Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Am the 0.00000000143%

I am an individual. I am unique. I am the smallest minority. I am one out of seven billion or so. That's approximately 0.00000000143%. I am approximately the 0.00000000143%, and I am still significant. I matter. I have as much right to exist in this world as anyone else. I have as much right to express my opinion. I have as much right to pursue my interests as anyone else. I have as much right to acquire private property, goods and services in a fair and equitable manner as anyone else. I respect everyone else's natural rights, and everyone else should respect mine. If I need help, I would appeal to your sense of humanity and generosity to try to convince you to offer your help on a voluntary basis, I would not ask a violent organization to steal from you or coerce you through threats of imprisonment, or worse, into turning your hard earned property over to meet my needs.

I might be part of 99%, but I am not the 99%. That is group think and group think needs to be pointed out wherever it occurs. I do not think or make decisions for the 99%, nor do I want to. I think and make decisions only for myself and I expect everyone else to do the same. Being part of a majority, no matter how overwhelming that majority is, does not justify violating the individual rights of the minority, not even the smallest minority. Not even the 0.00000000143%. Not even the wealthiest minority. Being part of a majority does not justify stealing from a minority to relieve you of your personal problems, either financial, physical, or psychological.

Group think can be used for good or ill. It can be used to whip a crowd into a frenzy to more easily drive it to violence, or it can be used to unify and create a peaceful wall of humanity that others will have to immorally act upon to break up. It can be manipulated by a few to create havoc and chaos giving the authoritarians an excuse to crack down and bring order, or it can be used to point out criminality and demand remedy for the harm caused.

I have my problems, you have yours. I do not try to force you to help me, you should not force me to help you. I agree that something is wrong with our world in which so many have lost so much, I agree that certain institutions have too much power, I agree that there is fraud, graft and corruption that needs to be stopped, I agree that we should protest against such things and let the powers that be know we don't appreciate where we've been led, I do not know that I necessarily agree with some of the solutions you propose.

I blame an unholy alliance of government and corporate interests for the mess that has been created. I blame most of all the Federal Reserve and the power of central banking for leading the charge in creating that unholy alliance. I blame the monopoly privilege on creating currency coupled with the monopoly privilege on force for the abuse that has been heaped upon the common folk worldwide. We have become the beaten and abused children in a nightmarish, dystopian marriage, and many don't even know it.

I think we have looked to the wrong people to try to solve the problems we have. With very few exceptions, it seems to me that our current government has caused or helped to cause the problems we face. The people currently in power are not going to solve these problems, in fact they might not even consider them problems. They might look upon the current crises faced by the unprivileged classes worldwide as opportunities to further an agenda that benefits them, the privileged elite. It seems to me that those in political power, especially at the centralized federal level, work for the moneyed interests, the 1% that so many now talk about, yet protestors continue to appeal to these people to help the greater percentage. This only helps to validate the power they're entrusted with.

The proper way to invalidate the power of those who are paid by the elite, in my opinion, would be to empower the approximately 0.00000000143%. Rather than demand that student loans be forgiven, demand that federal institutions quit guaranteeing loans so that banks who give out loans once again risk losses from such loans. This will cause the reduction in the amount of loans given out, which will cause fewer to go to college, which will make the degrees worth more in the marketplace. It will cause the cost of education to go down as market pressures will cause those in the business of education to reduce costs and raise quality in order to capture the fewer dollars available to them. It will also likely open up other opportunities such as apprenticeships for those who may not be able to attend colleges or universities. It should be remembered that learning happens throughout life and this emphasis that has been put on formal education is nothing but an illusion of knowledge created to enrich the academic elite.

Rather than demand free healthcare insurance for all, demand an end to government intrusion in the health care industry. The laws that have been written have done nothing to help solve the dilemmas faced by those facing serious illness, but have been crafted to enrich and empower pharmaceutical and insurance corporations. The rights of individuals have been violated by such laws. Doctors and healthcare workers have been reduced to a slavish class. They are not able to focus on their healing work due to the crushing burden of maintaining a monstrous bureaucracy in order to get paid for their services. This system does nothing to promote a healthy population and does everything to promote disease management above curing illness.

The small, limited government envisioned by our forefathers has become a bloated, centralized nightmare controlled by the interests of the few elite who make up the 1%, but whose attention is demanded by the 99%. Furthermore, either directly or indirectly, more than half the population has become dependent on that centralized nightmare for their livings, making more than half of the 99% directly or indirectly dependent on the 1%. We are all interconnected in one way or another, so it behooves us to try to create a society of voluntary interactions rather than a society where groups of people struggle against other groups of people to obtain influence over a third group that holds a monopoly privilege on the use of legalized force.

Unlike many who share my views I believe there is still a place for the federal government. I truly am the 0.00000000143%. It seems to me that if things are going to get better for mankind, they need to get better for all individuals. There needs to be some way to hold powerful forces accountable for the violations they carry out against the rights of individuals. The framers of the Constitution seem to have left out an extremely important aspect when it comes to entrusting people with power, and that was how to enforce the laws that are supposed to govern them. What do you do when those who are supposed to protect your individual rights become the biggest violators of those rights and refuse to even acknowledge this? Honoring these rights and creating a land where people can live free of tyrannical government force were supposed to be the highest principles of this land. Somehow, this has devolved into the mockery that is the present federal government.

Yet I believe there is still hope. We haven't completely collapsed into a totalitarian dictatorship yet. There is still a certain amount of freedom to be had in this nation. We need to use that freedom to reclaim our individual rights and reestablish our desire for independence. Laws and government policies that encroach upon those rights should not be tolerated by the masses. Laws that do not involve the violating of an individual's rights should apply only to corporations and those entrusted with political power. Politicians and judges who disagree should be deposed and there should be a transparent mechanism in place to peacefully accomplish this. The majority should not be able to dictate to the minority, not even the 99.99999999857% to the 0.00000000143%, but the individual, entity or institution violating another individual's rights, or the rights of many individuals, should be held to account for such misdeeds.

I am a unique individual. I respect you as a unique individual. We are none of us the 99%. We are all of us a small part of the 100%. Percentages are not what matters. We are all part of the problem. We are all part of the solution. The tough part is figuring out how to best apply our individuality. The tough part is trying to remain principled and moral. The tough part is getting those in power to acknowledge the importance of the individual and to recognize the immorality of infringing upon the rights of the individual.

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