Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ron Paul, the Honest Government I Deserve

I have heard that you get the government you deserve. This might be true for you, but I can tell you I've never gotten the government I deserve. I've never voted for a corrupted, corporate establishment owned, globalist, big government Democrat. I've never voted for a corrupted, corporate establishment owned, globalist, big government Republican. I've always voted for candidates who espoused smaller, more transparent government. I've always voted for candidates who espoused peace and non aggression in foreign policy. I've always vote for principle, never either of two evils whether one is lesser or not. It wasn't enough that someone just paid lip service to principle, they had to exhibit a public record supporting their position.

I have voted for honest government. Establishment politicians lie. They appeal to the perceived desires they see in the voters whose ballots they want to capture, but they don't even plan on honoring their words. To say they are deceitful is more than an understatement. I don't deserve deceitful government. I don't deserve secret government. I don't deserve a government who looks down upon me and treats me like a stupid herd animal they can fool, manipulate and control. Maybe you do, and maybe that's why you keep voting for establishment candidates, but I do not.

I have voted for government with integrity. Establishment politicians are corrupt. They take money from lobbyists. They are funded by international corporate interests. They belong to secretive non governmental organizations that seem able to exercise selfish power over the policies implemented by government. They care not for common folk or their travails, they care only for their own and the benefit of their benefactors. Perhaps that is the government you deserve, but I deserve the integrity I asked for.

I have voted for the American libertarian principles of freedom and liberty despite what the corporate political establishment has offered up as representing America and what it stands for. I have voted for small, constitutional government. Establishment politicians want to control your life from birth to death. They want you enslaved. They do so through big government. They do so by creating government monopolies to severely limit your choices. They do so by limiting your purchasing choices and empowering their choices through regulation and the taxation of income. Perhaps you don't want to make financial decisions for yourself. Perhaps you want to be taken care of from cradle to grave. You have gotten the government you deserve. I wish to make my own decisions and to take care of myself. Where is the government I deserve?

I have voted for peace. I do not wish to see my children marched off to war for the sake of international corporations and their profits. I do not wish to see or hear about innocent bodies strewn in the streets due to the actions of my fellow countrymen. I certainly don't want to be forced to pay for such actions. Establishment politicians seem to be war mongers, even those who present themselves as peace candidates. I would as soon simply trade with other cultures rather than bomb them. I would as soon feel secure because we are well liked in the world and get along with others rather than because we are scanned and/or felt up at airports, train stations, bus stations and soon at random on the roadways and in the malls by TSA agents on power trips. Perhaps you have voted for war. Perhaps you believe that's the way to greater security. Perhaps you have desired and voted for the police state. You have gotten the government you deserve. The problem is those of us who believe in freedom not only for ourselves, but for others, do not get the government we deserve.

In 2008 I did not vote for hope, I voted for real solutions that have worked in the past and should work into the future. I did not vote for change, I voted for transformation to a better way, a step toward a better world. I did not fall for the sirens' song of establishment politicians, I looked for a genuine voice who proved with his actions and public record what he espoused with his words. I voted for Ron Paul, even though I had to write his name on the ballot. I refused to vote for any candidate backed by the corporate establishment.

I'm really not sure who deserves the kind of tyrannical and freedom crushing government we are evolving in this nation. Perhaps it's those in the inaccurate, so called mainstream media who refuse to acknowledge Ron Paul's growing popularity. Perhaps those talking heads and political pundits deserve to be patted down and groped by TSA agents. Perhaps they deserve to be pulled over and interrogated at roadside checkpoints. Perhaps they deserve to have their homes and personal belongings searched without warrant. Perhaps they deserve to be over scrutinized and over taxed by government agencies. Perhaps they deserve to have all their individual rights violated by government, but I do not. And I don't believe many others do either. I don't believe very many people voted for this kind of government intrusion at all, no matter who they may have voted for in the past.

The best government is the government you don't have to think about. The best government is the government that can be trusted to do the right thing. People are thinking about the government too often these days, and the thoughts aren't usually pleasant ones. Hardly anyone trusts the government. Many are of the opinion the government continuously does what's wrong. The masses are grumbling and almost no one is sitting up and saying we have the best government ever, and anyone who does is quickly shouted down and relegated to irrelevancy.

We have a chance in 2012 to truly voice to the powers that be the kind of government we think we deserve. We can tell them we wish for smaller, more responsible government, or we can tell them we want bigger, unaccountable government. We can tell them we want honest government, or we can let them keep getting away with the corruption they engage in. We can tell them we want transparent government, or we can tell them we don't mind their secrecy. We can tell them we want peace, or we can let them continue to throw away lives and treasure with their occupations and wars of aggression. We can tell them we want honest money and a stable economy, or we can let them continue to keep us indebted to a private central banking cartel with a monopoly on the currency supply. We can vote for Ron Paul, or we can vote for one of the establishment, corporate owned candidates. First he must win the Republican nomination, so we have to support him in such numbers and shout so loud that the powers that be can no longer ignore him. Time is growing short. You can strive to get the kind of government you deserve, or you can accept the government someone else deserves.

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