Monday, April 16, 2012

Ron Paul Proves Election Myths False

Ron Paul has managed to prove certain popularly held beliefs about elections false. He has likely done this unwittingly. He has taken it on himself to deliver the message of freedom to the masses and has discovered some unusual phenomena that we as voters may not have otherwise believed. It is a truly wondrous world we live in when our firmly held beliefs can be so challenged.

The first and foremost myth that has been shattered is that elections work. Perhaps I need to restate that. I suppose elections do work if you're someone who benefits from the special interests that are served by establishment politicians working for globalists. The belief that elections bring about positive change for the common people has been proven false, in my opinion. The belief that democracy works and somehow the majority of people know what's best for everyone has been shown to be false, in my opinion. There is no wisdom in crowds, for the most part, only mindless, blind consensus. There is no positive change for the unprivileged classes, only a different overlord violating individual rights and heavier regulations strangling innovation and competition.

I say this because of observing elections in my half century of living. When one realizes what Ron Paul advocates is not new, but something that has been tried in the past and proven to work, it makes one wonder even more whether elections are even a good idea. It seems to me that, looking through history, when a nation adopts individualist freedom principles it thrives and blossoms. When it adopts collectivist principles, it withers and can die. Yet even withering nations and societies can prosper once again if they lessen their government's grip and trash the regulations which stifle competition and innovation.
Examples are the USSR and Eastern European nations. These collapsed under the weight of their own entitlement systems. China is another example. It's economy continues to grow as government removes itself from their system.

Yet this is something voters seem to ignore. Ron Paul isn't the first to deliver this message of freedom. He wasn't the first to warn us. Ross Perot spoke of a giant sucking sound as our jobs fled these shores. Harry Browne spoke out against the drug war. Both ran for the office of president of the United States. Both backed issues that, according to polls, the majority of Americans agreed with. Both lost to establishment politicians that worked for corporate and special interests and kept in place the policies that most want repealed, or at least scaled back. Ron Paul offers all that and then some. His message is very popular. So how is it he isn't getting the popular vote? Who are these elections working for this primary season?

The second popularly held belief that has been shattered is that the most popular candidate wins. I'm fairly certain Ron Paul is the best known of all the Republican candidates. I'm also certain he's the best liked. He's been interviewed dozens if not hundreds of times since his run in 2008. His economic ideas have been explored and expounded upon by many a commentator. He has made Austrian Economics a household phrase. He definitely draws the biggest crowds to his rallies. There's dozens of examples of this. His supporters are, without a doubt, the most enthusiastic. Their numbers are growing, particularly amongst young voters. Even those who may not agree with his political philosophies admire him for his honesty, consistency, principles, and incorruptibility. It's beyond me how so many can like such a politician so much and yet he seems to get so few votes. Could the primaries be fixed?

The third election myth that has been proven wrong by the Ron Paul campaign is that people care about honest government and getting rid of corruption. Obviously they don't. They keep on electing the same old, well dressed, nicely groomed, lying, corporate owned, legally trained, slippery, flip-flopping, fake, corrupt beyond hope politicians. We've witnessed for decades their bumbling ways. But they're not inept, they're corrupt. They're doing what they're told to do. They're saying what they're told to say. They don't care if their promises are going to be broken, they spew them forth as instructed by their handlers. Too few would vote for them if they said they were globalist flunkies wanting to make the United States the enforcement arm of some corporate world government, so they say what they are told is the right thing and don't care that they won't implement the policies they promise. If the voters cared about honest, transparent government, they'd vote for someone who has a track record of delivering honest, transparent government.

The fourth election myth to be called into question is that party politics work. They create more fair and honest elections. That one party will do whatever it takes to make sure the other party is knocked from power. This is an easy one. Look at the polls. The only candidate that has a chance of beating Obama is Ron Paul. If he doesn't get the nomination, Ron Paul supporters aren't going to simply give in and vote for the Republican candidate. Ron Paul supporters aren't voting for Ron Paul, they're voting for smaller, more honest, more transparent government. Neither Romney, nor Santorum, nor Gingrich, nor Obama will give them that.

This lesser of two evils stuff won't cut it anymore. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Ron Paul supporters, if they're like me, will just write his name in like I did in 2008. Some won't vote. Some will vote for a third party candidate. Some might even vote for Obama, after all Romney was the one who gave Obama the blueprint for Obamacare. Republican voters, Ron Paul gives your party the best chance for beating Obama. The Republican leadership, by shutting out and minimizing Ron Paul, is taking away the chance for your party to take back power. But they don't care. They don't work for your best interests. The corporate establishment has bought both parties and only their best interests are considered, not the interests of the everyday Joe on the street.

The fifth myth Ron Paul's campaign has debunked is that issues matter in elections. Look at the major issues of the day. Most people are quite worried about the economy. Unemployment continues to be very high though government statistics use tricks to make it seem not so. Even those who have found employment likely have jobs that pay them a good deal less than what they had been paid and use none of the skills they had been trained to use. We have lost our manufacturing base and with it our ability to produce. This sector was where many good American jobs were provided. People were able to go to work and had pride that they were producing some of the best products in the world. We can bring back this kind of pride and work ethic. We can compete with the Chinese who only seem able to manufacture poisonous garbage that has to be replaced every three months. The world cries for quality and Americans just sit on the sidelines, unemployed and twiddling their thumbs. We have the manpower and the know how, we just need the willpower to overthrow the corporate interests who have taken over our government and then allow the entrepreneurs the opportunity to compete.

Only Ron Paul wants to go back to basics and implement an economic plan that has proven successful in the past. The other Republican candidates want to continue or even grow the policies that have not only utterly failed, but have gotten us into the current economic mess we find ourselves in. Only he has pointed the finger at the correct culprits, the Federal Reserve System. Only he has demanded a full audit of the Fed. Only he has suggested a return to honest money. The other candidates work for and with the Fed, seeking to keep them in power, even though a partial audit of our central bank exposed some very questionable practices. Despite a huge majority of representatives in the House of Representatives demanding accountability, those in the Senate and especially the executive branch continue to protect the interests of the privately owned central bank.

Wars continue to plague our nation and our collective psyche. This is another case where those in power try to mollify the masses by manipulation of perception. While talk of withdrawal from Afghanistan becomes more prevalent, war with Iran looms large, along with it the specter of global thermal nuclear war. I don't think humanity can afford such a conflagration, let alone our nation. Only an overhaul of our foreign policies will correct this problem. Only a return to trade with all and alliance with none will return to us the actual security we deserve. This is Ron Paul's stance.

Even the war on drugs, the longest running American war, has proven a disaster. As our rights erode away due to it, as more and more of our children are jailed and more and more of our property lost, the other candidates insist that victory is just around the corner and the solution is to crack down harder, to become even more draconian. Some have even gone as far as to portray Ron Paul as pro drug for his stance against this waste. If that doesn't show how out of step with the general public these guys are, then I don't know what will. Being anti drug war does not equate to being pro drug, but being pro AMA does. It is time to start letting individuals make their own decisions.

These issues and others are important to Americans, very important. They want wars stopped. They want a better economy. They want bad laws repealed. So, if issues matter so much to the American public, why isn't Ron Paul winning these primaries by landslides? Why isn't he breaking records as Americans find a champion of the Constitution, a man who exemplifies real American values and what America is supposed to be all about in the first place? Could it be that not enough people know or understand? Or could it be that maybe he is and we just don't know about it? Or could it be that Americans really do want to build a socialist empire?

The final election myth I will talk about here is that the best man for the job gets it. Some people seem to think that simply because someone was elected into office they must be the best man for that office. They seem to think that somehow only the most honest and trustworthy human beings ever get elected into positions of power. There is no candidate more principled and honest than Ron Paul. There is no candidate who throughout the years has shown his mettle as much as Ron Paul has. He's stuck to his guns and earned his reputation of being Dr. "No" for his lone stances against bad legislation. He's earned his title of champion of the Constitution for consistently voting against unconstitutional legislation. If you've ever said to yourself that you couldn't be a successful politician because you're too honest, Ron Paul is the exception to that rule. He is the best man for the job of president of the United States, honest, genuine, principled, trustworthy, a true citizen statesman. It is for that reason the establishment fights against him.

I wrote about Ron Paul's 2008 campaign and was enthralled by it back then. This 2012 campaign is by far more interesting. Four years ago he took his message to the streets and was very well received. This year he is gathering more support and trying to make history. The r3VOLution is now. The time has come. The story is not being told correctly as we find that your primary vote really doesn't matter, only delegates matter, and it takes far more enthusiasm for a supporter of a candidate to become a delegate than it does to simply go out and cast a vote. The other candidates simply don't have the enthusiastic supporters that Ron Paul has. See you at the convention.

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Anonymous said...

Romney just spoke at a poor black charter school in Philadelphia. He said class size was not important and the both parents need to be involved. Big news.

When Ron Paul was in Philly his enthusiastic supporters cheered identically with what happened elsewhere, as Paul made identical statements to eleswhere.

Every Sunday many millions of Americans go to church but nothing about this on the Monday news

Cheer up the Rebublican convention will be news despite Ron Paul's libertarian supporters trying unsuccessfully to repeat themseves yet again.

This is Richard Kane in Philadelphia.

Posted more extensive comment on the Daily Paul