Friday, November 29, 2013

The Biggest Bullies, Big Central Banks and Their Big Central Governments

I've been seeing a lot on bullying lately in the news and on social networking sites. It seems that no one really seems to like bullying much and everyone loves to see the little guy stand up to the bully. And yet there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to those who stand up to the biggest bullies of all. There seems to be some kind of cognitive dissonance that takes place when someone feels the bully is doing the bullying for your own good, or for the right reasons. I don't think bullying is ever good, no matter the reasons one might dream up for engaging in the practice. No matter how well intentioned, the ends never justifies the means when the means is immoral, and an immoral means always taints and corrupts a moral intention.

When we think of bullying, we often think of kids. We think of playground antics. We think of stealing milk money, or a cry for attention, or acceptance, or acting superior due to an inferiority complex, or of insecurity issues, or someone picking on someone else because they're different, or someone picking on someone else simply for the perverse pleasure they might get from instilling fear in another human being, from watching them squirm in fright. Mostly one thinks about the strong picking on the weak. It's especially about the strong picking on the weak.

But why think that these types of behaviors are limited to children? Why the belief that once a human being undergoes this process we know as puberty they suddenly drop the behaviors of childhood and blossom into adults who only engage in respectable behavior? In fact, don't we know from our personal lives that almost the opposite is true? Haven't we all seen adults in our own lives that act as immature today as they did when they were children? Doesn't it make more sense that the bullies of the playground might find an outlet in adulthood where they can engage in bullying techniques and it's not only respectable, many people might actually applaud it? Well, there are plenty of jobs in the public/government sector where bullies are needed to help implement the collectivist schemes of the power hungry political class.

Some may think about the law and enforcement arm of this little club of bullies that rules over the common folk when they read the above and I wouldn't blame them. The enforcement class, which would include judges and prosecutors as well as police, are the class that have to deal the most directly with the public. But these bullies who beat and intimidate with the muscle and the sheer power of "The Law" are not the biggest bullies on the playground by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, they likely have to deal with a different kind of bullying as they go about their work. No, the biggest bullies, the smartest and most nefarious bullies, are cleverly hidden. There is a good chance that most people would never dare to imagine them as bullies because they are so far from the picture of an archetypical bully that most of us carry around in our heads.

I'm talking, of course, about the banksters. Many people when thinking about bankers think about mild mannered, hard working, respectable businessmen. Indeed, when talking about a community banker, a George Bailey type for instance, this stereotype may prove true. When talking about central banking families, those more like Mr. Potter, the ones at the top pulling all the strings, however, nothing could be farther from the truth. These people are as notorious, as cold blooded, and as vile as you can imagine. They don't use muscle to bully so much as they use something much more powerful. They use money. They use economics, and economics targets everyone, not just those one wishes to control. Economic bullying is the carpet bombing of bullying.

These are the people who will threaten economic chaos should they be denied. These are the people who threatened congressmen with the spectre of martial law in 2008 unless they got a bailout. These are the people who can bring a politician's career to a swift end if they so choose. They are the puppet masters at the top of the power structure and they use their vast wealth to move forward with a collectivist agenda where they're in complete control and you will do as they say, or else.

It is the central bankers who have connived and plotted to centralize power in a system where power is supposed to be decentralized and the individual is supposed to have the power to run his own life. They bully those with federal power, who in turn bully those with state power, who in turn bully those with county power, who in turn bully those with city power, who in turn will bully you, the individual. Their favorite weapon of choice is fiat currency. They beat people over the head with the threat of funding removal. Some people might not see that as bullying, but that just makes it all the more subtle. Central bankers know all too well the harm that can be caused by crashing an economy. They count on it. It's all too clear in historical perspective. They also count on the common folk not understanding this, because no one likes to be bullied and if the common folk find out in great enough numbers they might actually do something about it.

So how do we stop such bullying? I believe the first step is to understand that is indeed what's going on. The next step is to confront the bullies. An audit of the Fed will initiate such a confrontation. After such an audit, a determination can be made as to just how much wealth was stolen from the common folk as a result of this bullying. Restitution then needs to be paid to the people in the form of real wealth, real assets and commodities, not paper debt notes that can be printed at will and have to have laws passed to force people to accept them as money. From there we should be very careful as to the rules we create as to what money is and how it drives the economy, with freedom and individual choice in currency markets taking a central role, remembering that history has shown us that what is easily given can be easily taken away.

We have lived in fear of the bully for far too long. The Feds have made excuses and covered their mistakes and their asses with their threats far too often. The system has been corrupted because its foundations have been corrupted with the insertion of a fiat, fractional reserve currency. Until we own up to such realizations we run the risk of the system collapsing around our ears. If we shine the spotlight on the bullies behind the scenes and expose them as those responsible for creating the economic mess we're in then maybe, just maybe, we can avoid economic catastrophe and figure out a way to return to monetary sanity. Perhaps it's time for the common folk to do a little bullying of our own. After all, there's nothing a bully hates more than being bullied.

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