Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What if Everyone Voted for Ron Paul?

What if everyone voted for Ron Paul? I think that would be a good thing. I think that would show the establishment that, indeed, freedom is important to each and every one of us. I think it would show that we all do care about shrinking the government. I think that would show that we all wish for the Constitution to be obeyed, as many of those who take an oath to it have not done for ages. I think it would show that honesty and principle are important to the voters and they look for such attributes in their politicians. But I wonder, if everyone voted for Ron Paul, would we even know it? Well, of course if everybody voted for him, I don't think there'd be a problem because that would mean that the current power elite had admitted the error of their ways and were willing to let go of their control of things in favor of letting everyone run their own lives. I doubt very much that will happen.

It is the establishment controllers who are afraid of Ron Paul. It is they who are afraid of losing their power. It is they who are afraid of freedom and the principles that built this nation. They aren't about to admit failure, no matter how glaring that failure is. So what if everyone except the establishment elite voted for Ron Paul? What would happen then? Would they even let us know?

I think that if that many people voted for Ron Paul, they'd have to acknowledge it. If everywhere we went we were seeing Ron Paul bumper stickers and hearing "Yeah! Ron Paul!" and having conversations about freedom versus tyranny and how the recent unconstitutional laws passed need to be repealed and how the Federal Reserve System needs to be ended, I think if that were the case the powers that be would have to relent and we'd hear that Ron Paul barely beat out his statist competitors.

They'd downplay it as much as they possibly could and try not to show on their establishment owned television stations the millions celebrating. Instead, the talking heads and establishment paid pundits would come on and discuss how much damage Ron Paul's ideas will do to the economy. They'd show rooms filled with disappointed Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum supporters trying to maximize their influence as they did so in an effort to make it look like many more people actually agreed with those guys than do in reality. They don't like it when their guys are defeated. Plans B and C would be rolled out as they would do their best to discredit honesty, principle and the free market.

So, what if a majority of Republican voters were to vote for Ron Paul in some Republican primary, or even in a caucus? What if a couple entire states cast more votes for Ron Paul than any other candidate? Do you think we would know? Not if the power establishment could help it. Do you think the Republican establishment would want any of the zombies to know that these ideas are getting more popular and actually make sense and have great merit? No way. I imagine that they're pissed that Ron Paul even gets to take a place in the debates. I imagine that they're angry that anyone who didn't meet their approval and play their games is getting any type of attention at all.

The election fraud is becoming more evident. Here's a nice short video to watch. Something exactly like that actually happened to me when I went to vote. I had to fill out the ballot twice and it still didn't take, so I had to drop it in the box. They said my vote would count. Yeah, right. The Republican establishment is running scared. It looks to them that if Ron Paul wins, they will no longer be able to ride on the gravy train. They won't be able to. They'll actually have to do real work and produce something of real worth in the real world if freedom should break out. Of course the establishment doesn't want that.

What if Ron Paul really is winning? What if he really is getting more delegates than the other candidates? What if Ron Paul supporters really are using the rules and regulations as set up by the Republican Party to wrest the nomination away from their globalist chosen ones? What if Ron Paul supporters want so much to inject real issues and a real discussion as to what's really going on in the world into the political discourse that they're willing to go great lengths against great odds to see this through? This video might be a little hard to watch, but it shows just how the establishment plans on handling such an event. It seems as if Ron Paul has become enemy #1 of the GOP. The Republican Party is using all the tricks in their books and breaking their own rules to keep Ron Paul from winning.

The neocons are losing their grip. The people have seen through their lies and now understand they are just as much about big government as the Democrats. More and more people are learning about freedom and what it truly means. More and more people are beginning to say, "Hey, I just want to be left alone too." The poor, pathetic Republican leadership can't see that Ron Paul as a candidate would save their party and restore the principles that made America great. They'd rather bow down to the will of their authoritarian, globalist masters and do whatever is necessary to keep the truth about Ron Paul's popularity buried and make sure their anointed candidate is nominated. Though I feel sorry for such brainwashed sycophants, I would still like to see them investigated and their fraud exposed.

What if Ron Paul supporters don't give up and his popularity continues to swell? Well, they haven't given up so far, I don't see why they should now. It is up to you in the local provinces to take over those levers and to restore honesty and principle to the election mechanisms there. It is up to you to make sure that the process is wrested away from the big government types so that the voice of those who want smaller, constitutionally limited government is heard loud and clear.

Remember, this r3VOLution was really never about Ron Paul. He is not a cult of personality, unlike the other Republican candidates. He is not a narcissistic control freak like most politicians. This election is not about feeding his ego. That's what makes him so refreshing. In addition to everything else he stands for, he is probably one of the humblest men to have held office in a long time. No, the r3VOLution is about restoring individual freedom. Whether Ron Paul is elected or not, it is quite important that the establishment come to the understanding that the common folk just want to be left alone to run their own lives. It is important to let them know that we see through their tricks and we know what their game is. It is important that the establishment politicians come to realize that freedom is popular, and it is time we held their feet to the fire and made them deliver on the promise of America to safeguard individual freedoms. It is time we made them keep their oaths of office to honor the Constitution. What if we were able to do just that?

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