphany. There's no reason to question authority. Government is good. It is made up of nothing but nice people with only the best intentions who simply want to protect you from the cruel, cruel world and lighten the burden that thinking puts upon you.

Put your heads down, sheeple. There's nothing to see here. There's nothing to worry about. Don't listen to the warnings of those who may think differently. They are just fear mongering. Pay no attention to rising prices or massive unemployment. We are in a recovery. Don't question the experts who are proclaiming the recovery. They are, after all, the same experts who have been predicting the economy for years, the same ones who proclaimed a few years ago that everything was chugging along fine, the housing market was doing great and would continue to rise, and there was nothing to worry about and no trouble on the horizon. They've done a wonderful job so far forewarning the world as to the reality of the economy. Why should we start questioning them now?

Don't question the constitutionality of legislation that's been passed over the last few years. Don't worry about losing your individual, God given rights. The government is here to protect you. It has to spy on you in order to protect you, don't you know? Being secure in your persons, houses, papers and effects, that's passé. The government has every right to strip you down naked and examine all your orifices, if it wants. After all, it has to make sure you're not a terrorist threat. Don't worry about all those provisions that allow them to secretly arrest and try citizens labeled enemy combatants, you don't need to know about them. The authorities would never use such provisions to quell political dissent. No sir. Our government is nothing but benevolent and would never even consider violating free speech rights.

Don't question the secrecy surrounding so many details of how government runs. Those secrets are there for national security purposes. Don't believe for a moment that the secrecy is there to cover up crimes. Why would anyone in authority want to do that? There are no criminals in our government. We have the most honest, best people ever in our government. No corruption here. There's no one in authority who would ever even think of using the national security excuse to cover up any wrong doing, immoral or unethical behavior. Besides, what you don't know won't hurt you. So, don't you worry your little head over government secrets. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Don't question the wars we're engaged in. Don't think of them as occupations and don't equate them to nation building or running an empire. There are bad, bad people over there. They did bad things to us and now we must exact our vengeance. They are Muslims and everyone knows Muslims are blood thirsty, mind controlled, vampiric monsters that want to kill everyone who isn't Muslim, all one billion of them. Muslims aren't just normal humans like you and I doing their best just to get along in the world. They must be destroyed over there so they don't come over here. The wars have nothing to do with money, or oil, or drugs, or hegemony, or any other natural resources. These wars are strictly for national security, to protect you, so shut up all you un-American war protesters.

Don't question the police state. Don't wonder about all the stories of police abuse and the disdain they seem to be showing the general public. The police are all good people. None of them could be control freaks. None of them could be on power trips. They don't just simply want you to obey their commands, they want to help people. That's all they're about, helping communities and citizens to peacefully exist. They would never persecute anyone simply because they stand up for their rights. They would never try to intimidate innocent people who haven't harmed another. They would never illegally disperse peaceful protestors. They would never use such devices as tasers for pain compliance purposes. That would be immoral and unethical. We don't need anyone watching over the police, so just don't you worry about who they're picking on. Just go about your business, citizen.

Don't question the results of elections. Why would anyone in authority want to fix them? I already told you we have only the best, most honest, most upstanding people in our government. Our system is the greatest ever. There's no way anyone would ever rig an election in this nation. That's something that only happens in other nations. So what if there's problems with the security of electronic voting? So what if it's not the most transparent method? At least we get to see who wins nearly right away. Besides, no one would dare to think they could get away with fixing an election in the freest nation in the world, right? They would certainly get caught if they tried, so don't question it.

Don't question their motives. Since they've already passed their Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, we shouldn't question it's wisdom even after we've had the chance to read it in detail. Don't question whether or not it benefits corporations or the insurance industry. It was passed for your benefit, so that everyone can go through life knowing they'll be well cared for thanks to our benevolent government. Don't question the death panels, or the mandatory insurance, or the fees and fines, it's all for your own good. Nationalized health care, that's been the goal of every good socialist, er, American for years now. Certainly you don't think anyone would have ulterior motives for passing such legislation. Now that we have it, we may as well just move on, let's not revisit that debate and try to repeal it.

Don't question their plans for the future. Don't question their plans to regulate the Internet. Again, such things are for your benefit and protection. Why, we don't want people on the Internet hurting each other's feelings now, do we? We can't just leave it as a playground for all those nasty child pornographers, can we? We can't just let it become an information depot and recruiting tool for those scary terrorists. Just let the nice people in government infringe a little on your free speech rights. They're nothing but good people there and they'll make sure to only protect you from the bad speech of bad people. They would never try to keep truthful information about their wrong doing away from you. They would never even consider keeping someone from posting opinions just because those opinions might be critical of those in authority. That couldn't possibly happen. This is nothing but a necessary precaution to make sure the children aren't exposed to harmful materials and radical thought. God knows we wouldn't want that to happen. We wouldn't want future generations thinking critically. It's all for the children.

Don't question cap and trade taxes. That's money that's necessary to make sure the environment is well cared for and that the climate won't change. After all, isn't it obvious that carbon dioxide is changing the climate? Al Gore says so and he wouldn't lie. Do you know anyone better able to take care of the environment than government? Don't worry that they're the worst polluters right now. Once they get their tax passed, I'm sure they'll change their ways and become wonderful environmental caretakers. Such a system could never become corrupt.

Don't question taxation at all. Your money is well spent. Government services are the backbone of the economy. Isn't that what our system was predicated on? Isn't that why we became such a prosperous nation, because of government? There's no inefficiency in government. There's no waste of money. We have nothing but the best and brightest in our government. Isn't that why we have elections, to make sure we get only the most qualified leaders? Just stop complaining and pay your taxes, citizen. Don't worry about where the money goes or what it's used for. Those in government will make sure it's well spent for your benefit.

Don't question the judgment of the Federal Reserve. Don't question where the money for the bailouts has gone. Don't question the shroud of secrecy veiling their decision making process. They are all good people. They wouldn't think of robbing the nation. They wouldn't think of destroying the dollar so they can better sell their idea of a world fiat currency controlled by a world central bank. They wouldn't think of benefiting themselves by trying to control all the wealth there is. No one is so evil or greedy as to want to financially dominate the world. They wouldn't try to start a currency war to get themselves out of trouble and at the same time forward their agenda. There's no need to audit them. They couldn't possibly have anything to do with the mess the economy finds itself in. In fact, we should give them even more power because they're so benevolent.

Time now to stop questioning authority. It's all good. Don't get involved. Just relax and watch your sports and shows on the television. Just keep your heads down and move along with your normal lives. Go out and spend money. The economy needs it. Don't have a job? Not to worry. Just run up the debt on those credit cards. Don't try to become self reliant, whatever you do. Government will take care of you. Just listen to the authoritarians and everything will be fine. Really.

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