Thursday, December 5, 2013

Central Banks and the Enslavement of Mankind

There is a saying that he who has the gold makes the rules. Indeed, throughout the history of mankind it has been shown that wealth is power. Why do you suppose that is? The answer to that question appears to be obvious. If you have money, many people will do what you want them to do simply to obtain that money. This is true whether you own a business and try to provide something costumers will pay for, or you work for a business and provide labor, or you sell sexual favors to lonely people. The answer should be obvious, and yet there exists sinister subtleties that allow for crafty conmen to take control of large swaths of governments and economies in this world. You see, there is evil afoot in this world, and I'm not talking about insignificant evil such as individuals doing drugs or having sex with strangers, I'm talking about industrial sized evil, evil on the scale of the holocaust, evil against all humanity, evil so subtle and pervasive that to many it doesn't seem like evil at all.

Imagine for a moment, if you would, that you were entrusted with the power to create currency for the nation you lived in. Imagine that everyone who engaged in commerce, in any kind of legal economic activity in your country had to, by law, use your debt notes as a means of exchange. Imagine that you got a portion of every legal transaction that took place across the nation. Even if it was a very small percentage, less than one percent, close to zero percent, you would still soon be a very, very wealthy individual before too long. Now imagine that this was so for many nations across the planet. It isn't hard to see how within a few years you'd be one of the wealthiest people on the planet, maybe even the wealthiest. Keep that business in the family for a couple of hundred years and there's little doubt that your family, your bloodline, would be one of the wealthiest, most powerful, most influential forces the world has ever known.

This is how it is with the families that own the central banks of the world. Their total wealth cannot be known. Their power and influence is unbridled. They are above all, masters of this world, and all because they were able to use their wealth and influence to pay for politicians who would sell out the common folk and create a system of currency based on debt, giving a monopoly on currency creation to those same families. Most people probably don't know about this little scheme of theirs, and they would like to keep it that way, which is why the fact that many central banks are privately owned remains hidden. But more and more people are becoming aware.

Many might wonder why people of such wealth would want to hide. Wouldn't they want to flaunt their power? Simply put, they don't want people to know who they are because they don't want to take personal responsibility for the damage they've caused. They certainly don't want the masses of humanity to know that such damage has been caused on purpose and with malevolence because they actually benefit more when damage is done than they do when humanity benefits. They know humanity is smart enough to figure them out and to target them and their agenda in so doing, so they hide as best they can behind propaganda, their masks of legitimacy and their political puppets who supposedly regulate and police them while actually enabling them.

The political class are actually also slaves to this master class which consists of old family royalty, the corporate elite and the banking elite families. They are just higher class slaves, the slaves inside the mansion rather than out in the fields, so to speak. If they want to keep their positions of comfort and avoid the whip they'd better do what is good for their masters, not what is good for the masses of humanity.

We, the common folk, we are their laborers. We are their property. At least that's how they see it. They infuse their "money" with magical symbols and pictures of our "great leaders" of the past and expect to receive real wealth in return. For their paper money is nothing but debt notes, and they expect to be paid back with real property and commodities, not with more debt notes. When you think about it, what does it mean to be indebted anyway? What is debt? Debt is something you owe to someone, a favor that needs to be paid back. What is a debt note? It is a promise that you will pay back the debt you owe, and if you can't you will lose any collateral you own that might be of real value.

The way the elite banking families look at it, they have done you the favor of printing out debt notes for you to use in commerce, and they want that debt repaid. And yet they never spell out exactly what they want for providing this service. Oh, they said in the beginning the income tax would pay for their services, but it seems to me they wanted much more than a simple income tax. History has shown again and again that the price for them to provide this service is steep indeed, as all monopoly services tend to be, so steep, in fact, as to be unaffordable, IMHO.

First off, in terms of simple money, even their own debt notes, what started out as a very small income tax on the very richest Americans in order to pay for the Federal Reserve System's operations has ballooned into a tax on every hard working American who earns over an arbitrary amount of money per year as determined by an unelected set of bureaucrats working for an unaccountable IRS. This in and of itself can be considered slavery for you are involuntarily working a certain percentage for the government. You are least that percentage of a slave whether you want to admit it or not and therefore you are a slave. And don't let anyone tell you that the income tax is voluntary. Just try not paying and see what happens. Look what they did to Wesley Snipes and Ed and Elaine Brown. But go ahead and tell yourself the income tax is voluntary, if you want. I don't live in denial and I know the only reason I pay it is because violence will be used against me if I don't.

But, more nefarious that that, is the price we pay in blood. Look deep into the history that is hidden from the general public and you will see banking interests behind the wars and revolutions that have ravaged this planet for centuries. War is good for the wealthy elite and when banking interests are playing both sides of the conflict they will reap a large profit no matter the winner, a strategy they also use when backing political candidates, by the way. One could well ask what humans would support warfare and violent revolution for something as transient and inconsequential as power and profit over the peaceful advancement of all mankind? Very sick humans, I would venture to say. Very deluded humans. Perhaps someone who is less than human, or very inhuman. Perhaps someone who sees the rest of humanity as their property, as pawns to be played on a chessboard of political intrigue where ideologies are pitted against each other in a twisted game where the one side dominates and the other side either submits or faces extinction. Perhaps someone who believes they own you and your progeny and can send them off to die in some foreign conflict at their whim. Perhaps someone who believes they have the right to bind and enslave all humanity.

Believe in conspiracy or not, the power of the Fed is hard to deny. The history of their founding, the nature of their funding and the reality of their private ownership are not disputed. While some apologists would claim that such analysis as mine is harsh I would argue that their own historical words and actions provide strong evidence to back my opinions. These people feel it is their right to enslave humanity, that we are indebted to them, that they own us all like we are livestock. They are very dangerous and hold far too much power and influence over our lives. Humanity needs to stand up and strip them of that power and influence before they leave humanity impoverished, enslaved and stripped of the dignity it has taken us centuries to gain.

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