Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Consciousness as Plasma and Software

I'd like to take a moment to step into the realm of pure speculation. Since time immemorial mankind has pondered his own consciousness. I wonder if even tens of millions of years ago, in a time when bizarre animals walked the earth, if some of these were able to ponder the deep questions of spirituality and wonder where they came from and why they existed. Indeed, one can see a certain intelligence in higher level mammals we keep around as pets as they try to communicate to us their needs and their emotions. What, exactly, is consciousness? What is mind? Is there such a thing as the soul? These are questions whose answers have eluded mankind in his physical form (the only form we can be certain of) since forever. Unfortunately, I don't think that modern science is open minded enough to always ask the right questions or look for the answers in the right places.

The universe, as it is, appears to be made up of energy and matter. As living beings, we are made of matter. As living beings, we need energy to keep going, to survive. As human beings, we use matter and energy to accomplish goals and create things, hence changing the universe around us. We have left our mark on this world more than any other creature we are aware of. We can understand much about the physical world we live in, yet there is much that still eludes us. There is much about energy and matter we do not understand. It is a large universe and the vibrations we can sense with any of our five physical senses are quite limited.

For the purpose of this essay, I define consciousness as the state of being aware, both of self and of the universe one interacts with. There are many scientists who claim that consciousness is the function of physical matter, especially the brain. If they are arguing against the existence of a soul, they will argue that when the body ceases to function and support the brain, then the consciousness of that person (or being) also ceases to exist. The universe has therefore lost something magnificent and unique forever. I don't believe this is so. I think that the consciousness of a person continues on even after his physical form ceases to function on this plane of existence.

Let's take a quick look at what we call plasma. While there is much that has been discovered about it and its varying forms, there is much we don't know about plasma. Plasma is a fourth form of matter. It is highly unstable. The other three forms are solids, liquids, and gases. We see plasma manifest as fire, lightning, solar activity, et. al. It seems to me to be a transitional phase between matter and energy, a conduit, as it were, between the two. Plasma usually gives off some form of radiation as it flashes in and out of existence, usually heat and light. Yet there is plasma that exists at levels we cannot see or feel, just as there is an infinity of frequencies of energy we cannot sense with these physical bodies. Indeed, even the machines we build to detect these wavelengths are limited in their ability to do so.

So, one might ask, how is it that consciousness can be plasma? Well, if plasma can be considered a transitional phenomenon, we can take a look at its function when interfacing with the brain, an instrument we all carry around with us in our heads. Electrical impulses are stimulating the neurons which cause us to understand what's going on in the world around us. Electric impulses flash through the material that is the brain and cause it to function. We use these same electrical impulses to control the actions of our body that interact with the physical world. In this way there is a constant flow of plasma inside our body which is converting matter to energy acting upon the inner workings of our bodies and through our bodies acting upon the universe outside of it.

It seems to me that the workings of the mind go beyond the physical nature of the brain. There's just something more to it than the physical inputs known as senses. My dreams prove this to me. I can, for instance, experience flying while I've never done that before. I can experience places I've never seen before and later see pictures which confirm what I've seen. I have used my dreams to help craft the fantastic stories that I write. While you may not have had the same type of experiences or you may not hold the same views as I and so you make other excuses, this is enough to serve as proof in my mind.

I think the soul is a form of plasma. It is the spark of life that inhabits the physical body so that it can better experience the physical world. It carries the memories of past lives and collects the memories of this life so that it can learn the lessons needed to help it progress in another dimension, perhaps to help one better understand one's own divinity. I'm not certain as to how this is done, but one possibility is that these memories are stored inside the vibrations of the soul, encoded in the frequencies it resonates.

To help better visualize how this is possible, think of a neon light. The gas inside it is a form of plasma. The glass on the outside forms the shape of the plasma as it flows between the nodes. The slight variations in brightness occur because of variations in frequency. The body is like the glass of the neon light. The soul is like the gas inside. The variations in frequency manifest in a number of ways inside the body. The soul could be contained in a small spherical form when the vehicle it occupies wears out. This is the most efficient form in nature.

I consider the mind to be more like software. This is the program that is used by the human being to help define how it will interact with the universe it finds itself in. This program can change as the universe changes. As the universe becomes more hostile the software will become more defensive. As the universe becomes less hostile the software will become more cooperative. As the universe becomes more complex, the reasoning ability might improve. As it becomes less manufactured and more natural, the emotional ability to feel for the natural world might improve.

Put mind and soul together and we get consciousness. We become aware that we exist. We realize a way to interact with other things that also exist on the same plane we do. We try to manipulate the other things to bring pleasure and joy to ourselves. We try to avoid contact with things that cause us pain, sadness, or some other kind of stress. We seek to bring happiness to ourselves while at the same time others are trying to manipulate the universe to their liking which may bring displeasure to others, either inadvertently or purposely.

Add this consciousness to a physical body and something amazing happens. The brain becomes a hardwired computer for the consciousness. The body becomes a tool for manipulating the physical world using brain, spirit and mind. Of course it takes time to learn to use the brain and body effectively. This, by the way, is true of modern robots that are being created. They have to change their software as they learn to interact with the world. AI is becoming extremely sophisticated. Amazingly so. It's still no match for the power of the human brain, however. I don't think artificial intelligence will ever be a match for the human brain until or unless biological material is used and someone figures out how to add a soul and an ethereal mind to the mix.

There is, of course, no proof to any of what I've outlined here. It is all conjecture on my part. It is a belief system. Besides, I have no idea how I would go about trying to prove these hypotheses nor do I have the equipment or the funding should any be necessary. I will leave it up to others who might be interested to do this. Besides, I think there is evidence for what I believe out there, but I leave it up to the reader to discover it. I think a lot of evidence for the metaphysical is accepted or rejected due to the preconceptions of most people anyway. I give the most credence to my own personal experiences that I've had over the course of my lifetime. I imagine most people do. My mind remains open to other possibilities and experiences.

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