Friday, February 24, 2012

Stop Showing Up For the War

Can you hear them? The dogs of war are barking. They're getting very loud. These guys want to fight. They want to fight bad. They're growling, snarling and salivating as they think about all the glorious death and destruction they can cause. These animals can't wait to see the people melt. They hunger for the human misery they can cause,. They long to feast upon the mangled and dismembered bodies of their victims and wallow in the radioactive glow of rubble where fabulous cities once stood. This is the mentality of the sub-human leadership in a couple of well known nations. These vicious animals plan on being safe in their hardened bunkers while the peoples of their nations suffer from their arrogance and inept statesmanship.

It's sad to think that so many may suffer because the supposed leaders of nations can't act like adults. They're more like two punk bullies on the playground pushing each other back and forth. The other kids on the playground circle around and start to cheer and egg them on. The problem with these two kids is that they're going to drag others into this fight. They're grabbing the bigger kids and asking for back up. They're screaming at each other that their big brother can beat up the other's big brother.

If these two punks were to beat on each other until they were both just bloody pulps of quivering flesh it wouldn't be such a big deal. The kids could all watch a good fight and then go home shaking their heads and talking about how stupid the other two kids were to beat on each other so. But once those big brothers get involved, all hell breaks loose. Those guys got weapons that can do serious damage. The playground becomes a battlefield where no one is safe. Even the kids on the periphery could be pulled into the fray and severely injured.

This shows why the United States needs to seriously change its foreign policy. Getting involved in the internal affairs of so many nations can easily drag us into World War III. For all we know, and with the constant shifting of loyalties we always see, the United States of America might end with the entire world lining up against it. It certainly seems that's what's shaping up with the world's economic system. The federal government has squandered the goodwill and friendships the rest of the world's nations may have at one time felt for it by overextending its credit and devaluing its dollar through inflation. Much or the rest of the world is faulting the United States of America for the worldwide financial crisis, and for good reason. With the dollar as the reserve currency of the world many nations have their economies tied directly to the Federal Reserve and when the value of the dollar is decreased, whether through inflation or wasteful war, others suffer around the globe.

If two punk bullies on the playground are arguing and trying to draw their bigger, tougher siblings and friends into it, the best thing for those others to do is walk away. Let the two just have it out. Let them work out things for themselves. That way, no one else gets hurt. Besides, you just might be surprised how quickly those two decide that maybe they don't want to fight after all. Maybe they decide they have more in common than they thought. Maybe they find they can actually get along after all. The best possible outcome is that they actually become friends. Stranger things have happened. Even if the best possible outcome doesn't happen, at least by walking away no one else is dragged down into the depravity of the two who wish to fight.

The difference between real war and the analogy of kids fighting on the playground is that in real war we know that innocent people are going to die. Anyone with any kind of compassion is going to find war abhorrent. Anyone who cares at all about the masses of humanity is going to find war an abomination. The only just war is the war fought to defend, and everyone claims to be defending even as they attack and invade. Only angry, pouting, childlike personalities who can't get what they want through peaceful means resort to violence. Perhaps it's time that adult human beings replace the kids who have somehow managed to obtain positions of political power and are leading their nations and their peoples down a destructive path.

What's really frightening about this situation are the saber rattlers in our own nation. Our nation's reputation as a just nation has been destroyed due to these war crazed authoritarians. Our nation's coffers have been emptied and the US has been brought to the brink of bankruptcy due to its policies of war and occupation. Lives have been lost and shattered on both sides. The human suffering is terrible, and the blood is on our hands. We only had to stick to a wise foreign policy of trade with all, alliances with none, as our founding fathers advised, to avoid all that misery. We only had to practice a bit of forgiveness and perhaps some out of the box thinking and we would have had justice. Instead, we let our anger and dismay shut down our reasoning. We allowed the powers that be to lead us around by the proverbial nose to further their agenda. The American populace let their emotions of anger, fear and hatred get the best of them and responded as anyone who knows how to manipulate emotion would have expected.

Now, that same pot is boiling. The same war drums are beating. The same people are behind the scenes trying to rally the American populace to get their blessings to go to war with Iran. How will this play out? Are we going to see another 9/11? Will we see another Gulf of Tonkin? Another USS Maine? Is there another Operation Northwoods plan on the table? It's difficult to say, but the possibilities are frightening. I wouldn't put anything past these power mad psychos. They'd do anything to keep and grow their power.

What about those suitcase nukes and dirty bombs we hear about? What if one of those was to go off? Would the populace of America believe the government when they tell us Iran did it? How many times can they be lied to before they open their eyes? How would this go over in the United States? How would it look for Homeland Security if, after billions has been spent on setting up the monstrous bureaucracy, such a monumental failure takes place? What excuses would they use for their total ineptitude? Negligence? Miscommunication? Stupidity? Whatever the case, I'll bet no one gets fired.

I'll also bet that they'll ask for more money. I'll bet they'll ask for more control. While they were stripping grandma and grabbing Jr.'s privates at the airports, I bet the terrorists would have snuck across the southern border, or maybe the northern one. Or perhaps they would have stowed away on a Chinese merchant ship. Whatever the case, they'll ask us to give away the few precious freedoms we have left so that they can clamp down on every movement we make. How long will Americans continue to fall for this scam? Will we this time scream a resounding "No!" to their requests? Will we finally learn and tell them they've proven they're nothing but totally inept failures and they don't deserve more money or power, they deserve none? Or will the American people once again cower in a corner and beg them to do as they please, just make the boogeyman go away?

War is the ultimate policy failure. It means you have failed at diplomacy. It means you have failed at other coercive policies. It means you have failed humanity. Those who howl for war do so because they benefit from it, or at least they think they will benefit from it. They are the military industrial complex we were warned about. They are the power hungry politicians who want to control everybody's life from cradle to grave. They are the collectivists who think that their group is somehow superior to all other groups and that they can prove it through death and destruction. They are the dregs of humanity and they need to be opposed at every turn and stopped by people of compassion.

What if they have a war and no one shows up? What if the order is given to fire and no one pulls the trigger? What if the all the soldiers on a field of battle throw down their guns, turn their backs and just walk home? What if the CIA drone pilots all put down their joysticks and refuse to bomb any more weddings, funeral processions, or innocents of any kind? What if bomber pilots refuse to fly? What if enlisted men refuse to push the buttons that launch the missiles? What if they decide that obeying just isn't worth the possible collateral damage that occurs in war? What if the fog of war is lifted and everyone sees the truth and the horror of it, not just those caught in the fighting? What if the common folk simply stop obeying the sick psychopaths that long to kill their fellow human beings? What if peace broke out?

Humanity has a choice to make. I hope it makes the right one. You are part of humanity. You have a choice to make. I hope you make the right one.

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