Monday, January 23, 2012

Tantric Sex, Finding Higher Self and.., Politics?

Much has been written about the art of tantric sex. I think that many people are drawn to explore it because of the physical aspect. They are titillated by the promise of longer orgasms, more control over orgasms, multiple orgasms and just a more satisfying sexual experience in general. There's no problem with this. Who wouldn't want to have a more pleasurable experience? Who wouldn't want to try something that may help them enjoy an experience as never before? Who wouldn't want to try to make something that has perhaps become old and boring new and exciting again? From what I have read, tantric sex can, indeed, do these things for you.

What intrigued me and drew me to explore tantric sex, however, is the spiritual aspect. Trantric sex is a practice which is supposed to take a physical act and turn it into a spiritual experience. I have been meditating and trying to contact my higher self on and off since I was a kid. Though at times I find myself having difficulties achieving my spiritual goals, I do not give up and I'm always willing to try something new. What could be better than trying something out that combines such an enjoyable activity with spiritual discovery? If I can find my higher self while having sex, and at the same time help someone else achieve the same goal, I think that's an honorable endeavor.

An interesting aspect of tantric sex is the need to find a likeminded partner. I suppose it is possible to do this on one's own, but I think the pleasure would be far greater with two united souls working toward the same goal. Part of the process, according to some, is to take the time each week to talk with your partner and discuss not only matters of sex and what you're both trying to accomplish, but philosophies and just life in general. What a great way to get to know a person better. What a great way to discover the nature of love and the divine in yourself and another.

I think, if the two of you are going to make a commitment to learn to meditate together in such an intimate way, that taking the time to get to know one another more deeply is an important step. After all, if you can't spend a couple hours a week listening to the thoughts and desires of another and explaining your own to that person, perhaps the relationship you have with that person should be reevaluated. If you can't find the time in the course of a week to do this, perhaps you should slow down for a moment and take the time to examine your priorities.

I found one source that made the claim that tantric sex was for some a protest to religious authorities of old who would try to make sex an immoral, dirty act. This is, of course, untrue and a way authoritative figures often try to control the lives of others. Early practitioners of tantric sex were as much as thumbing their noses at the religious elite as they were using it to seek spiritual enlightenment. It seems that the vast majority of ordinary people, no matter where they're from, tend to agree that the authorities have no business getting involved in the private sex lives of consenting adults.

Of course, this is something that happened long ago and was forced upon mankind by puritanical zealots who didn't know better. Such an intrusion on private lives couldn't take place in these more enlightened times. Not in America. Not in the land of the free. We wouldn't stand for such tyranny. I don't know. Those politicians in Washington, DC keep passing more and more draconian laws. They keep removing legal barriers that were meant to prevent them from violating your privacy rights and creeping more and more into your personal affairs. The not so funny thing is that so few seem to care. There is some outcry, but will there be enough? In another generation or so, it wouldn't surprise me to see all of George Orwell's predictions have come true, and then some, if things keep up the way they have been going. It wouldn't surprise me to see government spy cams in people's bedrooms with the excuse that they're keeping everyone safe from the plotting of couples who practice the terrifying ritual of tantric sex.

Politics, in my view, is the art of getting enough people to agree with your point of view that you become validated and are given a certain amount of legitimized power to govern. Of course once power is obtained the trick becomes holding onto it. I believe that most of those who seek this kind of power certainly don't want to share it, least of all with those lowly type common folk who haven't earned prestige as they have. The last thing they want is an independent, free thinking electorate. The last thing they want is to try to rule over bright, innovative people with their own ideas on how things should work. They want docile, compliant folks who will go along with how they feel society should be. They want obedient folks who will go along without questioning the laws they pass no matter how silly or draconian. The last thing they want are enlightened folk and they will likely do what they can to keep their constituents from becoming enlightened.

When practicing trantric sex, the sexual energy is supposed to be channeled through the chakras of the body causing them to open up and giving the practitioner an opportunity to experience and/or meet his/her higher self. This is supposed to be a very euphoric, blissful experience. I haven't been able to achieve on my own a face to face with my higher self in a very long time now. Admittedly, I gave up my meditative practices long ago, which is a story in itself, and I haven't been able to recreate my earlier successes with those practices since I started up again a few years back. It sure would be nice to attempt such a feat with some likeminded, lovely individual with the same goal in mind. Still, I think I know what my higher self would think of the politics of this world and I have the feeling it would be the same for the vast majority of us common folk on this plane of existence.

Perhaps if we were all to discover our higher selves, we'd become more empowered than we can dream of in our wildest imaginings. Perhaps we'd discover just how powerful we are as individual entities. Perhaps we would discover just how beautiful we all truly are. Maybe we would suddenly be aware of just how badly we've been taken in by those who wish to rule over us. Maybe we'd all understand just how immoral it is to force people to accept and pay for monopoly controlled services they don't want to use, they can't afford to use, or they'd go elsewhere to use if given a choice. Maybe we'd all finally understand just how devious and destructive fiat currency schemes are. Maybe we'd all open our eyes and wake up to the men behind the curtain who truly run the world.

One thing I can say, the powers of old were frightened of freedom and enlightenment. They did their best to vilify many practices that would have helped empower the common folk. Perhaps the modern powers that be are worried about disobedience. Perhaps they're worried we'd suddenly stop going along to get along and we'd laugh at their proclamations and demands. Perhaps they're worried we'd seek justice against their fraud. Perhaps they're worried they'd lose their privileged positions and that they would actually have to work and produce something positive for the human race in order to make a living. I think there's nothing scarier to the mind of someone who belongs to the establishment elite than the thought of having to do hard work to earn their own way in this world. Perhaps if enough of us were enlightened we'd be able to expose to the masses just how delusional and psychopathic some of these most powerful individuals are. If it takes tantric sex to achieve enlightenment, become the best human being I can possibly be, and benefit mankind than I, for one, am willing to give it a try.

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