Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Money Tree and the Evil of Good Intentions

"Do you think money grows on trees?"

It's something most of us learn when we're very young. Money isn't easy to come by. You have to earn it. You have to work for it. You have to do your chores. You have to get a job delivering newspapers. You have to mow people's lawns or shovel their walks when it snows. You have to do something productive and then people will pay you. Only then can you go to the candy store and buy yourself a treat, or spend your Saturday afternoon in a dark movie theater enjoying an eye popping spectacle. That was part of Americana when I was growing up, learning that things weren't just handed to you, they needed to be earned.

Some kids were better off than others. There were richer kids and poorer kids attending the same school I went to. Some had parents that would buy them the best shoes and clothes and things that money could buy and other kids would have to make do with stuff of a lower quality, used stuff, hand-me-downs, or stuff they got from their church or some other local charity. Still, as I recall, most of us had to do chores of some form to earn an allowance, or find some kind of work that kids could do. I used to caddie at the local country club. When I got a little older, I found work in the fast food industry.

I would often find myself wanting for something or other. I never wanted for anything that I truly needed to survive, but there was always some kind of toy or gadget or knickknack that I didn't have. So, when I was younger, I always found myself searching for the elusive money tree. I always found myself wishing I had more so I could buy all the things I wanted. Of course now I know that all the stuff I wished for back then, however much they might be worth nowadays, is nothing but transient junk. Even today, I am probably not grateful enough for the stuff I have as I wish for more, though now I am not even able to scrape by without help.

So, I wonder, what if money did grow on trees? What would you do if you had a tree in your backyard that grew legal tender? What if there were very few of those trees in the world and you were one of the few people that had one?

Would you live a simple life with very few of the things that you needed to get by and be happy with that, or would you buy up all the property you could around that tree, build a huge mansion around it and fill that mansion to the brim with the nicest things money could buy?

Would you keep working or would you start doing what you always wanted to do? Would you travel around the world and revel in the feeling of being treated like royalty? Would you keep sending your children to public schools, or would you arrange to send them to the finest schools available? Would you even have that much time to spend with your children, or would you be too busy globe trotting while they are going to school? What exactly would your children learn in the schools only the elite attend? What lessons do they learn that the children of the common folk do not?

Would you let your friends and neighbors come by and take as much of that money as they could carry, or would you build high walls around it and hire guards to watch over it day and night? Would you very carefully decide who got what? Would you want to carefully monitor it to make sure the money was being used in ways you wanted it used? Would you let all that money corrupt your heart? Would you become greedy, arrogant, paranoid, and maybe just an all around asshole? Are you sure?

If there's one thing I've learned in my life it's that you never know how you're going to act in a given, unique situation until that situation arises. You might think you'd be different if you had a money tree, that you'd be benevolent with all that money, but if such a situation were to arise, how can you be so sure? Think about it, has there ever been a situation in your life that has arisen where you've acted differently than what you would have thought. If not, than you either haven't had too many surprise experiences, or you know yourself better than I have known myself. What does it matter anyway? It's just conjecture, right?

Well, let's take this conjecture a little further. What if your family had a money tree since long ago? What if your great grandfather, or your great-great grandfather had planted it? What if you were brought up believing you were one of the elite, that you were superior to all other humans and you needed to make decisions for all humanity? What if you had been taught from a very young age that the greatest threat to mankind and to this earth was over population? How would you handle that? Would you be able to make the "tough" decisions that needed to be made? Would you believe that by doing so you'd be taking action for the greater good?

Would you be able to use your great wealth to figure out the best ways to get rid of masses of humanity? Would you hire the best minds on earth that held a similar set of beliefs to help? Would you place, bribe, cajole, threaten, and/or blackmail those in positions of political power in order to help your agenda? Could you use war, pestilence, famine, economic disaster and/or disease to cause such a decrease in population? Would you be able to figure out how to keep them from knowing who was causing all the death and suffering, realizing that if they knew they would not understand? Would you use your vast wealth to take control of major media and communications companies to help ensure you remain the hidden hand behind the scenes?

How can you know such things? Likely you are just a hard working Joe like the rest of us common folk. You just want to do your job, earn enough to take care of your family, and come home in the evenings where you can relax and enjoy your hard earned break. Even that's getting harder to come by these days. It seems some entity, some government agency or corporate monopoly wants more and more of your money all the time, that things get more expensive, you earn less, they take more and it gets more difficult to make ends meet. If there was a reason for this, if there was a money tree somewhere would you want to know? Would you be interested in finding out if those in possession of the money tree had an agenda for the greater good? Would you want to know what that agenda was, and what such people believed, what they were taught? If you were to find out and didn't agree with them, what would you do about it? Could you handle the truth, no matter what that truth was and how far out it might seem?

There is such a money tree. It's called central banking. It might not be an actual tree, but they can print or digitally create money from nothing. There are only a few elite families that control most central banks. They are quite hidden from the vast majority of people in the world. It is difficult to ascertain exactly what their agendas are, or indeed if they have any agendas at all other than making (literally) more money. It is quite difficult to determine their mindset as it seems every time one tries to peek behind the curtain very powerful people throw up government roadblocks and the corporate media refuses to investigate or inform. It seems that too often when someone sees something or says something about such matters they are shouted down and chastised by anonymous or questionable sources. It seems anytime someone blows the whistle they are quickly shut up by powerful forces.

What can we do against such a powerful force? What can we do to find out if such agendas exist? What good is it to call for a government investigation if that investigation can be bought off as so many have been in the past? What good is it to demand accountability when just about anyone who promises accountability breaks that promise?

For one thing, perhaps the common folk need to become just a bit more educated on how money and the economy works and how it should work. It really shouldn't be any more complicated than simple math and basic morality. Children should be able to understand economics. When it becomes so complicated that many find it incomprehensible and turn to academia to explain it, then I would suggest that there's probably something hidden there and some form of fraud is taking place.

Perhaps the wrong streets are being occupied. Perhaps the corner of 20th Street and Constitution Ave., NW in Washington, DC needs to be occupied. Perhaps there are 12 other locations in 12 other cities that need to be occupied. Perhaps we need to demand a full accounting of the Fed in such numbers that we cannot be ignored, in such numbers that it doesn't matter whether the corporate media reports it or not, everyone is going to know.

Perhaps we need to demand an end to monopoly privilege of currency creation. Perhaps again we need to do so in such numbers that we cannot possibly be ignored. We all know that nobody should have access to a money tree, so why are they allowed to exist? Demand a return to honest money so that the playing field becomes level and opportunity is equal for all who are willing to work hard and innovate. Demand total transparency so that fraud is exposed and hidden agendas become known.

There is a way out of the mess we find ourselves in, but there needs to be a transition phase to mitigate the damage that could still be caused by the powerful public and private interests that exercise power over the economic system. The marriage between government and central banking needs to be annulled. The unholy alliance of government, international corporations and the monetary system needs to be broken apart. These institutions need to fear the people rather than the people fearing these institutions. These institutions need to be governed by the people rather than governing the people. We should seek restitution rather than retribution so that the fear isn't so bad that violence erupts. The wrongs that have been done should be made right by the perpetrators and the damage caused mended as much as possible.

No one should have access to a money tree. No one should be allowed to have that kind of power. Whether their intentions are good or evil does not matter, for their intentions and the intentions of others will clash. We all live in the same world, and we should all be able to carve out our own little corner of it, our little niche. No one should be able to dictate to the rest of us that we should abide by their intentions, that they are superior to the rest of us by birth. We need to disassemble any apparatus that allows such accumulation of power to take place if we are ever to live in a truly free and voluntary society with equal opportunity for all.

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