Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The True Cost of Using Privately Provided Currency

If you've been following the economic news lately, and most people have been, you may have become interested in searching for alternative views on why the economy is the way it is. This may be at least partly because the corporate mainstream media has done such a poor job of predicting and reporting past and current economic conditions. The corporate media had in the past, in fact, laughed at some analysts who proved to be more correct than the establishment owned analysts. I read an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts and was quite intrigued. One of the most intriguing things about it is that she either cannot or will not disclose who are (is) really in charge.

This makes me think. I wonder who these mystery people (mystery person) are (is). More than that, I wonder what their (I believe there is more than one) plan for us is. One thing is certain if you ask me, they are not interested in what is best for the vast majority of individuals on this planet. In fact, they seem determined to rid the planet of most souls. I think that perhaps they are having some amount of trouble managing the vast numbers of humans on this planet.

It sounds much like a conspiracy theory. How can so few control so many? It's really not that hard when we consider how economics are manipulated in this world. I say manipulated instead of controlled because in reality that is what's happening. Control is just a matter of perception. The economy is simply how trade is accomplished. We have allowed a few elite to control the currencies of the world and hence they have the wealth to manipulate markets and many other things in terms of how trade is accomplished. The central banking systems of the world, many of which are owned by a small cadre of banking families and run for profit, have the power to create the money of nations, and they do so by creating debt. Let's explore what this has cost the common folk in terms of real assets.

Most recently it has cost property. People have lost their homes. More than that, its cost us the concept of private property. This concept is one that suggests that you own what you buy. Yet, if what you buy is land, whether you buy that land to live on, to farm on, to build on, to do business on, or to simply maintain as wild lands, you will never own it. You will be forced to pay taxes on it. The question needs to be asked, if you have to pay someone to "own" something, do you really own it, or do they?

It has cost our dreams. The American dream is one of freedom. It is one where you can own your own property and do with it as you please. It is one where you can own your own business and run it as you see fit. It is one where you have the opportunity to create your own destiny. It is one where you live as a free person and interact with other free individuals on a voluntary basis. That dream has died. Most people have mortgaged their dream. The banks own it and rent it to you for a monthly fee. You will never own that dream, for even when that mortgage is paid off at many times the original price you thought you were paying, there are those who would lay claim to that which you thought you owned.

People don't even realize they don't own themselves anymore. The income tax is evidence of this. If you extend the question asked above about paying property taxes the same question can apply to your personal self. If you have to pay someone a portion of the money you earn from your labor, do you own that labor, or do they? If you don't own your labor, than do you really own your self? It's important, in my opinion, to be honest with your answer, or at least intellectually honest.

Many people will claim that they are not forced to pay income taxes, or property taxes for that matter, but they do so voluntarily. Really? Would you really continue to pay such taxes if government wouldn't send men with guns to arrest you, put you in front of a judge and throw you in jail if you didn't? Would you pay as much as they demand? Even if you would, do you support the use of such force and the threat of using such coercive methods against someone who wouldn't? These are questions that should be pondered deeply by common folk, but are usually just brushed off as just the way things are.

I bring up taxes because the income tax needed to be enacted in our nation to fund the Federal Reserve when it was first created. They needed the promise of a continuous stream of public money to set up their private enterprise. Until that point, with the exception of the Civil War, there was never any need for an income tax in this nation and, in fact, it's implementation had been illegal under the auspices of the Constitution of the United States of America. They took real money, silver and gold was money at the time, from people and replaced those real commodities with paper promises. Yep, you can blame the Federal Reserve for your enslavement to the income tax.

I bring up property taxes to show that government believes it owns your property. Now government is supposed to be subservient to the people, or the individuals who require the services the government provides. Ask yourself, if they are using coercive methods to collect your money on a non voluntary basis, are they subservient to you or are you subservient to them? Again, only you know whether you are being honest with yourself if you ask the question while considering whether or not you'd pay if you weren't being forced to do so. I do see the necessity for many government services, but government, even at a local level, is not being held accountable for the poor service it provides. I think there's better ways to deliver services, but the currency system running this nation makes these alternatives hard to implement.

It seems that, since the federal government is able to create money using the Federal Reserve and the state and local governments of this nation are not, they must in many ways bow down before the federal government and do as they wish or their funding may suffer. That is how power is centralized. And those in charge of creating money, having created trillions and taking their cut right off the top in interest, have been able to slowly over the decades greatly influence businesses and corporations of great importance and purchase the power of government while producing nothing but debt. In this way, secretive, unaccountable power is centralized.

Here again, we see the cost of using privately controlled currency. These men of wealth use that wealth to obtain greater influence for themselves and their friends and have in the process empowered the devious and greedy. They have proven to be ruthless in their pursuit of power, using their privilege to draw more power to themselves and to crush any kind of competition regardless of the legality or morality of the methods they employ to do so. In allowing a private cartel to control central banking, free men have relinquished their ability to determine their individual destiny and granted that power to those who would operate in shadows.

I believe that central bankers in one form or another have been behind most of the wars of mankind, as historical evidence shows. They have been behind the scenes and pulling the strings on many of the institutions we would otherwise blame. Central banking has cost us the lives of millions of our fellow human beings. It has cost us a number of our presidents, the most recent was quite popular. It has cost us a past that could have been golden, but instead has been crimson and cruel with bloodshed. It will cost us our future, and our children and grandchildren's future, if it is allowed to go on unchecked.

I'm not certain if there's some power above the central banks and their corporate establishment. I'm not certain if there's some power pulling the strings of the private owners of these banks. The central banks, those who create the power, are as high up the economic ladder and the power structure as I can see. They are rewarded with profits from the common folk of the nations they serve, yet they share none of the risks. They continuously acquire real wealth and assets and decide when the people can enjoy boom times, and when they suffer through busts. They remain fabulously wealthy either way. After all, they do control the money supply.

The only way we'll ever find out the truth about who is really in charge, who really pulls the strings, who is really so inhuman and greedy as to make so many suffer is to investigate the central banking cartel. They need to be audited. They need to be held accountable. It needs to be discovered how much of their wealth was achieved through fraudulent means. They need to be stripped of their power and conditions need to be put in place to make sure they never have so much power and influence over the affairs of mankind ever again.

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