Sunday, May 1, 2011

Will Superman Help Restore Honest Money?

One of my first childhood memories involves watching the TV show Batman. This wasn't like the sophisticated, high budget, special effects filled modern movies of today, it was a low budget attempt to turn live actors into cartoons starring Adam West and Burt Ward. I used to love Batman and Robin. I'd come home after school and watch with my best friend and neighbor and then we'd pretend that we were Batman and Robin. Of course I didn't understand at the time the dangers of propaganda because I was so young. I mean, Batman and Robin seemed harmless enough. I didn't know that watching could lead to superhero abuse. I didn't realize that Batman was a gateway superhero.

Before I knew it I was watching The Green Hornet. Then I started pretending to be Kato. As I grew older, I became interested in comic books. I began to go off on my own and read them in my room, with the door closed (gasp). I spent hours by myself, reading words in little speech and thought bubbles, getting into the minds of superheroes, and enjoying the colorful and exciting illustrations. I read The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and of course Superman. Then I started getting into some real heavy duty stuff. I read things like The Fantastic Four, The Xmen, Silver Surfer, The Hulk, and my favorite, Spiderman. Of course, those guys are a subject for another day. Thinking back on such matters gives me the shivers. I wonder how I ever survived those dark, treacherous waters of my stormy youth.

That was long ago. I got over my superhero addiction, but I still enjoy an occasional dip in those waters. Everything in moderation. Now a days, I am content to simply go to a movie theater and spend a couple of hours with fellow patrons of superhero lore losing myself in eye popping special effects that take me back to a time when it took a good imagination to actually see such a spectacle. I see nothing wrong with spending a couple of hours in an air conditioned movie theater to lose myself in another universe and then coming out to meet a sunshiny day and rejoin the real world.

I bring all this up because I recently heard that Superman plans on renouncing his US citizenship. An interesting concept and an intriguing turn of events, to say the least. Of course, in the real world, beings with super powers don't exist. They are the creation of a human mind. Those human minds, like mine and yours, have a set of beliefs and ideals that are reflected in their creations. They also have an agenda. Like it or not, we all try to influence the world as best we can. The creators of Superman are no exception. This leads me to a few questions. What is the agenda the writers of Superman are trying to endorse? Do they even realize they are pushing an agenda? How well thought out is this agenda?

Now, to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of citizenship in the first place. To me, citizenship implies a sort of hierarchy of a coercive state over the individual. It implies allegiance to a group of bureaucratic authority figures who exercise power and control of the masses. I am a fan of individual sovereignty and voluntary interactions. I believe in free markets and voluntary business dealings. I believe the state should intercede only in cases where one sovereign entity has harmed, robbed or defrauded another. I believe the state should respect individual rights, including the right to own private property, and should not be allowed to steal for its own benefit. I believe that individuals should have power over the state and instruments of the state equal to or above the power the state has over the individual. That is certainly not true in modern America as the federal government has nearly immeasurable powers over the individual. America is not the beacon of freedom shining to an authoritarian world across the waters it once was, it has become an authoritarian entity in and of itself, a socialistic empire of the world dedicated to imposing its will upon all peoples.

The principles I hold dear were the same principles America was supposedly founded upon. They may not be perfect, they may have gaping flaws, but they are there to be nurtured if we are only vigilant and wise enough to do so. So, the question becomes, has Superman given up on these principles, or is he simply positioning himself to become a tool of an even greater power than the United States federal government? Does Superman realize that the modern American way is no longer the way America was supposed to be? Does Superman still believe in truth and justice, or has he aligned himself with the lying super elite who wish to set up a one world, socialistic, authoritarian government? Will Superman attempt to uphold the Constitution, or does he believe it is an outdated document that holds no value in the modern collectivist regimes that pose as free Western nation states? It will be interesting to see how this plays out in upcoming issues.

One way we'll know what side of the propaganda line the writers and editors of Superman stand upon is who will be the villains and how they will be portrayed. Sure, it's easy to show Superman supporting non violent protestors and standing up to tin pot dictators, but how will he fare when it comes to the gray areas of international politics and social agendas? Will Superman align himself with unions, or with governors? Will he become a friend of the police, or a friend of the pot smoker they beat to within an inch of his life? Will he rush to the aid of the TSA agents feeling up some good looking suspected terrorist who refused a naked body scan, or will he rush to the aid of someone being beaten by those same agents because they stood up for their rights? Will he stand with tax protestors who have refused to pay for unjust wars or other unpalatable federal government programs, or will he help the tax collectors subjugate and destroy such uppity miscreants? These are some tough issues to address, even for Superman.

Will the bad guys be anarchists who wish the violent overthrow of supposedly legitimate governments, or will they be the CIA agents who infiltrate and even set up such groups and then provocateur violence to entrap otherwise peaceful individuals? Will the bad guys be portrayed as uncaring industrialists working to destroy the Earth through negligent pollution or will they be the plotting leaders of the green movement looking to destroy humanity through corrupt science, manipulation of public opinion and the regulation of life giving gases? Will the targets of Superman's ire be the soldier following orders, or will they be the corrupt politicians lying a nation into war? Will the enemy be the common dissident, or the super wealthy central bankers and globalists?

Just how indoctrinated is Superman anyway? How deep does his philosophy go? I wonder, has he ever given any thought to economics? Does he realize that most, if not all, of the evil mankind does has its roots in economics? Most of the fraud, wars, and other ills created by mankind is done for greed and love of power. If one can control and regulate how business and trade is run, then one can control the world. Perhaps the easiest way to achieve this would be to have a monopoly on the creation of the currency used to do business throughout the world.

The founders of the United States of America knew this and tried to anticipate such a threat by providing instructions in the constitution on the creation of money. Our forefathers were warned that paper money was trouble, that the power to issue it could be abused, and that only gold and silver should ever be legal tender. They were warned that issuance of such debt notes could lead to economic catastrophe and the lose of property for the common folk. The Federal Reserve note that has also become known as the United States dollar is such a debt note. It has also become the world's reserve currency, though it is no longer regulated by the gold market, or any other precious metal market, in any way, shape or form. This fact has led to the concentration of wealth worldwide into the hands of a very few people, giving them far too much power to implement their will upon the great mass of humanity. The question is, does Superman realize this and if so will he side with the common folk, or is he willing to look the other way and go after some lesser bad guys for a bit of payoff from the elite?

In my opinion, which I'm sure is shared by others, one of the best ways to take power from the super elite and put it back into the hands of the common folk is to take away the monopoly that allows them to issue the world's currencies in paper notes based on debt. So, in coming issues, will we see Superman storm into a congressional hearing and hear him demand that Ben Bernanke release the records of where the bailout money went? Will he demand the money be returned to the taxpayers who never wanted the bailouts in the first place? Will he help Ron Paul and other congresspersons push through a bill to fully and completely audit the fed? Will he help with the transition to competitive money? Will he help reestablish honest, constitutional money in the United States? In the rest of the world? Will he be a friend of the common folk, or a tool of the new world order? Only time will tell.

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