Thursday, April 26, 2012

Radical Forgiveness and the Power Elite

There is something out there known as radical forgiveness. This would be the capability to forgive the perpetrator of an act or acts so heinous as to be indescribable. It would require an almost inhuman empathy to achieve such a high level of goodness, an unconditional love, as it were. This is the kind of forgiveness one would use on an Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, or a Pol Pot if one had been a victim of those monsters. This would be an extremely difficult practice to integrate into your life. It is, however, something we might have to look at incorporating into society if we are to ever break the cycle of violence that has imprisoned our souls since before the first man drew on cave walls.

Man is an interesting creature, to say the least. As individuals we all have the capacity for great good, or for great evil. We all have the capacity for great empathy and tolerance, or we can be very selfish, greedy, impatient, brutal, and perhaps even completely unaware of the feelings of those around us. These are all functions of several factors.

We are creatures that have been influenced and molded by our environment, our upbringing and our genetics. These are factors to consider when studying the behavior of almost all higher level beings such as many of the animals we share this planet with. The degree to which each of these factors separately affect the organism depends upon how highly developed that organism is. Mankind is supposedly the most developed organism on this planet, so we can, perhaps uniquely, choose for ourselves which behaviors we engage in. We don´t have to allow nature to dictate to us how we behave, or even how we feel.

At the same time, we have a tendency to try to influence others. We have this tendency to try to control how others feel, how they think, and how they react. Many of us do this for our own selfish gain, yet we are hardly able to admit this to ourselves. We tell ourselves we are doing it for the good of the other, to keep that person from harm or to help that person along in life. This might be true at times, as with the case of raising a child, but some people carry this tendency to the extreme and engage in these activities when they have no business doing so. We call these people control freaks.

Those who are in power, and those who seek power, are usually the types that have a proclivity for taking the tendency to control others to the extreme. Whether they are born that way as a result of their genetics, whether they are raised that way by their relatives, or whether they are taught to behave that way by the largely exclusive schools the very wealthy attend, is a subject for debate. Personally, I think it´s a combination of all those factors, and probably others. Whatever the cause, their capacity for being empathetic with humanity as a whole seems to have been removed from their psyches. While their intentions may well be good, their actions seem contrary to the welfare of the human race and their solutions always seem to involve more money and power for them, less for everyone else.

Ask yourself, what would you do if you were one of the super wealthy to make sure that you stayed one of the super wealthy? Would you commit crimes? Would you lie? Would you commit fraud? Would you counterfeit? Would you steal? Would you extort? Would you commit murder? Would you help or hire others to commit murder? Would you knowingly allow millions, perhaps billions to die when you could have prevented such tragedy? I'd hope most of you would say "no" to all or most of these questions. I'd hope you'd say that you're better than that, that you have a conscience and empathy for humanity. I'd hope you would do the honorable thing for your own kind, but I don't believe you'd be the same person if you were one of the wealthy elite, even if your genetic makeup was the same as it is now.

You have likely been taught that if you want to be respected you have to show respect for others. The super wealthy have been taught that people respect them for their power. You have likely been taught that honesty is the best policy and the way to show the world that you are a trustworthy person. The elite have been taught that the truth is dangerous to them, that they need to keep their activities secret, that they must lie and obfuscate at times to keep the wolves at bay, so to speak. They may have even been taught that "we" ( the "little people" or the "unwashed masses") would not understand that what "they" (the ruling elite) are doing is for the "greater good." You have likely been taught that human life has value. They have likely been taught that there are too many of us and most people are "worthless eaters" or some such nonsense. These are the people that use their wealth to rule the world, no matter who is voted into office. That is how you would be brought up and raised if you were born into their ranks. That is how you would be educated.

As time progresses it seems to me that more and more people are beginning to open their eyes. They're beginning to see just how badly they've been lied to and manipulated. Some people when they find out go into denial and choose to believe that the "elected leaders" must know something they don't and that's why it's allowed to go on. Others simply choose to ignore the problem by claiming they can't do anything about it or that's the way it's always been. Still others get active and try to do something about it. They try to tell others, or write to congressmen, or write letters to the editor of papers, or go to protests, or do just about anything to dis-empower the powerful and re-empower the common folk. Many folks want to see these wealthy elite prosecuted for their crimes against humanity, then thrown in jail and perhaps even executed. I understand how they feel, but I wonder at the wisdom of threatening severe punishment. It certainly didn't seem to help after Nuremberg as so many enforcers still use the excuse they just do as they're told.

Perhaps we would all be better off if we just practiced some radical forgiveness for these people. I know that they are responsible for many of the world's ills. Certainly they profit from wars, financing the war machines usually on both sides. They have been known to launder the billions that are being made from the illegal drug trade, which is likely why there is an illegal drug trade. Their fiat currency schemes are nothing short of fraud. I think it would shock most people if they were to hear from one of their trusted establishment news sources the amount of damage the ruling elite has caused humanity. Yet it remains well hidden. It remains a mystery to so many why our society has devolved to this point.

That is another reason why I think radical forgiveness would be wise. They are so frightened of their punishment that they will never admit their crimes, they will never surrender. They will use any means at their disposal to avoid accountability, including massive violence and the unleashing of government troops upon the general public if they believe such actions can help their cause. If, however, the goal is just to get these control freaks to leave us alone, then helping them to believe they won't be punished too badly might be one way to get them to repent, to speak out, and to openly report from undeniable sources. If they thought that they'd be forgiven for their crimes rather than having to face the wrath of some very angry peasants, they might actually feel relieved to get some of their guilt off their chests. Confession is, after all, good for the soul, or so I've been told.

I know it may seem hard to forgive those with such a mafia mindset, and yet think of those well intentioned people we all know who act with such a mindset and don't even know it. Think of all the statists in your life who think it's okay to take money without consent, as long as the government does it and calls it taxes. Think of all those who want to keep the Federal Reserve system because they're so afraid of the economic hardships that may happen if we get rid of it and start using honest, commodity based money or a competitive system where we all have a choice of what currencies to accept or not accept. Oh, the chaos of having to make a choice! Think of all those who believe it's okay to torture innocent sheep herders because they believe that one of them might know something about some plot having to do with weapons of mass destruction. Do they also deserve severe punishment, or should they be forgiven for their indiscretions because they fell for the government propaganda?

As individuals, most of us still seem to operate from a fear based perspective. If we are to achieve the changes in the world that most of us supposedly want to see, we need to do more than just learn to think from a love based perspective, we need to translate those thoughts into actions. By forgiving those who have trespassed against us we take the first steps toward breaking a cycle of violence that has pervaded our societies since we began forming modern civilizations. As long as we act in a violent manner and devolve into mob mentality when tough times hit, we will live in a violent society. I know it's going to be tough to get the proverbial 1% to listen to the supposed 99%, but good diplomacy requires a clear understanding of why all parties act as they do. If we can all adopt an "if you leave me alone, I'll leave you alone" attitude, we will have taken a huge step toward making us all 100% whole, all connected, all humanity, all one kind.

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