Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Silver and Sunshine, the Great Vampire Killers

If you were a parasite with intelligence, how would you design yourself to survive? Well, if it was me, I'd try to convince my victims that I was a necessary part of their lives. Of course to do that, I'd have to be very charming. I'd have to be able to capture their minds, so to speak, to put them in a trance and to make them believe that what I was doing was good for them. At that point, I'd be able to feed off of them as much as I wanted, so long as I kept them alive. I mean, if I killed one I could always find another one I could attach myself to, but if I killed too many and especially if there were others of my kind hanging around, I could be in trouble if the supply of victims ran low. This is a problem that vampires might run into if their supply of human beings runs low.

Of course, none of us like to be fed upon. We slap mosquitoes. We burn off leeches. We inspect ourselves for ticks if we've been in the woods and pull them out if they've attached themselves. We take medications to get rid of internal worms. Most of us are disgusted by such creatures. Yet if the same behavior is exhibited by humans, especially good looking humans who are sexually stimulating, many will accept it as a matter of course and even romanticize it.

Those who are aware of the evil nature of such parasitical creatures, however, keep their eyes out for the hidden vampire and seek to destroy it before it can harm another. It is much harder for them to fall for the vampire's charms. It is much harder to brainwash them into thinking the vampire is necessary. Vampire hunters will try to warn others of the true nature of the vampire living amongst them, but their warnings will oft times go unheeded. The vampires are experts at enslaving human minds and creating willing servants who will guard the vampire's secrets and try to thwart the vampire hunters. No one wants to admit to the reality of vampires and would sooner go along with their lives completely oblivious to the danger they are in, some even defending the vampires for fear of upsetting the status quo.

Vampires like to consider themselves superior to humans. They exist in their undead form for longer than humans live on average. They think themselves physically stronger. They think themselves more intelligent. They have powers ordinary humans only dream of. They get off on observing the hapless humans they feed upon and perhaps every once in awhile toying with them like a cat toys with a mouse. They think they can get away with whatever they please and no one can stop them. But they do have their weaknesses. There are a few things that can be done to destroy them and their evil plans.

It is interesting to note a couple of things that have been known to destroy certain vampires in the past. The two I wish to talk about are silver and sunshine. Silver is a well known anti bacterial agent. It will also kill several forms of parasites. Perhaps it is no surprise that it kills vampires (and werewolves) as it seems to be a cleansing agent.

Sunshine is also known to kill vampires. It is also known to help battle bacteria and parasites in the human body. It provides the body with vitamin D which is a necessary nutritional component that boosts the human immune system. Again, we see a real life cleansing agent prevalent in the lore for killing an evil that has inflicted mankind. Is this just a coincidence, or are there real life examples of vampires feeding on humankind throughout history?

Well, I don't know about individual vampires, but I do recognize societal vampires. These are the parasites that feed off the productivity of humanity as a whole. They suck the lifeblood of our economic systems and bring sickness, destruction and even death to the societies they infect. Most people walk about in a daze, either super exuberant or in a state of financial shock, not knowing that these vampires are the true cause of the boom and bust cycles their economies go through. I am talking, of course, about the Federal Reserve system in the United States of America and central banking in the Western world in general. The same remedies used to destroy vampires of lore can be used to bring about the end to these economic vampires, or at least to hold them more accountable.

Silver is just one precious metal that can be used to destroy the monster that is the Federal Reserve. The paper money put out by that institution is created from nothing and only good as long as people will accept it in payment for goods and services. The vampiric Federal Reserve has managed to ruin the value of its currency, the Federal Reserve Note (FRN), by flooding the market with its product. This has happened because of the simple law of supply and demand. The supply has been inflated, so those selling products and services are demanding more of it. Silver, however, as with any precious metal, cannot be printed on demand and it is therefore harder to inflate the supply. Its value will go up as the supply dwindles. Producers will ask for less of it as they compete with others supplying similar products and services in the marketplace. If the marketplace begins to demand silver (and other precious metals) instead of paper for their goods and services, FRNs will be forced out of the marketplace and the parasitical Federal Reserve system will be destroyed.

The other well known cure for vampires, sunlight, is equally lethal to the Federal Reserve system. For decades, the vast majority didn't realize that there was a vampire in their midst. People looked at the Federal Reserve system and thought is was a government institution set there to see to the needs of the populace rather than a quasi private, quasi public entity that could siphon its profits to the coffers of a wealthy elite while ensuring that any loses would be paid for by the American taxpayer. It's good work if you can get it. Of course this would only work so long as enough people remained ignorant of the true nature of this institution. By shining the light on the Federal Reserve, so to speak, the people become enraged and policy can be changed to hold the Fed accountable. While this appears to be happening, it is important to make sure the Fed remains exposed until the full light of day shines upon it so it cannot duck back into the shadows and hide behind the backs of its servant politicians who defend its policies.

These are, of course, only two of the remedies that can be applied to rid our society of the most dangerous vampire we have ever known. I'm sure there are more. The most important thing is to make sure enough people realize the true nature of the Federal Reserve. Once that is accomplished and enough people have become aware, those who run the Federal Reserve will hopefully become less arrogant and more willing to work to benefit the masses. They don't want to be held accountable by the entire world for causing the total destruction of the world's economy. They don't want their crimes to be well known, and so perhaps the heat will be enough for them to put an end to their criminal enterprises. After all, I don't think they want to be burned, and I doubt very much they want to be begging for mercy from the masses of humanity. They would very much like to stay on top, even if it means some of their most cherished plans against humanity have to be postponed. While I am all for killing the vampire, I also understand that many of its victims have fallen in love with it and its removal must be done carefully so that the victims do not suffer its fate and can recover.

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