Monday, December 23, 2013

The Spirit of Christmas, the Nature of Humankind

Christmas, for me, is a beautiful time of year. It's not the pretty lights and the shiny decorations that make it beautiful, although they are quite pleasant to the senses. It's not nature's show of ice and snow that make it beautiful. Although such scenes make nice postcards to look at, dealing with them in real life is annoying to me and can actually be quite hazardous. It's not the clear air and the twinkling stars in the night sky that make it beautiful, although I do enjoy contemplating them I prefer the longer warm days to the longer cold nights. What makes Christmas beautiful to me is the spirit that's in the air. Not the spirit of commercialism, but the genuine spirit of giving and caring that comes from the heart.

This, to me, shows the true nature of humanity. Humans are not the beings we see on the television nightly news shows scratching and clawing each other in order to obtain some electronic trinket at a greatly reduced price. Those occurrences are actually the exception and not the norm which is why they make the news. Humans are, for the most part, rather docile and compliant and will follow the rules of civility even when placed in a competitive circumstance. This can actually be a bad thing when a tyrannical government tries to assert its authority over the masses.

Humans are not the murderous, torturous, war mongering rabble mainstream history portrays them as. People are, for the most part, kind, considerate, empathetic beings who just want to love and laugh and live their lives as best they can. Even as we study wars and battles and great generals and leaders and man's capacity to be inhumane to his fellow humans, we have a tendency to skip over the feelings and general misgivings of the common soldier who questions the morality of what he is forced to do through his circumstances and longs to return to a life of love and caring. The glorification of warfare is the job of the historian, the politician, and others who may profit from such an activity, the true terror and vileness of warfare is remembered in the hearts of the common folk who participate and can poison them for life. It is, in essence, unnatural.

We are, for the most part, beings of light and love having an experience in the physical realm. Christmas time is evidence of this. We take the darkest, coldest time of the year in the northern hemisphere and make it as bright, warm and festive as we can. We celebrate peace and love, giving and caring. We feel good in our hearts and souls for all that we do for our fellow human beings. This is where the vast majority of human beings want to be, the state of mind most of us want to achieve. That's what true human nature is about. I don't imagine that those who conjure dark thoughts and prey on mankind's insecurities like this time of year too much. It makes me wonder about the true nature of our so called world leaders, for their true nature certainly does not seem to me to be human. I don't see them as beings of light as all, but as beings spreading darkness across the globe.

This is why we must strive to keep Christmas in our hearts at all times. We must always strive to keep the darkness at bay. We must remain secure in the thought that most human spirits are kind, gentle and loving beings and do not wish to harm others. We are all more alike than we are different. We are not perfect and the darkness in this world will manifest, but by striving to keep it from manifesting in your heart you make the world that much brighter for the rest of us. Peace and goodwill to you all.

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