Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ron Paul is the Only Electable Candidate for President

The corporate controlled, establishment mass media would still have you believe that Ron Paul is some crazy fringe candidate. They still insist that he is unelectable despite his 3rd place finish in Iowa (one wonders how Santorum got so many votes there) and his second place finish in New Hampshire, and polls that have him doing very well against Obama. This despite the fact that the Republican Party leadership seem embarrassed by his presence and want to keep voters away from him more than the Dursleys wanted to keep Harry Potter away from their muggle relatives. When even those who count the votes have to admit to so many flocking to the eccentric family uncle one starts to wonder if maybe he has a real chance of gaining the Republican nod. It is, after all, a matter of numbers and if there is overwhelming support then even the most corrupt organization starts to worry about being too obvious with their cheating and fixing of elections.

Yes, there are those mindless individuals who still listen to the establishment pundits who tell them who they should vote for. There are still those who refuse to think for themselves and believe the talking heads on television, parroting their talking points. There are still those who let themselves be led by the nose and will stamp their feet and cry isolationists, racists, loss of security, terrorists racing to our shores, crippling the poor, uneducated children, and other such misrepresentations of ideas, but these people are becoming fewer. The corporate controlled establishment media is losing its grip when it comes to forming public opinion. More and more people have stopped listening to these sources and have started looking for alternative points of view. Why? People want the truth. They realize when they are being lied to. People are not as stupid as the establishment seems to think, and they are losing viewers and readership as a result.

Indeed, if one thinks deeply about what the people of this nation want, what they have voted for in the past elections, one suddenly realizes that Ron Paul is the only candidate that will deliver. In 2008 the people voted for "hope" and "change" as a clever marketing device sold the populace on a lesser known, shadowy politician who came out of nowhere. What the people wanted, I assume, was change for the better and hope for a prosperous future. Instead the change made the nation more collectivist than ever and we can only hope that the economy won't collapse entirely.

The principles that Ron Paul advocates will change things for the better. They will, if implemented, create more opportunity and drive individuals to better innovate in the market. They will bring us positive hope for a more prosperous future. Not only that, but Ron Paul has the record to back up his words. He's not some random unknown who's come out of nowhere supported by the money of the corporate establishment. The money he receives mostly comes from ordinary folk like you and me. If politicians are beholden to their contributors, than Ron Paul will be beholden to the common folk of this nation.

The major issue of our day is the economy. The world is sinking into a second great depression and no one seems to know how to stop it. Ron Paul is the only candidate that wants to focus on the main driver of modern economies, our central bank, the Federal Reserve. He wants to audit it. He wants to expose the corruption and then likely end it He wants to get in there and find out where our money went. He wants to return to Constitutional money, or at least allow competition in the currency market to create innovation and a buffer against the boom/bust cycle that is caused by the Fed's policies.

No other candidate will even touch the Fed. Why? It might have something to do with the fact that all other candidates are heavily backed by the very banking interests that have failed and are leading us down an even more dangerous path. Ron Paul is the only candidate I know of that voted against the bailouts that left a bad taste in the mouths of so many Americans. Even the current president voted for those bailouts, cutting short a campaign stop to fly to Washington, DC to vote for it. Remember?

How can anyone who wants a better tomorrow justify voting for anyone except Ron Paul when it comes to the economy? If they vote for anyone else they are voting for the status quo. They are voting to keep the same old policies that have brought us to this point. They are voting for the elite to get richer while the poor become wretched. They are voting for an end to the middle class. They are voting for the destruction of our currency and currencies all across the globe so that the central banking cartel can introduce their one world currency and continue to consolidate their power. Even if a candidate promises differently, you know he won't deliver because they're all bought and paid for by the established elite. They only other reason anyone would vote for one of the other candidates is fear.

To those who fear Ron Paul's ideas on economics, I have this to say. Why are you so afraid. The major reason we had a revolution is economics. The British would not acknowledge American interest free state money because it wasn't tied to their central bank. Their established elite made no profit, so they refused to let the Americans' trade with it. The dollar was originally defined as a certain amount if silver to keep the economy stable, not to grow it. It helped keep the United States of America independent of the politics and economics of the rest of the world for over a hundred years. That's why we were so prosperous. Why wouldn't you want to return to the basics that made us such a prosperous nation in the first place? Why are you so frightened of trying something new and innovative? What ever happened to the home of the brave?

Another major issue haunting the electorate over the past decade or so is the issue of war. The very word war has come to mean many things as the politicians and pundits twist it to elicit fearful emotions and capture votes. War is no longer two nations pitting their military against each other. War is occupation. War is nation building. War can be waged against a tactic. War can be waged against a product that some people demand. War has even been waged against poverty in the past, if you listen to politicians. The problem is, these wars aren't really wars, they are simply marketing campaigns. The bigger problem is, these wars affect real people, individuals who have harmed no one, and destroy their lives. These wars are waged against common folk all over the world. They kill innocent people, even women, children and the elderly. These wars are waged against freedom, not for it.

People want peace. Peace is a good thing. When peace is prevalent trade is increased, friendships are solidified and understanding is reached. Wars help to only impair trade, breed hatred and increase and magnify misunderstandings. Ron Paul is not against just one war. He doesn't plan on simply ending one occupation and starting another. He's not out to fool the people into believing he's a peace candidate and then caving into the military industrial complex that is so closely tied to the establishment elite. He's against all war. He's a champion of making friends through positive change. Security is strongest when others have no desire or excuse to attack. Every other Republican candidate in the running want to keep on warring. Barrack Obama has proven with his actions that while he proclaims himself a peace candidate, he practices war mongering.

A third major issue is that of individual rights. Once again, we see where all the other candidates have fallen well short of guarding individual rights. Only Ron Paul has a long and consistent record of voting in such a way as to respect individual rights, and he cites the Constitution of the United States of America as a reason for voting in such ways. In other words, Ron Paul is the only current candidate running for either the Republican Party or the Democrat Party that has honored his oath of office. All others have at some point broken their oath. All others have their exceptions that they use to justify voting to violate individual rights. All others have been willing to sell out your rights for a perception of more security, and an increase in their powers.

In the last election, promises that certain unconstitutional laws would be repealed, at least in part, were made. Many people believed that such promises would be kept and voted for the candidate they thought would keep said promises. They were sorely disappointed. While the president might not be able to repeal such legislation by himself, he can use his position as a bully pulpit to point out those representatives who refuse to follow the demands of their constituents. Only Ron Paul would do so if he obtains the office of president. All others would hem and haw and make excuses for keeping such legislation in force. Why? Because they love power and would not want to give any of it up at all, not the least little bit.

Ron Paul has a history of honesty. He has a history of openness. He has a proven history of understanding economic principles. He has a good grasp on concepts that create economic prosperity and wants to implement those concepts. He has a plan to cut government size and spending. He has a history of striving for peace. He is a veteran who has seen war and knows its true cost and the damage it can cause. He has a history of defending the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. There is no other candidate currently running who has such qualifications.

If you want a smaller, less intrusive, less costly government which obeys the Constitution, Ron Paul is your only choice. If you want someone who will at least strive for a peaceful resolution to wars at home and abroad, Ron Paul is your only choice. If you want honesty and transparency in government, Ron Paul is your only choice. If you want bigger government, more war, more intrusiveness from the State, and the continuation of this downward economic spiral, vote for any other candidate. It really doesn't matter which one, they're all the same, except Ron Paul.

Do not expect the corporate controlled establishment media to present Ron Paul in the manner I just did. They are paid by the same elite interests that have bought most of the politicians at the federal level. They don't want to talk about Ron Paul's honesty, they want to talk about a newsletter someone else edited 20 years ago. They don't want to talk about his sane economic policies, they want to talk about his "crazy" supporters who believe in "paranoid" conspiracy theories. They don't want to talk about his non-interventionalist foreign policy, they want to accuse him of being an isolationist and hating Israel, neither of which is true. They don't want to give him the time to explain his principles and why they work, they want to limit him to under 90 seconds in debates. The establishment media wants to do anything but show Ron Paul in the good light he deserves to be shown in. If they did, he would be elected in a landslide, but even as his popularity with the people surges, they continue to try to find anything to discredit him and keep him from succeeding.

Perhaps this is why Ron Paul supporters appear to be so zealous. They know the establishment media has not given him a fair shake. They realize the media is owned by the same people that own most politicians at the federal level. They know it is up to them to get the word out. I have been writing about Ron Paul since 2007 and I've seen how biased the media is against him. His ideas of freedom are not fringe, or extremist, nor do they make him unelectable. His ideas and principles stem from the very reasons our nation was founded. They are a blueprint for freedom and peace throughout the world. All other candidates are simply a continuation of the power grabbing corruption, indebtedness and empire building that has driven us to ruin. No one but the wealthy elite who profit from such misery wants that. All things considered, Ron Paul is the only electable presidential candidate.

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