Saturday, February 18, 2012

What if the GOP is Pulling the Wool Over the Eyes of Republican Voters?

Fox News has seen it fit to fire Judge Andrew Napolitano. His show "Freedom Watch" was, in my opinion, the only news program on Fox, perhaps on television, worth watching. He delivered the freedom message with great eloquence, consistency and integrity. He is certainly, again in my opinion, a much more watchable and likeable host than Bill O'Liely or Sean Scammity. He simply makes a lot of sense to me when he speaks.

When I looked into the ratings issue, I found conflicting reports. There were those who claim his numbers were falling and that's why he was fired, and others who say his ratings were good and were not an issue. Personally, I don't know what any of the numbers I saw meant, so it's hard for me to say. I do know that I saw a chart that put his numbers higher than the numbers for the other shows in his time slot. I have no idea what that means, but I would think it was good. In any case, the numbers could always be manipulated. Anything of importance can always be manipulated, and I believe we've been manipulated for a long, long time now, so much so that I think many people are blissfully unaware or willfully ignorant of the manipulation.

I think "Freedom Watch" was cancelled because Judge Napolitano speaks truth to power, and he does it in an ingenious way. He doesn't make accusations or spout off opinion, he simply asks the question "what if?" and expects you to think for yourself. Of course when he asks the question it becomes obvious to everyone that what he is saying is very likely the reality of the situation. The powers that be are not stupid. They are arrogant, but not stupid. They knew what he was doing. They seem to believe that you're stupid, but apparently they don't believe you're that stupid. They certainly don't want you to start thinking for yourself.

In honor of the judge, I thought I'd use the rhetorical question myself, as I have been known to do in the past. I don't believe Fox can fire me for doing so.

What if the GOP is pulling the wool over your eyes? What if the voting machines they use are easily hacked so the winner can be determined before the vote is taken? What if they have already decided who they want to run for president and it doesn't matter who you vote for? What if the candidates are all selected rather than elected? What if the choices presented to you are all globalists with the same collectivist agenda? What if all these primary elections are just for show?

What if Ron Paul has really been winning all the Republican primaries and caucuses? What if the establishment doesn't want us to know this? What if the powers that be would cheat and lie simply to hang onto power? What if most people don't care if this is happening or not? What if those that do care have no way to prove it? What if those who do care are trying to prove it but are prevented from doing so by the powers that be? What if some whistleblowers announced they'd seen something and were saying something? What if whistleblowers were largely ignored by most media outlets? What if whistleblower protection laws didn't really protect whistleblowers? What if whistleblowers actually put themselves in real danger when they talked? What if people of conscious who wished to act as watchdogs to government agencies were ineffective because they were uniformed?

What if our so called republic was no longer a functional representative democracy? What if most politicians at the federal level are bought off by special interests that don't have the best interests of humankind at heart? What if most people are against many policies implemented by various administrations through the decades? What if most people are against wars of aggression? What if most people are against nation building? What if most people are against empire building? What if most people are against the drug war? What if most people want to live in an era of peace?

What if most people are against rights shredding legislation? What if most people would like to see the Patriot Act repealed? What if most people would like to see the National Defense Authorization Act repealed? What if most people would like to see the Military Commissions Act repealed? What if most people would like to see Obamacare repealed? What if federal elected representatives didn't give a damn about what most people want? What if they only cared about their own wealth and power?

What if nobody dissented? What if nobody ever pointed out the corruption? What if everyone simply hung their heads and silently went along to get along? What if they simply let federal officials get away with any crime they wanted to commit? What if no one cared about trying to enforce the Constitution of the United States of America? What if disobeying its mandates and violating oaths were not crimes, but mere roadblocks easily avoided because of an apathetic public?

What if most people really wanted a smaller federal government? What if they wanted to see an end to certain cabinet level bureaucracies? What if the powers that be didn't care and instead wanted bigger government and more power? What if most people didn't want to finance such a huge bureaucracy? What if they understood that the national debt was too high and spending needed to be cut? What if they understood that indebtedness meant that what you have is really owned by banks? What if the political class didn't care because they really work for the banking class who would end up owning everything?

What if most people didn't want to pay an income tax? What if most people wanted to audit the Federal Reserve? What if most congressmen sponsored a bill to audit the Fed? What if they didn't do a complete audit, but only a partial one? What if that was done only to placate a growing movement and to try to make the audit a non issue? What if it's really worse than we think? What if the people are tired of the super wealthy living off the backs of the middle class? What if nothing was done to stop this abuse and restore an economic system based on productive output rather than debt?

What if freedom was important to most people? What if they simply weren't told what the true meaning of freedom was? What if all their lives they had been given false choices and misinformation? What if they didn't understand what a free market truly was and how they'd been deceived into believing free markets were the cause of their economic woes? What if they'd been taught that freedom would lead to chaos, lawlessness and the collapse of society? What if they'd been told that if they didn't give up their freedoms their security was threatened? What if these were false and deceptive claims meant to give more power and control to the already powerful? What if one man who could eloquently and succinctly explain this to the masses had his platform removed?

What if many of my articles are correct and there is a conspiracy to create a new world order? What if that conspiracy includes violating the individual's right to express his opinions? What if it includes violating the right to freedom of the press? What if laws are being put in place to justify imprisoning and disappearing those who would dissent? What if there was a danger of all nations losing national sovereignty to an authoritarian plutocratic world government? What if we were in danger of devolving back into a society like 12th century Europe rather than evolving into the 21st century?

What if you could do something about it? What if all you had to do was speak out against the political leadership in the world? What if all you had to do was dissent? What if all you had to do was stop obeying? What if all you had to do was let them know that you are aware of what they're up to? What if all you had to do was stop living in fear and start living like a free individual?

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